30-Ish && Ready For Me 2.0!

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Can't wait to begin this journey. I plan to have...

Can't wait to begin this journey. I plan to have two separate procedures, a BA && BBL, as well as a follow up Butt Implants in 2017. Posting mii dream shots && selfies ASAP. Mii dream is to feel as good on the outside as I feel I deserve on the inside. Call it vain, absurd, whatever. It's mii decision. Much

Still researching, planning && stacking up for mii SX

Hi everyone on RS! Just checking in to give a S/O to all mii ladies chasing their dream for a better you... I see your journeys on here && I want you to know you are all BEAUTIFUL women, regardless of the imperfect world we live in... && hope to correct our own imperfections! Love eachother && continue sharing && supporting! God Bless && good luck to all reading! Add me if you want to!

Mee (Now)

Pics of miiself

The body I have now... UUGGGHHH!

Never had Tatas to begin with, lolsz... Had two bee stings && a six pack all throughout mii life, up until mii third child. That's when the lovelier exterior that was ME faded away. And now the finished product is a result of four kids && severe embarassment of mii body. Books? Wrinkle sack. Butt? Still flat. Take a look & see why I NEED this done! I want mii body to match mii face && personality. I want a new me, so please, before you judge.... Known that this is the hardest thing to do.

Wish Pics


Mii Body Beautiful Makeover will probably take at least 5-6 total procedures I want to get these things done (not at the same time obviously): Breast Augmentation with Nipple Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift with Implants, Vaginoplasty, Revision of Breast Augmentation scars (if needed) && Revision of Brazilian Butt Lift. A lot of time && $$, but this is the goal. And I will accomplish this hopefully with Dr. Salama (bbl/ba, ba, revision of bbl) and I'm still scouting for whom can perform the vaginoplasty.

Foreign or Domestic?

Just a random thought...
HI to all mii BBL Sistasz! I'm still researching (yes I know what you're thinking....STILL?!) && for the life of me I cannot narrow it down to anyone in particular for my SX yet. The prices fluctuate clean across the board, I have been reviewing quotes from doctors in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia && Dominican Republic. Some quotes are freggin ridiculous from US doctors, But the overwhelming reactions to ladies deciding to travel abroad for their treatments is not only interesting, but difficultto understand. Anyone who has been looking into this lifestyle change should FULLY know && UNDERSTAND the medical complications, recovery issues and other problems that may arise.

These issues don't dissolve because you chose an US doctor vs. a doctor from another country.

Diseases, infections, burns, complications, && yea, even death can happen to ANYONE, at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

IDGAF what you say, God's plan for you is exactly that, HIS plan. && I don't see him stopping the clock because you chose America over DR, I'm just saying.

Don't be pressed into anything based off of someone else's fears or regrets. If you do the legwork, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH && review before you chose, you will find that the location of your physician has absolutely NOTHING to do with his/her qualifications, credentials or work ethics. Whether you chose USA or Abroad, Foreign or Domestic... Make sure you chose wisely. Be SAFE, && consider ANY && ALL options before you chose your doctor. With that being said, to all the nay sayers out there: While your opinion &&/or experience may vary from the next, you have no right to hate/bash another for their decision to go abroad for their SX. Let's be honest. You can get the same results for a fraction of the price. Don't discourage, encourage one another. This is not an easy thing to do, && negativity cam make a persons' decision that much more stressful.
Much Luvv, Babes! See ya soon!

Durán, Yily, Contreras Oh My!

Hello Mii Beautiful BBL Sistaz!

