Doing my Research First

Hi I am a 40 year old woman 5'5 120 lbs. I have...

Hi I am a 40 year old woman 5'5 120 lbs. I have always been an attractive person except for the fact I'm in an a cup. I have children but my breast have kept there shape. They barely changed with pregnancies. My whole life I've wanted bigger breast but I always put my children first and thought of everything else we could do with the money such as vacations or whatever . With age I feel like I'm losing my attractiveness and just want something to make me feel pretty again. When I watch tv i see all these young girls with perfect big Breast and I'm so envious. I am super insecure in a bikini because I'm flat on top. I don't feel as much like a woman as I think bigger breasted woman do. I definitely want to please my fiancé and sometimes feel like if they were bigger he would be happier. Like I said the older I get the lower my self esteem is getting and I need something to pull me out of this rut.. Maybe it's my mid life chrisis idk and I know I don't need breast to be happy and my fiancé loves me the way I am but something inside me is saying to do it ... And so here I am doing all my homework and trying to find me a good doctor!! It's so good to see other people on here like me!!! Wish me luck on my journey to find my perfect boobs !!! Thanks for reading

My surgery date is set!!

Im a nervous person and have been going back and forth with whether I should actually go through with my ba. My life has been so hectic with my four children and my cousin who is also my best friend in hospice with stage 4 vulvar cancer .. I have lost weight from just being so depressed about all of this. I need this pick me up. I feel guilty but I know my cousin would want me to go through with this. So today I finally called and scheduled my surgery with Dr. Hedden. After I hung up I finally feel a little bit of happiness. .. Sorry for the rant . Surgery is October 26. I can't believe I actually am going through with it.

Anyone else having surgery October 26th

Just wondering how many others will be going through this on the same day or anytime near my surgery.maybe we can share our fears, excitement , and in the end happiness

Tuba anyone?

Just curious on who all has had tuba and their experience with it? I am supposed to have surgery the 26th of October, and have been reading a lot on it and a lot of doctors are against it. Now I'm scared that my boobs won't look right afterwards. Anyone else have tuba or planning on it want to give me your 2 cents worth? Thanks

Any girls went from a very small size to a D cup or more

I have decided I am no longer going with the tuba method because I want silicone for the feel and lack of breast tissue. I also have decided even though I'm small chested I want to go with a pretty large implant . I am very excited and wish I wouldn't have planned my surgery 2 months out . It has went by so slow. Any one else go into a D OR DD cup who were pretty small before surgery, and any advice?

Dr. Hedden in nine days!!

Driving seven hours to Alabama in a little over a week!! My mother and sister will be there to help out, and to support me. I've reserved a hotel and rented a car I've done all the blood work, and it still doesn't feel real. I hope nothing goes wrong and I leave with a nice big set of boobs Anyway I'm looking for more of the porn star and fake look. I'm wanting to get 500ccs, I know that's pretty large but I know what I want and don't want to go back in 6 months because I'm not happy with the size. Here's a couple pics of my wish boobs.

Here's some more before pics

Packing up, and will be in Birmingham Alabama tomorrow!!!

I'm so excited ???? my mother sister and I are headed to Alabama tomorrow, my preop is Tuesday and my operation is Wednesday!! I haven't felt this excited since I have been pregnant waiting for my child to be brought into the world!!

So Dr. Schaffer it is!!!

I just wanted everyone to know that emergencies happen and it's no ones fault so I don't blame Dr Hedden or have any hard feelings about the surgery, i still would go to Hedden plastic surgery again knowing everything I know .... it's life and things happen .That being said I met Dr Schaffer and he was incredible , he is a busy man but made sure he made time to speak to me before surgery tomorrow. He was very kind and a funny man . I was shaking like a leaf because I'm a nervous person in general but he made me feel as comfortable as he could. Not only did he meet with me but talked with me for a long while and I appreciated that. I really appreciated the fact that he sensed I was nervous and took his time and didn't have me take my bra off until the very end of our meeting . It was by no means rushed, he was very thorough, and charming. He let me choose the size and wasn't pushy on anything. In all actuality I planned on leaving Alabama without the surgery but now I think that this all was supposed to happen for a reason and although I really wanted Dr Hedden to do my surgery, after meeting Dr Schaffer I'm happy that i have him as my surgeon and glad things turned out the way they did. I will write again tomorrow after surgery if I can . Wish me luck ladies !!
Dr hedden

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