I definitely could love this new belly! If swelling would leave!

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I'm new to this but I have been searching on the...

I'm new to this but I have been searching on the internet at tummy tucks for months!!! I go for my first consultation the 5th & then with another dr the 12th. I'm so nervous yet excited! I hope I can accomplish what I want. I've Definitely seen lots of great looking tummy tucks! I'm 23 I have had one daughter but even before becoming pregnant I struggled with my weight. Now I work out like crazy & eat healthy but loose skin and stubborn belly fat leave me feeling blah about myself!


Less then a week until my consultation & it feels forever away! I have so many questions! & I really hope that a tummy tuck is something he sees that will really help my belly look good! I wonder if il need an extended tummy tuck and how low my scar will be able to be. I find myself stalking this website at night and barely sleeping!

Taking the first step tomorrow!

So tomorrow I have my first consultation with Dr. Basner. Let me just say that I'm normally at the gym 5 days a week and I eat really healthy... But since I scheduled this appt I've been a wreck! Plus my daughter was so sick this past week. So I've been missing the gym a lot and eating junk! I've put on like ten lbs! I know I can lose it before surgery because I'm hoping to schedule for surgery end of June or early July. Sorry about the rant!!!

Skinny person trapped being fat!

I seriously feel like a skinny person who is trapped fat!! I have chicken legs and skinny arms & then this belly!! So not cute!! I really hope tomorrow the dr says he can help me ugh I feel the worries really kicking in & then I worry will my scar be able to be low :(


I just had my consultation!! It went great! He was so nice & listened to all my questions, even the silly ones! I was so worried he wouldn't b able to help and it turns out I was just stressing myself over nothing! June 26 I come over to the flat side & my belly will match the rest of my body!! :)

Pre op scheduled!

Can anyone tell me what to expect at the pre op appointment? I'm scheduled to go in 3 wks ugh if only time would speed up lol


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One month!! Now the 2nd thoughts kick in'

In a month i will be on the flat side! I could not be more excited but of course I had to find something else to stress about!! Another area of my body really bothers me soo next week I have another consultation I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone!

Surgery date moved & more added yikes!

Soo my surgery has been moved up two days I'm now going to the flat side on June 25th which I'm glad because the longer I wait the more I stress myself out! But unfortunately I added another procedure but I just want to get all this out the way at once !! I couldn't sleep last night. Last night was the first night of me worrying like crazy about all that could go wrong :(

2 weeks!!

I have two weeks until I'm on the flat side and I'm non stop worried about if I have lost enough weight for this. Everyone keeps commenting about how they want to be at their goal weight before surgery! Well I don't have a goal weight I'm pretty slim I tend to gain mostly in the belly area so idk if I should lose more or not. I just hope that my tummy can be super flat :(

4 days and a wake up

In four days and a wake up I will be going to the flat side. I'm super excited to have a flat tummy and look great again! I'm so nervous though about going through surgery I just pray all goes well. I hope I wasn't being selfish with this decision because I have an amazing daughter I don't want to be away from long.

Less than 24hrs!!

In less than 24hrs I will be on the flat side. I'm so excited yet nervous!! Bye bye belly skin!! My boyfriend has taken the next 3 days off work to help me and then it's the weekend and my mom will be helping me on Monday! Tues il be on my own a few hrs and then my bf is off wed! I know this will be a tough couple of weeks but I think it will be worth it to feel great about myself again. See you ladies on the flat side!!

Was I hit by a bus??

So I arrived at ten & was marked up by 1130 and on my way to surgery at 1200. I woke up shaking like a crazy lady and at first I was wondering where the hell I was. Now I'm home & I'm in horrible pain. This is definitely the worst pain of my life! I'm the worrying has continued.. Will I get a blood clot? Infection? Is my cg too tight and goin to kill off my skin. Plus I have a catheter so I feel like I have to pee really bad. I really hope this is going to all calm down soon & I hope my belly looks amazing because right now I'm very unhappy and miserable!!

1 day post op!

So I took the catheter out this morning & was scared to death of sitting on the toilet because going to sit and going to stand hurt like hell! But my ps called to check on me and he reassured me I wasn't going to rip anything open. So I grabbed my bf n did a trip to the bathroom. My cg has a huge hole in the crotch which freaked me out because I didn't want to get pee all over myself but I survived and then I walked in the kitchen in circles for 10 mins. My bf and mom have been so great and I must say I'm a horrible patient when I'm in pain or scared but I'm trying!!


