Waiting for My Swan Moment

I am currently awaiting a lower body lift and arm...

I am currently awaiting a lower body lift and arm lift following major weight loss. My surgery is scheduled for 1/24/17, and I've been told it's an 8 to 10 hour procedure. I'm looking forward to seeing the culmination of all my efforts to revamp my life in terms of diet and exercise...my swan moment awaits.

Two Weeks Pre-Op

Pre-op blood work is completed, and my final pre-op appointment is Wednesday. I'm looking forward to discussing my recovery outlook with my surgeon for several reasons. One of which is that I'm concerned about being able to return to my desk job in a timely fashion, the other is that I'm concerned about the muscle deterioration I know will occur once I'm forced to stop weightlifting during the recovery phase. Ready to make this change, but I would be lying to say that I wasn't nervous.

Six Week Delay

Unfortunately PCP wasn't able to provide a clearance for surgery due to the fact that my blood tests indicated low vitamin D levels (5) and low thyroid levels (.02 TSH). I was prescribed a D supplement (50,000 unit) and my Synthroid dosage was adjusted (112 mcg). After 6 weeks I will repeat the blood tests, and if all is normal I will receive my clearance. Cheers to being an ugly duckling for another two months...everything happens for a reason.

I Have A Date!

After adjusting my thyroid meds and taking a massive prescription vitamin d supplement for six weeks my blood work is normal. PCP has given me the proper clearance & I'm scheduled for April 25th! I've put on ten pounds due to stress from personal issues and work, so my goal is to eliminate the recent weight gain pre-surgery. Looking forward to seeing the results!
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