Okay ladies,
I'm here with an update to my SX decisions. So let's begin. This month represents a lot to me and mii family, as we celebrate 3 birthdays (4 if I include mii step mother, which I don't) mii own on the eighth, our second son (16 th) and mii fiance on the 22nd... So money is scarce, to say the least!
With that being said, I also lost my Mother Minnie to cancer on May 7th 2014 (May She rest with the Angels, I love you Mommy). It has been one of the hardest and most trying times in mii life, and I'll be honest, if it wasn't for my immediate family and friends, I would have joined her. She was a wonderful woman of God, loved by many,respected by all. Being that this was a 3yr battle, she was ready to go home to God, & it was a little easier to accept it, because she accepted it.
(Stopped to cry for a little)
Okay moving on, I have been RealSelfing like a madman to try and take mii mind off of everything else around me and have officially.sent off mii request emails for quoting on BBL with Butt Augmentation, BA as well as a Tummy Tuck. I am a little on the fence about a Tummy Tuck for the obvious reasons ... I.e. "The Scar" (dun dun dunnnn!) But fterreviewing the works of Durán, Yily, Contras, Baez and Cabral, I am confused and excited! They are all wonderful doctors, ALL from DR, and all cranking out BARBIESZ! But with all the recent scandals, FaceBook Group DRAMA/HATING ASS BITCHES, and all that jazz. I am only interested in reviews from THIS site & MMH ( a tad, I'm barely on there). I really love the look of a Yily contour. She is going to be mii first round pick, given the price is right & she actually gets back to me (she can be a bit evasive) But Baez has some pretty impressive Tatas under hlt to say the least.
Cabral && Contreras, despite all the negative press and publicity have put out OUTSTANDING results, IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY, Them ni**as putting in Werk!
So you can easily see mii dilemma.
Durán, Yily, Contreras... Oh My!
So, I turn to mii Sistasz in the struggles-Please, reach out if you are a DOLL of any of the following Doctors:
Yily, Durán, Contreras, Campos, Cabral, Baez
And save the drama for someone who cares... I want to talk to people who went thru it, not a b**ch who heard it from someone who she knows who knows a girl who had it rough. No Eyewitness News Report... Just the facts as YOU experienced!
» I do not take kindly to cyber thuggery or fuckery of any kind. You will get your feelings hurt f**kin with me, fair warning!

Body Pics of me (again)

Whole body pics of me pre op, 32 A, 5'5 138 lbs

The verdict is in: Future Diaz Doll!!

Heyy Ladies!
Well, after comparing massive amounts of reviews, and before/after picks, pre-op && post-op blogs on all mii fab five doctors in DR, I'm excited to say I'm choosing Dr. Manuel Diaz with CIPLA!
Now, I received quotes from Yily, Durán, Contreras within 24 hours of mii initial email. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a fellow BBL Sista: JenBerryJuice and throughly followed her blog on here... The pre-op/ post-op pics ... The fantastic reviews... His website... The PRICE.... IT WAS A NO BRAINER! DR. DIAZ IS DOIN THE DAMN THING! DON'T SLEEP, LADIES, CHECK OUT HIS DOLLS FOR YOURSELF!
Here are the quotes I received:
Yily- (keep in mind thats just the quote was just for surgery+ garment, anesthesia, 1 day reovery clinic {directly post-op before official recovery process @ RH}, staffing fees for nurses, IV's 3 hots, and all that jazz.EVERYTHING ELSE IS AN ADD-ON FOR SX, INCLUDING AREAS NOT SPECIFIED IN ORIGINAL QUOTE... YILY WANT HER GUAP!) Aggressive Lipo Bbl BA- $4500+ additional fee of $300 for Arm Lipo, RH 10 Day Stay $1000+ 100 for transport to/from airport/doctors office, Lymphatic massage $31x10/ $310, Blood transfer $250 Meds $270
Durán-$5500+ (not as detailed as the rest) for a total of $6800
Contreras- Regardless of past issues or complications, he has beiident free for over 20 years, was EXTEMELY ATTENTIVE, responded quicker than ALL, but alas, was the most expensive: $6915 for the total package (see Yily info as a reference for mii description of total package)

But Diaz..... Although it tok almost 3 weeks to respond , he apologized for the delay, called me by mii nickname , made me smile , very FINE I might add :) very polite as well (Mii photo is a snapshot of the initial email.)
It reads:
Hi Tee! Sorry for the delay. I read your info and saw your pics. Your belly is not hanging and do not seem that there's enough loose skin for a tummy tuck. The quote for: 1- lipo + BBL + breast implants is 5200 dollars 2- TT + LIPO + BBL + breast implants is 6500 dollars These quotes includes: blood work, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night clinic, garment, massages and follow up. I can make a package including 10 days stay, transportation from-to airport and pos op meds for 1000 dollars extra. The payment is cash only.

Now... Tell Mee I didn't make THE RIGHT CHOICE?! Child, Boo... Have several seats. All inclusive from the transportation, to the SX to the RH, Massages, EVERYTHING $6200!?! Finally, mii dreams are about to come true! I'm sending mii deposit next month, I'm scheduling my SX FOR FEB 2015...
All mii Luvv,

#TeamDiaz!! ¿Where's mii #DiazDollsz @?!