I'm itching like crazy so ps changed my antibiotic incase I'm having an allergic reaction. Since I had lipo on my back I will have to take my cg off some so I can put on fresh pads!! Talk about swelling yikes! I dnt even want to see it!! My follow up appt is next Thursday I pray he removes these drains!! And oh yeah my pain med has given me no relief I am switching to the other & I may just be a person who gets itchy from pain meds! Just great!

I've never been in so much pain in my life!!

I know I'm only at day two but I seen a lot of women say right after surgery how they had no pain just sore and I'm crying when I stand up and really feeling different pains. I guess I'm really worried as to why I'm hurting so bad 2 percs every four hours helps but I worry is this going to be my only relief when will my body start to feel better. I shower tonight n I worry how I will b able to when standing kills me!! I look like the hunchback of Notre dame. And I worry about water soap n whatever else getting into my drain holes or incision. I read where most were told not to shower until after drains were removed. Stress is worse now then ever I haven't seen my belly yet but I hope I made the right decision and something doesn't go wrong :(

Seen my belly for the first time!

Wow am I skinny and wow he wasn't kidding when he said my scar would be low. My belly is swollen some though as well as my back due to back lipo. My ass completely packed up n left I hope she comes back once I can stand straight n the swelling goes down!! I took my first shower omg what a nightmare! Let's just say I never let my mom see my old belly because I was always so embarassed but I let her see this one because I know it will be soo cute one day!! She helped wash me and then we tried to get my other cg on so we could wash the one I had on! It was a night mare we had to cut holes for my drains and now I'm on the couch with the left side of my cg unzipped because it burns horribly I'm hoping that it will go away when pain med kicks back in n then il attempt to zip it. So my pain is a little better and it felt great to breathe! I can't wait to be healed! I'm debating on adding pics my mom who isn't good wit phones hurry n snapped two and they aren't the best

Pic of my new belly

A few days before surgery and 2 days after. Look how low that incision is!!

Omg ouchhhh!

I slept through my alarm to take my next dose of pain meds and when I woke up omg the pain was excruciating!! Today is day 3 and i was really hoping to cut back on the pain meds today. But everytime I feel great the med wears off to remind me that they were just doing their job! Some of you ladies are at day 7 and feeling no pain and I just don't see how my pain is going to drop that much in the next couple of days :(

My story

For years I've struggled with loose skin! And the worst part is I never knew that there wasn't anything I could do about it other than surgery. I would hit the gym non stop and eat so healthy because I've always wanted a flat belly. I'd lose weight in all my limbs and everyone would say 'omg ur so skinny' and all I would think is you haven't seen this gut! I was 6ft weighing 145 and wondering why my belly wouldn't budge! I then got pregnant with my beautiful daughter and my stomach never poked out much because I am so tall but the little that did poke out wasn't rounded! From the loose skin I just looked fat! After having my daughter I lost the weight and looked worse than ever! I always say that her beauty took mine & it's def worth it because wow she is gorgeous!! I then fell for 'you jus need to tone.' I hired a personal trainer because hey with a belly like mine apparently I wasn't doing things right. A year later and my belly looked the same!! All that money to look the same? So I became stressed n when I stress I eat!! Started gaining weight right back what was the point in being so skinny with a gut ? That's when I started to google like crazy and came across the only answer for me a tummy tuck. Scary! I never ever told anyone about how bad I hated my tummy and I was pretty good at hiding it (well atleast no one would mention it) I'd never undress infront my mom. Isn't that crazy? And my bf well I'd never walk around naked infront of him. So when I text my mom one day about my stomach and all the loose skin she was in shock! But she really surprised me and was like well how can you fix it and call them up. I couldn't believe my mom understood that this was something so serious to me. And my bf he thought I was crazy at first until I explained to him how my little pouch can never go away! I met with my dr and when he agreed yup it's a lot of loose skin I was relieved because I was right & as far as I'm concerned I worked my ass off to fix it before turning to a medical procedure. Now that I've done it I'm really happy. I'm finally going to be that skinny girl! I put on some weight before the surgery though so that I'm skinny but a healthy skinny. After all the only thing ever big on me was my belly. Finding real self helped a lot because I swore I was the only one suffering with loose skin but then again ppl were hiding it like I was. It's not something you just tell ppl. I can already feel my confidence going up. I had my mom help me shower yesterday. And it's been years since I've even changed infront of her. She still hasn't seen my belly with the loose skin but I did take pics to show her because I want her to see that it really was an issue of mine. I must say I can't wait to wear a tight dress and not have to worry about a belly bulge!! Thank you RS ladies for answering my questions and encouraging me! I plan on helping others the same way.

