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Like a lot of people here, I've been waiting for...

Like a lot of people here, I've been waiting for this surgery for quite a while.

Ever since I was 11, all I've been hearing was "you're pretty, but you have a big nose", "oh, you have your father's nose, how cute", etc. One guy actually told me on a first date "you're very beautiful but you really need a nose job ASAP". Not the biggest confidence boost when you're 17...

So, I'm almost 30 and finally decided to do it.
I've been living in France for the last decade or so, but I'm having it done in my Eastern European home country. I really wanted to do it there mostly because I felt I could communicate in a better way with my surgeon.
And I'm not refering to any language barrier, but to the overall experience; from my little experience with doctors in France, they tend to be impersonal and cold, and generally have a lack of empathy. In plastic surgery more than anywhere else, I always felt like a customer and not really a patient.

Fortunately there are very skilled surgeons in my home country, so I was able to find a surgeon who I consider to fit me the best, quite easily.

I am having the surgery in a public hospital and the septoplasty part is covered by my health insurance, hence the rather small quote.

It will be an open rhinoplasty in which I will have a big hump removed, bridge narrowed slightly, nostrils evened out (one is too big, the other one is underdeveloped), septum deviation fixed, columella adjusted (too big and pulling on my upper lip), overall deprojection and improved symmetry.

My skin is quite thin so my surgeon mentioned that it probably won't get very swollen, but as a con, any small imperfections have higher chances to be visible than on someone with thicker skin.
Not a problem for me, though, I do have a buffer of small imperfections I could take and still be very satisfied with my result.

I hope the info to come will be useful for the people here. I'll also try to post some photos in my next updates.

This time is the good one!

Hi everyone!

Big changes since my original review - or should I say, no changes yet :-)

My plan with my previous surgeon didn't push through in the end, so after more research I have decided on another surgeon. I've had a consultation with him last December and we were on the same page about what needs to be done.

After a lot of back and forth (anxiety, I thank you), this time I've finally decided to do it.

I scheduled another consultation this September 2016, mainly to get more technical details about the procedure.
If everything goes well, I will also schedule my surgery during this consultation - aiming to do it anytime before February 2017.

Keep you guys posted!
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