Unsatisfied with Botox - Minnesota, MN

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I had botox done for a year and a half. When I...

I had botox done for a year and a half. When I received the injections I was very prompt to get them done every 2 1/2 to 3 months. After using it for a while I realized I was not looking like myself with the botox, so I quit getting the injections. It has now been seven months since my last injection, I still don't think that I look like my old self yet.

During the time that I had the injections, the lift it created seemed to hollow out my eyes around the eyeball, I did not like the way that looked and I actually thought that even though my forehead appeared smoother, because of the hollowing out effect around my eyes, I thought it made my eyes look older. Now my muscles have atrophied and I still don"t look like myself yet. My eyebrows seem lower than they were before the injections. My eyes still look hollowed out and do not look the same.

Even though I have regained a lot of movement it still seems as though there is botox left in my face still.

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