Narrowing of the Bulbous Width They Call a Nose Houston, tx

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I became acquainted with plastic surgery through a...

I became acquainted with plastic surgery through a much needed breast reduction in 2007 (insurance paid). At the time, the doctor was also seeing a girl for a rhinoplasty-it got me thinking. I can change this nose I hate! Fast forward 7 years and now that I have a job and income, I entertained the idea. Back I went to Houston, as I believe the doctor selection is better than Saint Louis, and visited a recommended young facial PS, Dr. Etai Funk.

He has beautiful work, that does not scream "rhinoplasty", and spent a full hour with me discussing the procedure. He seemed well booked for a good 8-12 weeks. Two weeks after my consult, I booked the surgery. Honestly, what makes me most nervous, is possible nausea and vomiting. I have not thrown up in at least 15 years and am TERRIFIED. The procedure itself, well I'm not that nervous about it!

My nose is very wide and bulbous. He also told me I have thick skin, but I am in no way "ethnic" so that baffles me! I'm a red head, Welsh kid with parents and sisters with cute little noses and thin skin. Apparently, having a palate expander as a child, widened not only my palate, but also my entire nasal cavity. We looked through photos and sure enough! My nose became much wider.

Not much bothers me about my nose except the size of the tip and width of the bridge. No hump, the length is fine, nostrils fine, septum is fine, I breath fine. The width really overwhelms my face. I'm slightly concerned about the thick skin and swelling that comes with it, so salt will remain out of my diet for the foreseeable future. I also have Factor V Leiden blood clotting disorder, and although the hematologist says it's not a concern, I know someone who threw a clot after a rhinoplasty.

I hate recovering

No nausea or vomiting!!! Yayyyy. The bleeding just keeps going though.

day 2

Day 1 was kinda rough as I didn't want to take the painkillers because I'm so worried of getting sick. I was also trying really hard to spit out blood. It was a not so great day. I finally gave into the vicodin and slept all night. I've also been popping Zofran to prevent nausea and I've had zero! Yesterday I began the arnica and Bromelain. They worked so well on my breast reduction, I'm hoping for the same!

Day 2 I've been rinsing the nose with saline spray and cleaning it. No real swelling so far, just continual blood which gets annoying.

Hoping for the bleeding to stop soon!

day 2-4

I had a lot of pain, no lie. Especially at the incision area, ouch! The first three days were not easy.

Day 4 now and I can feel improvement. The Sudafed helps the congestion too. The eye swelling moved down to the lower cheeks today, which I guess is nice.

The headaches, throbbing, swallowing pressure...can't wait for this to be over!


When does the light headedness and dizziness go away? Its as if moving my eyes makes me dizzy. I had one 45 sec spell of massive dizzy on day 4 that may have been attributed to not drinking enough water, but the overall feeling of light headed is getting old. Does it stop?

Day 5 most bruising has resolved and just lower cheeks are swollen. Slight drainage still from one nostril.

this dizzy needs to go

Has anyone else had this dizzyness consistently? Like constant dizzy for several days now. I had one 45 sec spell of vertigo but that was short lived. I'm drinking lots of water and not taking pain killers. I got some Bonine yesterday and it seemed to help 75% but dizzy was back this morning. This recovery is getting really old and I'm starting to wish I didn't do this.

I've never had vertigo in my life or much dizzyness at all. Can anyone give me some hope on this?

scopolamine patch withdrawal?

I've been reading about what could cause my dizziness. Apparently, that little sticky patch to prevent motion sickness can have massive withdrawal symptoms! Like really bad. And they can last weeks. Eek!!

I think this is my problem. I've never used the patch before and will never again. It sounds like a high dose of meclizine (Bonine) is a fix until I can ween off that. I will talk to my PS about it tomorrow, but so far this is miserable and I don't even care about my nose, just want the dizzy to stop.

cast cometh off!

Painless and lovely!

More Details

My nose is still taped until Friday so I can't take any more photos, but I wanted to be more detailed about the procedure. And, yes, I'm still dizzy. Treating that with the Bonine on a very regular basis until my vestibular recovers. So, I never asked a lot of details about my procedure, but have kind of figured some things out. Multiple bones were broken, it was an open rhinoplasty, the skin was thinned, obviously the bridge was narrowed, and a lot of tip work was performed. The length of the nose, the "upturn" or "downtown" and the nostrils were not changed.

I was very happy with the result on day 6 when the cast came off. Clearly, the tip is swollen, but it looks just like it did before, so nothing I'm shocked by, and the bridge is so much narrower. I almost have a ridge instead of a plateau on the top of my nose! I really loved it. The surgeon was also very pleased. I can't wait to see how it develops.

day 9

Tape come off tomorrow. Til then...

Dizzy is 90% gone. I do believe it was the Scopolamine patch withdrawal, as much as every doctor says that's impossible (Google it!). DONT WEAR IT LONGER THAN 24 HRS!!

Otherwise, feeling good finally! I even shaved my legs!