***** Correction!!!!!*****

Her name is JennBerryJuice

**Would like to give JennBerryJuice a S/O... Her blog is so.REAL, UP FRONT, NO BULLSHIT, JUST FACTS & RESULTS... SO CHECK HER OUT & SHOW LOVE!**
To anyone reading looking for a great surgeon in Dominican Republic with class, expertise and professionalism, please consider Dr. Manuel Diaz with CIPLA. PLEASE, Read JennBerryJuice's blog... It definitely changed mii mind about mii original choices for SX, after comparing the customer complaints on Yily (her work is good, but from what I'm seeing SHE'S NOT EVEN IN THE ROOM FOR HALF THE PROCEDURES, its become like a meat packing factory, no personal attention, you get what she gives... Not what you want & payed your hard earned $$ for. Rude ass hell staff, straight up, burns, assault... Yes I said ASSAULT ... just an in & out. Although this is considered MII OPINION( keep in mind, its MII blog) this is just the brakes, Kiddo. I have read 7+ reviews of women CURRENTLY post-op in DR & just returned from Yily & its all the same... Bad Attitude... A beauty for sure, but a hot mess!

Durán was and still is a fabulous choice, so was Contreras. I just feel deep down that I am making the best decision financially & responsibly for what I'm looking for in someone who's hands & skills I a m placing mii LIFE into. And Diaz has the best record, hands down!

#DiazDolls... Past, present, future...Stand Up & Show ur love!

Heyy RS Beauties!

Just wanna send some genuine Love, Hugs && Kisses to ALL mii RS Ladies! Someone out there appreciates & respects you for your choices to live life out loud & proud! Be blessed in all you do, and for mii post-op ladies in recovery... Happy Healing Dolls!

RS has done it again... I'm a #DuranDreamer NOW! #TeamDuran

It's 1:14 am here in NY, && I have to admit I've been on real self, it seems as i I can't get enough ofBODIES BY DURÁN! Its official, I've become obsessed! Her BODY WORK is SICKENING, her contours, her figures... She's dominating this SX GAME, && as far as Mee && mii $$$ is concerned, YOLO... if I'm fronting the guap to get this done, I want it done RIGHT! And Durán does right... Point blank, period. I tried to go with Diaz based off of his newly pleased clientele, but I must say, his work is not as good as Duran... She's exceedingly better in the procedures I want, and her results speak for themselves. There'several girls with mii body type that have went to her... && the final results are AWARD WORTHY! Unless you has the before pics to compare, you'd swear they were Photoshop lolsz!! So I guess I will have the body I so desperately want & deserve, and Dr. Hilario Durán will be the one to give it to Mee!!!
I'm booking mii SX date with a deposit next month, and I cannot wait. Sorry to all of the ladies on #TeamDiaz... I'm following mii heart, && its with Durán.

Setbacks... The Story of Mii Life

So, you would think that everything was set and I was ready to go, right? Wrong! Why does it seem that every time I have something planned for what I want to do and the direction I want to go in my life something always happens to push me back? It would seem that everythig and everyone aroud me is trying to tear me from my goals, smh... What do i do, do I keep pushing ... Or do I give up?

After all the time that I spent planning, researching, and observing the message boards, I find myself in another dilemma. I'm moving this month coming up, and the house we had our hearts set on fell thru, I'm about to interview for an Assistant Manager position & possibly change careers... Not to mention having to deal with the kiddies having summer vacation, moving sooner than expected, bills, relationships... Gosh! The drama doesn't stop!!

So I guess I will have to send mii deposit for Dr. Durán next month... {Ugh!! :'( } As unhappy as this makes me, I know that I cannot rush this. I have a responsibility to mii family... They come FIRST! And we need to secure a better roof over our heads, & hopeful for a better job opportunity for me, as well. So... With a heavy heart, I bid everyone good by until next time... I'm off to do the Wifey/Mommy thing!
Much love to all that are reading, && to mii Dolls undergoing their SX in the upcoming days... Be blessed,iI'm praying for you all!

Just Checking in with mii RS Sistas!

