Male Rhinoplasty - Researching for a Plastic Surgeon and Want to Do This Right - Boston, MA

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Hello, I have been researching Rhinoplasty and...


I have been researching Rhinoplasty and lurking here for about a year now.

I just had my first consultation a few days ago and have some questions for you guys. The consultation went very well but the PS does not use imaging which left me uneasy about what my nose would look like based on his recommendations. I know imaging is just a perfect outcome scenario but wanted some type of visual to confirm we are on the same page.

Despite this I thought his recommendation of the changes I need were spot on.

My nose is overprojected with a small hump and wide in the middle from frontal view but top and bottom are an ok width. The tip he says is pretty good but one side kind of drops off steeper than the other leaving a crease. If that makes sense.

His suggestions are as follows: As I understood them

1) shave down nasal bridge 4mm
2) move tip back to match
3) use removed cartilage to smooth out the tip crease
4) Break/ cut bones on the side to reshape and bring the width in the middle to match the rest of the nose.

Is 4mm a lot? Will this produce a large change because based on the size of my nose subtle changes wont cut it unfortunately. I will upload pictures soon.

This was my first consultation and as a male I was totally out of my element so I will reserve the review and the name of the PS (except to say I was surprised on how well it actually went) until I have completed my consultations and research.

I am in the Boston area and will be consulting next with.

Dr Bentkover
Dr Min Ahn
Dr Yaremchuk
Dr Roger Allcroft

Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks. This is so confusing.
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