Avogen for Scar Tissue Reduction

Has anyone tried Avogen to reduce scar tissue internally? It is just an avocado extract and has some excellent reviews for scar tissue reduction, although I haven't seen anything about using after a rhinoplasty. What about anti-inflammatory diets?

I'm paranoid because I have thick skin and love to exercise-which I'm afraid will lead to a very swollen nose for a very long time!

tape off

Now I just need to protect this investment til it heals!

Supplements for Healing

I have decided to stock up on supplements to reduce inflammation since a) I like to drink martinis and b) I have thick skin. Time to heal folks!

My 2nd week of recovery will include
-Camu Camu powder every morning
-Turmeric powder every morning
-Avogen supplement (capsule)
-Inflammatone supplement (capsule)
-MSM supplement (capsule)
-Probiotics (continuation)
-Bromelain (continuation til the bottle's gone)

Anyone have experience using any or all of these? I'm also trying to somewhat follow an anti-inflammatory diet. This swollen tip is gonna get old!

more before photos

2 week PO pictures

I'm happy with the bridge width. As usual, waiting for the tip to de-flate. For those of us that didn't have a bump, length change, or rotation change, it's hard to get immediate gratification. Luckily, I have some with the width of the nose. The tip hasn't really changed yet.

Inside Nostril "Bump"

I had a slight deviated septum fixed but no cartilage grafts. Yesterday I sneezed pretty hard. This morning I noticed in one nostril (one that has been consistently sorer and more swollen) there is a tender "bump or protrusion" on the inner nostril wall, just inside the opening. It's not huge, but I can feel it with a Q-tip and it's tender. Is this normal? How do the nostrils normally feel around 2-3 weeks?

PhD graduation- just short of 3 weeks

Nostrils are pretty open. I can breathe through them completely. A few stitches have fallen out and things are healing well, just swollen.

side by side

The tip of my nose is already getting feeling back, which makes me very happy! I also have perfectly clear breathing. Tomorrow is 3 weeks post and I'm loving the nose!

the joys of thick skin-one month

Its been one month now, and I got back to exercising. Every day this week... Oops. So, my swelling is a bit odd and uneven. My swelling hasn't really changed much since week 2, but I think its a product of the oily, porous, thick, acne-prone skin I seem todeveloped.

You can definitely seen the uneven nostril/cartilage/columella swelling, but the shape of the tip is clearly now a triangle instead of square.

My changes seem very minimal. Let's fast forward 6 months now!

one more

almost 6 weeks

I'll be at 6 weeks post op (40 days) tomorrow. The nostrils are still slightly uneven from swelling. I'm hoping to get a steroid shot at my appointment in a few weeks. Aside from a slight bit of stuffiness when exercising, it feels good!

2.5 months

Everything has been going well. I received a cortizone shot at 6 weeks post op but it didn't change much. One nostril still seems more swollen that the other but I think its improving. I'm happy with the results so far!

5 months PO

I'm still happy with the result. Still somewhat numb and hard on the tip and I'm hoping the tip continues to refine.

4.5 months

7 months

I'm not sure if much has changed but I still love my nose and my check up went great!

9 Months

I don't think much has changed, but still happy and hoping for some tip decrease at some point.

9 Months again!

natural light

I wanted to show my nose in natural light and also show the uneven swelling. It continues to improve but definitely takes time, especially with the thick skin.

Year and a half

It's been almost a year and a half, not much has changed. I'm pretty happy with my nose. The end is still a bit hard/numb but it doesn't bother me.

I do wish it had gotten a little smaller in the tip but there is only so much one can do with a thick skin, wide nose.
Etai Funk

From the initial consultation, I felt very comfortable with Dr. Funk and his receptionist and patient liaison, Leah. I traveled to Houston from St. Louis because I felt more comfortable with the doctors and had family there. I had a trip for the consult, a trip for the procedure, and will have an additional trip for the post op appointments. This procedure was for an open rhinoplasty with thick skin and a deviated septum. Dr. Funk came recommended by 2 people I know, at a year or more post-op. Dr. Funk spent a lot of time with me during the consultation and I was the only person in the office, how nice! No wait time. I scheduled the surgery a week later for 2.5 months ahead. He uses an outpatient surgery center and a downtown Houston hospital, depending on what you want. I went with the outpatient center and it was fantastic. He takes Care Credit, which I utilized. My primary concern was vomiting after surgery. I made it clear to both Dr. Funk and the anesthesiologist my fear, and I had no nausea or vomiting at all! Yay! The recovery was, well, a recovery, but both Leah and Dr. Funk called me the day of surgery to check on me. I had bruising for literally days 2-4 and that was it (and I had bones broken). My first followup was on day 6 and the cast was removed, no pain at all. It was then taped to day 10 when more sutures were removed. Again, really no pain. He then does followups at 1 month, 3 months, etc. So far everything is normal, symmetrical and going well. Leah responds to all questions and emails promptly. I am very happy with this decision.

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