Hiddy Ho Luvv'Rz.... I know its been FOREVER since we last spoke... I've been MIA for a while, and I want to say thanks for all the love and support! Been goin through the motions and honestly it's been a hard journey so far. My boyfriend and I I having quite a difficult time understanding exactly what it is that we want to do in this relationship. Although we've been together off and on since junior high school I still feel as if he does not believe in or support my wishes and dreams as much as I do his. No matter what it is that he wants to do, I am all aboard, all in! But I don't feel the same from him. From the beginning I have always had insecurities about my body as far back as I can remember. And he knows these things... when we were younger, he LOVED to showcase ME... he constantly says it's not about how I look he loves me for who I am but I miss the unbridled passion and the intimate looks and sparks that we used to have been our younger years. I feel as if those things are missing. Not to say he's slacking in the BEDROOM, that'll be the biggest lie ever. I just have noticed that over the years, the FIRE is flaming out little by little. I look in the mirror everyday and wonder where is THAT GIRL? The one who used to turn heads when she walked into a room, the one who used to have him jealous when she went somewhere and was gone for too long, lolsz... the couple everyone envied.

On the flip side, he STILL has thee body of a teenager, but since he's not the one who pushed out little kids Anne ruined his body, that's to be expected I guess.

Anywhoo... I'll update some more after I let the tablet charge up some more... Shout Out to mii Dolls in The Making! TTYL #DuranDolls #DonkByDuran

Live Your Life! Follow YOUR Dreams!

First and foremost, want to say thanks to all mii dolls that have been checking in with the Kidd! Feels great to know I have people who support mii New State of Mind, Body & Soul. ????????????

Now here's where I need all of my #bblvets #sxvets and #futuredolls to comment and help a Sista out because right now... The struggle is real!
So, as some of you may well know, I just recently lost mii Mother #SIPMinneRuth to cancer in May of this year. Well, as fate would have it, mii fiance found out that his mother was extremely I'll and it was possible that we would lose her. Although we held out hope of a strong recovery, she was ready to go meet our Father God and went on to join my mother in Heaven this October.

So now, begins the process of healing and building this dream literally from the ground floor up. Because my funds are tapped, my emotions are up in the air and my life as I know it has changed.
Until recently I have been having a real life breakthrough. I guess this is my pre mid life crisis... ???? but it is the new year approaching that has me thinking about the way my journey is being written. Do I want to look back another 10 years and realized that I have not accomplished anything other than motherhood and a failed marriage? What are my short term goals and my long term aspirations... And better yet, where will they lead me? Am I ever going to stick to something? Or just run away from my life? When is it going to be about ME? What about my dreams and what I want put of this life?

Ladies, I have watched to of the most influential and important women in my life die... And it damn sure made me think about what I want. You have to live your life now whole you have breath in your body and a chance to male your mark on this world! Life is too short to wonder "what if?" Or "I should have..." I want to enjoy what little time I have left here on this earth happy, healthy and loved! I said all that to say this... If this is what YOU want to do with your body... Not to become a video hoe or another VH1 cast member... What will help YOU reach the goals you have set for yourself and you have the drive and determination to do it then DO IT! Forget the haters, the nay sayers and the You Can't Do That jealous friends and family will never appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice you made to be able to have the body/mind you're going to have. They will never understand and they will try to hold you back at every turn. This includes FAMILY, FRIENDS LOVERS AND LOVED ONES! They will try to use everything and everyone's opinions will deter you and you will not be happy in the end. Live life for YOU... Like there is no tomorrow!

Calling ALL DR BOUND SX Buddies for JULY/AUG 2015??

Hey Dolls????
I am sending a RealSelf S/O to ALL my FUTURE SX DOLLS having surgery in this upcoming year in late July or August 2015 to HMU and let's get a Buddy List going!!! I am excited to begin this journey as I know most of you ladies are too, and with all the added pressure of the SX and Recovery... Who wants to go it alone? ????????????????.... Not I! So girlies, feel free to message me or HMU anytime by leaving a reply below if you are interested

Dream Derailed Part 1

Hey Y'all!
I am checking in after a year of being on a personal hiatus... dealing with death from all around. Dealing with my toxic relationship with my fiancé. Experiencing another death in my immediate family. Praying and crying. Praying and crying. Coping and learning to deal. Just going thru every possible issue that I could be experiencing all at the same time. Its been draining, to say the least.

During this time, I have really hit a financial windfall. I literally quit my job and took a break from the corporate world, only to want a re-entrance and end up losing my Grandmother in the process unexpectedly. Not to mention literally thinking about death all the time. Losing so many people who are close to you at the same time in your life can take your mind and make it a vortex of fear, depression and the ever present thoughts of life and where I am going in this world. I have been having such a hard time and chose to take this time to re-focus my energy to include what's important in this world. What I need to know, and what I need to realize while on this MM Journey.