Day 3 miss independent

3 days after surgery and I'm finally not in horrible pain! When I woke up I was but now I'm getting by on 400mg of Motrin every four hrs and I can get up and down on my own. Yay some independence!!! I was in so much pain the past couple of days I definitely didn't think I'd feel this much better this fast!

Rough patch!

Well yesterday was day 4 and I felt fine and then shower time came! When I took off my cg I felt like my stomach was going to explode it completely grossed me out and had me wondering why I did this to myself! Then I go to get my cg back on and it burns my sides so bad trying to squeeze in that I start spouting words like a sailor! I go to bed and all night my belly feels like it's going to split, wake up half way through night and see my drains clogged so I milk them. Today (day 5) I woke up feeling better even stayed home a few hours just my babygirl and I (the house looks like we were robbed things all over the place) but we had fun. Now I feel my belly swelling & I'm so uncomfortable again & all those regretful thoughts come back. I know it will be worth it in the end but the sun is definitely hard to see through this storm. Plus think my drains are clogged again ugh!

Day 6, deep breath!!

I feel pretty good today! Was really swollen when I woke up but I'm able to stand a lot straighter! Not 100% which means I still have back pain but not as bad and I don't feel like I stand out as much now that I'm not all hunched over. My surgeons nurse called telling me I'm prolly not going to be to happy but they would like to move my appt to 730 am Thursday instead of 1230... What?!? Are u kidding me? She just made my day! I want to see him as soon as possible! It will give me a relief to hear everything is going n looking good and plus I pray he throws away these huge foam pads that are in my cg!! I doubt my drains will be removed but I wish they would I'm tired of milking them and I can't wear a real shirt because I hide them from my daughter and plus I don't like seeing them either lol. So il take a deep breath and be happy with the little milestones I've passed I'm only at 6 days now anyways

Day 7

Today is day 7 and I woke up in a lot of pain. Felt like I back tracked some, my sides are burning and my scar was burning! I haven't been out the house since surgery and I have so much swelling I'm feeling really down. I look like I have huge love handles!! N my belly constantly feels like it's going to explode. I'm hardly draining anything but they keep clogging up so idk if they done or if they are just clogged again. I'm so tired of milking them! Good thing is I see surgeon early tomorrow morning but I'm dreading the drive and dreading removing my cg cuz I swear with out it my belly will split! I'm hoping for better days soon

Yay!! Something to celebrate!

My drains are gone!!! He also said I no longer need the pads in my cg!! Yay me!! Also okayed me to live normal (what my body will allow) but no gym. First thing I asked was if I can pick up my daughter!! & he said yes!! Omg that made my day! We have been telling her my back hurts. She is 2 1/2 and when I came out the drs today she said you all better mommy? Such a caring little girl! He said ALL my swelling is normal and trust me I have a lot! The belly button kind of freaks me out!! But my scar is low and thin! Yay :)

Day 10

Day 10 still in swell hell

Day 13

Finally feeling good about my choice to have this surgery. While I'm still swollen!! I tried to some skimpy undies and my scar was covered!! Plus each day my belly looks much better! Now if only this swelling would go away and I could go shopping!!

Day 14

Showers finally don't freak me out!! I finally don't think my belly is going to explode & I can lay pretty flat at night or on my sides! Went to walmart yesterday & didn't have to tap out early yay!! Things are starting to get easier but still not 100% & still in swell hell ugh !

no more cg!!!

3 wk appt I'm still really swollen ugh!! But dr says I no longer have to wear the cg! Yay :) I no longer have to try & hide that darn thing! I'm feeling great! I'm allowed to swim yay!! My scar is super low so I have no worries I can wear anything (once my swelling decides to leave)

4 wk update

Scar is super perfect! Thin and easy to hide yay!!! Still in swell hell though! Not to mention I really am not to sure about my belly button! I kind of hate it !

When will it stop!?!

Swelling is still driving me crazy!! It has gone down a lot though! I now have a line down my belly that I never had before and look at them sides they curve in!! Yay :) unfortunately I'm so swollen in the lower part of my belly that my pre op pants still don't fit! So I had to spend money on pants for work that won't even fit much longer!! But it's worth it I can't wait for this swelling to go away completely

I'm still here!

I'm still here! Nothing has really changed I seen my ps and he said to keep applying the tape to my scar for another 6 wks!! I'm allowed to go back to the gym but I have yet to do that! I'm still swollen & nothing fits not mention I think I've gained weight! I no longer use my oleeva scar strip on my belly button the thing never sticks and it aggervates me.
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