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Hi everyone, I'm 32yrs young mother of 4 ,...

Hi everyone, I'm 32yrs young mother of 4 , ages 13, 11, 2 and 5 month old. I've been wanting a mommy makeover since my second child but ended up having 2 more children and in more definate need of having a mommy makeover. So on 11/3/11 I had my mommy makeover. I'm about 4 weeks post op and very worried about my end results....

I had a breast lift with slicone implants (457cc's) , a tummy tuck and lipo of my arms. My nipples are uneven, my right breast is higher than the other , when I sit I have a bulge in front of my stomach and a bit of side roll. Is this all going away soon??? people keep telling me I'm still swollen and that the bulge and roll will go away, as well as my breast still have to settle in. I refuse to believe this since I'm already 4 weeks post op, shouldn't i see my results by now........ also I wanted to be a full DD I'm 5'4 will the 457cc's give me that bra size??? Has anyone gone through my experience??? please help..........

Scheduled for Revision on June 2013

So anyways here I am back again trying to see if I can get some good feedback on Dr. Gutierrez Lamadrid in Mexicali. I'm scheduled for Breast and Tummy revision for the end of June with him.

mexicali surgeons

Any one know any good info and pics for Dr. Lamadrid's work? Please let me know!!

I finally did it!

So were do I hubby and arrived in mexicali on Monday night the night before my surgery. Woke up got ready arrived at Dr GutiĆ©rrez Lamadrid at 7:30 am. Nurse Laura took me in to prep me and put my iv in. Dr GL came in went over my blood work one more time, we discussed my procedures which were breast lift revision with exchange of implants ( had 457 cc silicone unders moderate profile exchanged to 430cc high profile) lipo of upper back, bra rolls, lower back, waist, abdomen, revision of previous tummy tuck scar, hernia repair and brazilian butt lift w/ fat grafting also qto hips. Went in to operating room anesthesiologist told me to lie down and said to enjoy the tequila shot :) he was putting in my iv lol, woke up once during my surgery for like 5 seconds while the doctor was doing the lipo on my back didn't feel any pain just a lot of movement on my back, I was out quickly! Woke up felt like a few minutes had gone by, but it had been about 4-5 hrs. I'm very very very swollen so far but I can see a difference in my butt and waist and my breast are high and perky. I go back on Monday to get my drain out and my compresiĆ³n garment on. Looking forward to all my swelling to go down!!
Dr Gutierrez Lamadrid

No review yet. Surgery is not till June

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