So as of now, TODAY, I am re-grouping. I am continuing my journey to making myself as beautiful as I see myself on the inside. I am re-visiting my surgical options and reviewing RS journeys that I have been following for some time, as well as some newbie profiles from dollsx that have recently been to DR and have post op news and pics to share. And I must say... by taking this much needed breather, I have definitely made some changes to my approach and my overall thoughts as to who is going to offer me the best solutions to my current need for a better me. I'll be honest with y'all. (Please see Part 2)

Dream Derailed Part 2

Okay, as I previously typed in my review before, I have been reviewing fellow RS Sistas in the struggle Pre/Post Op and have found that certain big names in Dominican Republic have been cranking out barbies like a factory, while other DR Docs that are not as well known are getting more and more popular, but leaving dollsx second guessing their choice to go to them, and has them wishing they would have gone to a Duran or Yily for their work.

This is my own personal experience, not anyone else's, so don't judge me, just read.

Yily: HELL NO! Why: Because there is not contact with the Dr. outside of the generic response that she sends all of her pre op patients who are looking for a quote. She is hard to reach for pre-op or post op questions, and ( You let THEM tell it ) She may not even be present for more than half of your surgery. I also read that her post op care sucks! I have read several reviews from Post Op dolls who have sworn that she was not even in the room during the procedure. To me, that is NO BUENO!! NO MAS!! Not freggin' cool, especially considering she one of the most highly requested doctors from Dominican Rep. but also one of the most costly, as well. If I'm paying for a procedure, I want you to answer all my questions in a timely manner, and your ass better damn sure be the one operating on me, not your medical assistant! ( That's considering that you are a serious client and have sent in your deposit, booked your surgery, etc. ) Est Price starting at $6,500

Duran: Dra Duran was at the top of my list, but has fallen down as a 3rd choice because of the following reasons. It is not because of any of the reasons previously mentioned with Yily, but rather the fact that she is over booked. I see way too many people saying that between her and Yily, they had a line of clients waiting to be operated on. To me, this means a lack of personal service. I want to know that you are not being rushed. That you don't have a lobby full of women waiting on you to work on them. While some may see this as a sign of great work , I see it as a sign of overextending herself. I want to know that you have MY LIFE on your mind, not rushing to get to the next patient. AGAIN, THIS IS A PERSONAL THOUGHT due to the reviews that I have seen in the past year. Est Price $6,500

Diaz: Dr. Diaz was the top. I was actually sending in my deposit and booking my date with him. What stopped me: Simply the HIT AND MISS. One dollsz work was completely different from another dollsz and she had the same procedure done. Some divas got volume, some got width. Some of his breast jobs looked fantastic, and some looked horrible. His tummy tuck on one patient looked like a botched job. As his popularity grew, so did the ego. He became harder to reach, and as a result, he got sloppy. There were too many divas complaining about his work. Although he offers an all inclusive package, if I am not going to get the body that I desire the first time around, IDGAF what you say... I will be pissed! Est Price All Inclusive $7,500

Contreras: Let me start off by saying that he was very attentive and had quick response time. He no longer has an office in Cipla, he has opened his own clinca in Dominican Republic and still has some of the best results that I have seen so far!! But letting him sculpt your dreams can be a nightmare literally. And that's some Scary shit. Period. I could overlook the previous death scares... shit, I asked outright when we spoke. But some of the more recent news has not all been good news. He has been losing lives. And that is a concern for me. I don't want the last time I see life is to be on an OR table. I want to wake up from this! I want to see where all this money is going to! I want to LIVE! His work, though..... Beautiful!!! His Doll Factory is by far some of the best work I've seen! Now, his girls swear by him and I have spoken to several ladies who sing his praises, and I can admit that the deaths may not have all been his fault ( Ladies are just hopping on a plane and not taking the time to do what's necessary to prepare yourself for this during and afterwards ) but STILL... And he is quite expensive. But with all my reservations he is my 2nd choice. Est Price $7,000

Cabral: What more can I say about the King that has not already been said?! Yes, he has recorded deaths. Yes, he has come under fire in recent years. Yes, he was the poster child for why you should not go abroad to get your surgery. But you CANNOT DENY Papi Cabral got them MAGIC HANDS! OMFG The ASSES on his Dollsz!!!!! Jesus... Good Lawd, that man is gifted! To say he is the Man is an understatement. I have not read ONE NEGATIVE review of his work here in RS, or really anywhere outside of those who fear him because of his deaths. In fact, I have seen that he has repaired the Botch Bodies that have went to his colleagues in Cipla. He is the Guru of Brazilian Butt Lifts and Snatched Waists... he trained the Dr's that are in Cipla ( Duran, Yily, Diaz, etc) to become the master sculptors that they are now ( FYI ). So why not have the Master Himself be the one to work on me? He answers all of the questions that you have, he ios very proud of his dolls and takes pride in his work. He treats each client as if they are the only girl in the world, and he makes realistic promises.... He is quick to respond to anything that I have had to ask, and most of all, I felt comfortable talking to him. He made me feel safe putting my life in his hands.

