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I live in Mandeville, LA. I have 25 year old...

I live in Mandeville, LA. I have 25 year old veneers that need to be re-done. They are old & chipped. i originally got veneers because of white spots on my teeth. I have been putting this off for 7 years. I am terrified to pick a dentist to do the work. How will i know if they will do a good job on my teeth? I do not want big fake clunky teeth. I am very particular. The first dentist I went to said it will cost about $1500 per tooth. He has an in house lab (makes his own veneers). When i asked to see his work he showed me a picture that was not a veneer & said "this is harder to do than a veneer" I want a dentist that is willing to show his artwork! I want & expect my teeth to look perfect if i will be paying that much money to have them re-done! I also have teeth that are out of alignment. So, i went to see an orthodontist too. The cost of all of this is adding up. This will be an additional $4080. But, i am grinding my teeth at night. my last dentist told me that. i need to have something done soon. How do i know if a lab makes quality veneers? how do i pick a good cosmetic dentist?

My 25 year old veneers

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