Waiting for My Swan Moment

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I am currently awaiting a lower body lift and arm...

I am currently awaiting a lower body lift and arm lift following major weight loss. My surgery is scheduled for 1/24/17, and I've been told it's an 8 to 10 hour procedure. I'm looking forward to seeing the culmination of all my efforts to revamp my life in terms of diet and exercise...my swan moment awaits.

Two Weeks Pre-Op

Pre-op blood work is completed, and my final pre-op appointment is Wednesday. I'm looking forward to discussing my recovery outlook with my surgeon for several reasons. One of which is that I'm concerned about being able to return to my desk job in a timely fashion, the other is that I'm concerned about the muscle deterioration I know will occur once I'm forced to stop weightlifting during the recovery phase. Ready to make this change, but I would be lying to say that I wasn't nervous.

Six Week Delay

Unfortunately PCP wasn't able to provide a clearance for surgery due to the fact that my blood tests indicated low vitamin D levels (5) and low thyroid levels (.02 TSH). I was prescribed a D supplement (50,000 unit) and my Synthroid dosage was adjusted (112 mcg). After 6 weeks I will repeat the blood tests, and if all is normal I will receive my clearance. Cheers to being an ugly duckling for another two months...everything happens for a reason.

I Have A Date!

After adjusting my thyroid meds and taking a massive prescription vitamin d supplement for six weeks my blood work is normal. PCP has given me the proper clearance & I'm scheduled for April 25th! I've put on ten pounds due to stress from personal issues and work, so my goal is to eliminate the recent weight gain pre-surgery. Looking forward to seeing the results!

And...it's done!

Very sore & very loopy!

Forgot the Arms

2 Days Post-Op

This procedure is incredibly painful...no mincing of words whatsoever. It is literally learning to maneuver in a new, tight, and very sore body. The pain meds are necessary to function. Slowing down is necessary to function. I am in great physical shape, and the combined LBL and arm lift has figuratively brought me to my knees. I was discharged from the hospital today, but must keep ab binder & arm wraps in place until my check up next Wednesday. The good news...I saw my new, cellulite free buttocks & thighs today!.

First Time Binder Off at Home

I removed the binder & gauze for the first time today since getting home. The pain is pretty much gone (not taking Narcotics anymore), just an overall tightness & numbness. Really pleased to not see any hanging skin, but I am still incredibly swollen in both my thighs & tummy. I just might be able to wear a swimsuit at the end of all this...wasn't counting on that!

Swell Hell

...but it's going down.

First Shower

It's good to be clean! I never realized how much I would miss the ability to bend & stretch however I please, but I do. No real pain at this point, but still very tight & very swollen. The swelling has actually worsened since the drains were all removed on Wednesday, especially in my legs. I am so worried that I'm going to gain weight as Dr. said no treadmill walking yet, but I guess the proper attitude is to realize that I lost the weight before so I can do it again.

Swan Moment I Think Not

I was certainly not mentally prepared for how this surgery would upset my life balance. Metabolically I maintain my weight at 1400-1500 calories per day...that includes a pretty strenuous daily workout. Take out the exercise, keep the calories the same...it's perfect science that weight gain follows. So in addition to this crazy swelling, I'm gaining weight too which is making me incredibly unhappy. I see so many other reviews detailing how happy everyone is with their progress, and all I see at this point is that I'm swollen and getting fatter. Granted I'm a type-A perfectionist, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to have my work cut out for me in the gym after I'm cleared to go back. Everything seems to be healing nicely, pain is minimal, and I'm noticing activities that were very difficult (getting in/out bed, getting dressed) are becoming easier. I hate how I've had to slow down to accommodate my recovery, but I'm still hopeful the end result will be worth it.


Today the swelling in my tummy was definitely down in the morning. Yes, I've gained weight, but I think when the dust settles I'm going to be very happy with the results. Afternoon thigh, calf & ankle swelling is still horrible. I'm going to talk this over with my PS at next Wednesday's follow-up. Arm lift swelling is pretty much nonexistent. The good news is that I can now wear Spanx instead of the binder!

Minor Hiccup

I woke up two days ago to a somewhat swollen, red & warm elbow. Then I woke up yesterday with that effect continuing down my forearm. Knowing it was probably an infection I called the doctor's office, and they had me come to have it checked. They drained (painful & not much fluid) the arm and put me on another course of antibiotics. I'm hopeful that will resolve things -- this is really the only "problem" I've experienced throughout my recovery. Now for the ugly...I have gained 15 pounds. Maybe 5 is swelling, but I'm pretty sure the rest is due to the fact that I'm still eating like someone who does a full workout daily. I go back for a post-op check-up today, and I'm praying that I get the greenlight to get back in the gym. The weight gain in combination with the lack of exercise endorphins is making me an intensely angry, depressed person. I know how to fix things, but I need to know that it's okay to put my body back to work!

Finally Liking It!

Slowly getting back to exercise & being able to move around like the old me. Swelling has greatly dissipated, and I'm even seeing some abdominal definition. I gained 15 pounds as a result of not exercising over the past month +, but getting back to my killer workout routine & good eating habits will resolve this. Very happy with my decision at this point!

Getting There

After getting back to my cardio & lifting routines a few weeks ago I've lost 6 of the 15 pounds gained during the no-exercise recovery phase. I'm starting to like what I see! My abdominal incision still swells late in the day, mostly in the lower back area, but it's gradually improving. And to think I'm going to do it all again in September for my thighs, chest & neck!
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