Tell me some of your thoughts, Luvvs! Who are you rocking with for your SX Journey?!

I am #TeamCabral .... who are you?

Calling all DR Bound SX Queens for 2016!

Hey Dolls????
I am sending a RealSelf S/O to ALL my FUTURE SX DOLLS having surgery in this upcoming year in late March or April 2016 (my backup date is Dec 2016) to HMU and let's get a Buddy List going!!! I am excited to begin this journey as I know most of you ladies are too, and with all the added pressure of the SX and Recovery... Who wants to go it alone? Not I! So girlies, feel free to message me or HMU anytime by leaving a reply below if you are interested!

The Struggle Is Too Real!


Just checking in to say what's up to all my Dollsz!! How was YOUR Thanksgiving Holiday? Where did you go to celebrate the holiday feast? I had to work... UGH!! But I have an awesome job... they catered food ALL DAY LONG for the entire floor since Thanksgiving Morning until the end of the month for the Sales Department. So that's cool!
I'm just kind of realizing that my SX is less than 116 days away!!! I have sooo much to do and so little time to do it in! I have to apply for my passport, purchase my supplies for my journey and make sure that I secure the right RH for my needs, and so far, I have absolutely NOTHING prepared as of yet. Just getting over the initial shock that this is finally going to happen. My fiancé is getting home from prison ( yesssss girl HE GOT ARRESTED ) and as I previously mentioned before, he is dead set against it. Now I've had to put up with a lot of shit choosing this man as my life partner over the last few years. I've had to deal with drug and alcohol abuse, misuse of my heart as well as emotional and spiritual abuse. Now that he has found Christ ( which is wonderful ), he feels even stronger than ever against me getting this operation, but he has agreed to stand by me no matter what.
I still am dead set to get this done, with or without his support. In fact, before his incarceration, I truly believe that he was naïve to the idea that his ass was about to get replaced. Shoot, I have read/seen/heard lots of stories about fellow SX Dolls having similar issues of insecurity and support from their significant other pre-op. But when they came back snatch BAYBEY!! Reality checks were being issued! Some women chose to take their lover back, regardless of the lack of support, while other ladies chose the latter... to explore their options as a single woman with all those ASS-ets . What am I to do? I don't want to lose him. We have a family and that means a lot to both of us. I'm not attracted to money or fame. I'm already famous and well loved in my own right. I'm not looking for financial gain. I got my own money. I'll be damned if I'm whoring around to pay for this big ass and tits! I just want to be loved and respected for the woman that I am, and to have someone stand by me and support my decisions because they care about my happiness, not because they are jealous that someone else may sweep me off of my feet.
With this change is also going to have opportunities to model, travel, experience life. I am afraid that he is going to stop me from exploring different avenues of making this work to my benefit. I want to move down south and he does too, but the surgery is going to affect the move as well. I want to make the right decision that is going to benefit us all, not just me... we are a team! I WANT TO MAKE THIS WORK WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!

Ladies, your thoughts?

Happy New Year to all mii Ladies!

Hey Y'all!

I haven't checked in with my girls in a few days.... well, weeks really, LOL... so I am coming thru to say Happy New Year to all mii Dollsz getting snatched for 2016!!! SCREAMING: YEAH, BOY! ( In my Pop's voice )

So.... as you all know I am looking into going to see the King December 2016 and I want to go with someone. I was even thinking of hiring a "travel assistant" to go with me in order to make sure that I'm not alone and that I have some sort of support with this. I wish I had a friend to go with me... all the people that I talk to this about claim that they are down one minute and the next its all like "Ummm...I don't know if I can take the pain!" or "Chile! Why you wanna get surgery anyhow, you looking for attention?!" or the one that kills me the most is "Girl? Why go overseas? You are gonna die!" "Not I! I would NEVER get a surgery out of the States!"... This coming from a broke, busted bitch that can barely keep the lights on and her man in the house. People can be so judgmental and jealous... and it is always the ones that are sitting right next to you... secretly hating on you but pretending to be "concerned". AIN'T THAT SOME S**T? And I'm over here like it was all good just a week ago! The Hate Be All 2 Real... Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

So with that being said, I need some form of support moving forward because it would seem as if I have none here when I leave to go to DR and I kind of want to have a support system in place before this life changing event happens. What's a Doll to do?!
TTYL Ladies!

