It is Time!,……endoscopic Facelift,lower Eye Skin Pinch,co2 Fractionated Laser,silicone Bump Removal.

First of all, thank you for all of these amazing...

First of all, thank you for all of these amazing posts. This is giving me the courage to go through with this, (and watching reruns of Dr. 90210). I need post surgical corrections, and also know that i can look better at the ripe age of 53. i have kept up with little procedures over the years to maintain myself, but had decided to take a break,and work on my insides instead.It has definitely helped with the whole way that i view myself. Working in the entertainment industry can be detrimental to one's assessment of herself. I have chosen my Dr. very carefully, because through learned experience, I did not do so in the past. I am ready….. :) Be back soon.

So swollen!

Hi all, I am not feeling so good. I look like a balloon with facial features. Can't write much right now, but will be back.....

I feel like a multi colored balloon....

4 days and counting. I am beginning to peel, but making sure that i keep my ointments on. I was staying at an aftercare , but now moved to my friend's home as she is an RN and takes great care of me. I will update soon, as it is difficult to focus. Hope you all are doing great.

4 day pic

Skin everywhere

Just to let all of you know. The reason that i am so swollen is due to the co2 peel,so if you are just getting a fl, you probably wont look like this. I am already getting quite testty and impatient, as i am an exercise instructor and am used to moving everyday. But....... Vanity took presidence this time. I can do it....i can do it. I also saw the doc yesterday and all is well.

7 days post

I am still peeling from my laser,and swollen,but had lymphatic drainage also today. Im a bit worried,as my eyes dont match, but told that it is swelling. I am having to take valium to cool the nerves, and a bit worried , as i have to drive home tomorrow. 1 hour drive.

8 days

my skin has finally peeled. i can't imagine how much DNA i have left in various places. here is my latest mug shot…haha!
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