27 Year Old Gifting Herself a New Long Awaited Body for Her Birthday!

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I have been wanting this procedure for many years,...

I have been wanting this procedure for many years, probably since i first heard of it. I used to weight over 200 pounds and have been battling some trouble areas at the gym for some time now. For some reason, I was never able to just go through with the procedure. I was always nervous, scared, and worried about my how i would feel about my results. I read several bad reviews from Strax Rejuvenation Center but a few of my co-workers had procedures such as, tummy tucks, and breats augmentations at Strax and are very happy with the results. After witnessing my freinds before and after the procedure, I decided to go with Strax. I also decided to go with Strax because I also felt confident after my consultation. I still cant believe Im finally going through with it. I have a long history of being the center of fat jokes growing up in school (elementary/middle school). Highschool was a bit better as i started to shed off some weight the unhealthy way, diet pills (Metabol Life). I knew my weight wasnt healthy and that it was a result of my horrible eating habits. I now have more control of what I eat and have a new lifestyle. These problem areas are just a bit in the way of me feeling 100% good in my clothes. I feel great inside but i want to finally feel great in my clothes. I hope Dr. Pane at Strax can help me get one step closer to my goal! One of them is to finally wear a bikini for the first time in over 12 years! I will post my after pictures this week. Depends how i feel after the procedure. I am open for any suggestions/advice! NO negativity allowed please :)
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