Planning for my NEW ME!

Sorry for the delay, Dolllsz, but I had to get back to the basics now that the Hubby is home! Currently at work writing this review, so bear with me... lolsz! I am getting so excited now that I am finally stepping forward with my SX.... My Man is on board ( took some serious convincing on my part ) but he is happy that I am happy, I guess... so it is what it is!

Now that I am getting closer to King Cabral... the realness of it all is astonishing! I keep envisioning the lifestyle change that I am going to have... sh**... I am preparing myself physically, emotionally and mentally for the change that are going to occur once I get bodied. The reason? Because I see so many Dollsz on here and on IG that have become so shallow and fake, its sickening. Everyone was humble as peach pie before their SX, get some ass and act a f*ing FOOL once they start to see the results. They have become unapproachable, they don't have "time" whereas before their transformation, they had all the time in to talk with us "commoners"... as this used to pertain to them. I'm not saying that you have a obligation to do anything, because you don't. What I'm saying is that its awfully funny that Pre Op females act differently than Post Op Butterflies. Everyone has to crawl before they can walk... Period. But when you become so brand new that you become unrecognizable to people that have been supporting you throughout your journey... that hurts.

I have witnessed first hand the "big-headedness" that can occur once you began feeling yourself post op. Women become distant, almost never check back in to discuss progress, they remove their pictures, some even deactivate their pages. All of a sudden, they are incapable of being friendly. Communication, comments or questions go unanswered. They are unapproachable an become catty and honestly really bitchy. They catch the "Fame Flu"... when your ego becomes too big to manage.

I un followed a group that I was asked to join as a result of this. Women were being so nasty and mean to each other, especially the "Vets". Calling each other out about their pre op bodies, their post op results, you name it. One girl posted another dolls recovery (while in the RH) pics and literally ripped her and her Dr's work to shreds. (This was a Post Op female on her Round 2 who created a WhatsApp group for pre and post op girls to vent offer advice and share wish pics, etc. ) When called out by friends of said Doll on IG and Facebook, She began to threaten to expose females pre-op pictures on social media and was threatening to expose females that have had work done and were looking to become VIP Bottle Girls/Exotic Dancers. This resulted in her life being threatened, and the woman she was attacking on social media telling her that they were going to catch her in her RH ( she told us the details prior to this BS) and beating her up! She took a so called Safe Haven for Dolls to go to and talk about what we are going through and turned it into her own personal High School Musical episode. She was and still is a mega Cu**t.

With this being said, Ladies.... don't let this surgery turn you into an ugly witch. You can be the prettiest person in the world, but if your shallow, and selfish, bitter and a constant bitch to those around you... You're UGLY! Don't let some plastic tits and a fat ass get your ASS Beat! Because this SX is for everyone. This internet is a screen. It can't protect you from real life. All of this Internet Thugging, Trolling and stalking may be online, but that In Person Beef be REAL! And I for one... will be at your door about the BullSh**.

Stay Classy, Ladies.

Just checking in!!

Just downloaded the new app and I love it!!!! @realself thanks a million ????????????

Long Time, No See

I have to be honest I am making a change in my life that I'm working the job I'm letting go of negativity and I'm allowing myself to finally live in the moment. And with that being said, I have decided that I wanted to do more posting on RealSelf so that I can journal exactly what's going on with me. I'm in several Facebook chats and groups, and I also have a page by the way that anyone can check out and feel free to check out it's called DrDolls 2015 & Beyond... So ask for the add and join in the chat!

With so much negativity on Facebook, I've decided to return to RealSelf to journal my life. Theses heifers are crazy! LMAFO???????????? but in the spirit of being myself, I must add that I am learning so much about this process… This Step of Life if you will. Looking at the new format, and the app, I am really intrigued! I love what you've done with the place RealSelf!!!

In using this new app, I have also realize that I've been on this journey for two years, which is also made me realize how many setbacks and falls over the years I've taken... trying to become a better me. And I still have a lot to do with… I've got a long way to go. There's some baggage that I need to leave, and although we've been together our whole lives, my fiancé is a big part of the blockage, the congestion that causes me to stop doing what I want to do. If the fear of losing him is greater than the journey of my life progressing forward, then I really need to reevaluate my priorities and what I place as 1st. I asked myself why am I allowing someone else to dictate what I can and cannot do? Allowing Someone to hold me back from dreams of a better life for myself and my children, while steadily being the progressive force in assisting in his future? When will it be my time, when will I get the chance to shine?

With that said... I'm leaving some photos here of what I'm hoping to get from the journey of me. If it's looking like Team Manon... Then it is.

Team Manon In The House! #ManonDoll

Hey Dollsz!

I am just writing in to talk about my recent activity while planning my SX journey to ME 2.0.. and I must say that the road has been rocky! I have experienced a Level of Anxiety that can only be described as anxiousness, nervousness, depression, self doubt and turmoil. I have cancelled and postponed this surgery 3 times in the past 2 years... and along the way suffered the loss of my Mom, Mother in Law and my Grandmother. And just when I thought it could not get any worse.. it does!

So... here I am, beginning anew! And despite all the setbacks, it has given me time to continue to do through research and exhaust all scenarios and possible outcomes... and all of my efforts have lead me here.

In taking a moment to actually look past the results of a Dollsz SX results, I saw that a lot of the women on this journey seemed to be focused on the amount/volume of Booty that can be produced from a surgeon. And I get it, that's the whole point of all this pain, right? To get the best results for what I am trying to accomplish. I have noticed that most females are not concerned with some of the issues that I would deem viable in order to completely entrust my life within your hands. That is why I must say RealSelf actually listed these concerns in the initial review of the Doctor when you have become Post OP. I have also seen in the research that most of these Doctors don't have any kind of BOND with their patients, beyond the $$$$. These women seem to rely on this site and FB groups to get pre/post Op care questions answered. The gist of the posts are that so many people are not fully educated going into this and come out more lost than before, with ABSOLUTELY NO AIDE OR ASSISTANCE from the doctors and aides who took their $$$. This is something that did not sit well with me in the beginning and it certainly does not appeal to me now. I think we need to be taking this seriously! I mean if I am trusting you with my life, I expect more than a "Hi". And miss me with the "They are too busy to check in with everyone" excuse. They are just as busy here in the States, but yet the Doctors here seem to make contact with the patient for pre/post op questions and they ALWAYS FOLLOW UP WITH THEIR CLIENTS NO MATTER THEIR SOCIAL STATUS OR CLASS. I rarely hear or see anything about many of the Dominican Republic Surgeons following up with the patients. And that concerns me! Am I alone?



Now... I am still looking for someone to travel with me, I still am in need of a SX buddy! I am leaving NYC March 30th and having SX April 3rd 2017. I am staying at New Life Recovery House for 15 days, leaving April 16, 2017. Please DM Me or HMU anytime, comment below if you are interested!

Later Divas!

The Countdown Begins!

145 Days and counting!!!!! I have so much to say and so little time, lolsz... But just checking in to say that I have found SX sisters y'all!!!! Ironically, we met on Dr Mañons FB SX page, and I had mentioned my fear of having this Sx alone. I guess God works in mysterious ways, because I found 4 divas #DRBound the day of my SX! So I finally have some support, Ladies! I am beyond ecstatic!! ????????????????

I feel blessed ???? to have made the conscious choice to go with my gut and make the decision that best fits me. I am still in between Cabral and Contreras for Round2 later next year. Needless to say, this is really happening! And I cannot be more ready mentally, spiritually and God willing physically, too.

I still have so much to do, purchase and pack, but I can honestly say I am sooooo happy this is finally happening! Everyone in my personal life is on board ???????????????? next stop is checking with my new PCP to determine whether or not I need to wait any longer.... I am booked for April 3rd 2017 and my hemo needs to be at least 13.5 or higher. I am also shooting to gain at least 25 lbs in between this time. ????As it is seemingly Im-freggin-possible for me to gain weight y'all! I have to try everything I see to be a proven weight gainer... ????????????, OAN, I already feel a lot heavier, and I can see a slight increase in my size ( too tight pants or straight up don't fit me anymore ) even underwear don't fit anymore... Which is good, right? ????????????????

Well Bye for now...
Dr. Hector Cabral

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