I've been Ghuranified! Dec. 2014

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*Treatment results may vary

Can't decide between Dominican Republic with...

Can't decide between Dominican Republic with Duran, or the US in Florida with Salama or Ghurani. Help! So far Dra. Duran has answered faster than expected, but this past week I've heard a supposed US surgery warning for people like me traveling to dominican republic. I've seen pictures of the facilities on CIPLA where Dra. Duran makes surgery and it looks freaking scary and outdated. Not to mention all the bruises these women get as if they were beaten up to death from her. I was looking at Dr. Salama and Ghurani pictures and they had better installations and def. not as many bruises as the ones Duran causes, BUT, Damn Duran really makes you look hot. I am on this debate of: pay less for outstanding results but feeling I might be risking my health and making a stupid mistake of irresponsible after care treatment at these recovery houses, OR, pay more, get the same results (maybe even less than better than Duran *sad face*) but having a piece of mind that I will not end up dead or with infections causing me to have 2,3,4 or more surgeries... HELP please!! specially team Duran! I really want to believe on her

Price Comparison: Part I: Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

+Her offer:

US$3,800 for a liposculpture and transfer the fat to the butt. (include US$200 for other extra areas I desire to fix, if possible. I would say $600 extra for me)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency.

The cost of insurance is $130 USD.
The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

+ Price of Armonia Recovery House: ROOM SUPERIOR: $95 USD/NIGHT

only 10 min de CIPLA
Emergency Services
Physician to post-test, evaluation and cures 24 hours
Nurse 24 hours
Breakfast Nuticional
Massage with Ultra Sound for Abdominoplasty and Liposuction treatment.
Pain Management Services
Anti-stress massages.
24 hour security
Transportation to medical appointments
Airport transportation (optional)
And more ...

Our professional team of certified physicians, nurses and technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of common medical conditions that may occur in patients POST-SURGICAL PLASTIC SURGERY & GENERAL. We also have for you, Pharmacies, Massage Post-Operatory for (liposuction, tummy tuck), Delivery and many others all without leaving the hotel.

With the most comfortable and comfortable rooms all equipped with:
* hot water
* air conditioning
* kitchenette
* WiFi
* Lcd
* Cable
Rooms each with its own bathroom
Plasma TV with Cable
Reception 24 hours
Air Conditioning A / C
Agua Caliente
Radio Alarm
Free high-speed Internet (WIFI)
Serguridad Box
Kichenett, fully equipped
Smoke detector
24 Hour Emergency Generator
Daily room cleaning (Free)
Double and Single Rooms.

Your stay with us includes 3 main MEALS plus 1 snack.
We have a wide MENU rich in terms of variety is created by our clinical nutritionist, to provide all the PROTEIN, VITAMINS AND MINERALS your doctor recommends. A balanced diet rich in IRON.

+Price +/- from LAX to Santo Domingo: $USD 1300-1500

+ Extra Expenses (recreational purposes before surgery, transportation, gifts, things to buy before traveling, emergency fund): $500-1,000


Surgery liposculpture and transfer fat to butt $3,800
Extra Areas to work on $600
Insurance $130
Post Op Meds $150
Armonia Recovery house $2,850 ($95 daily x30 days)
Flight $1,500
Extra Expenses $1,000

This is definitely an eye opener and will keep in mind. I am considering 30 days as I do not look forward on staying at a plane for half a day after 15 days of recovery. Cheapest airfare for economy was 1,000, so might as well go first class for extra 500.

Will crunch numbers on the other Drs. this weekend. Decision decisions...

Price Comparison: Part II: Dr. Mendieta's Cost for BBL

limited time special on the Brazilian Butt Lift $9,850

+This fee includes:
operating room
recovery room
Dr.Mendieta fees for the surgery and follow-ups.
(*The special may not apply to all cases.)

I think he is great if you are looking for conservative, but sculpting your body on the shape it was meant to be, which, for some people is great because it looks like the same body but improved and raises no suspicions for people that knows you already. I think I am looking for more dramatic, hourglass sexy approach though, so I am scratching him out. Also, after I've filled out their automatic response questionnaire, nobody has contacted me! I probably would have been more inclined to him if I would have had someone to talk to me and show they want my business.

Price Comparison: Part III: Dr. Salama's Cost for BBL

+ The cost of the BBL is currently $8,999 (The areas to do liposuction are: flanks, abdomen and back + Fat grafting to buttocks)

Price includes:
· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massages
· cosmetassure
· Bobby Pillow

+ Each additional area of liposuction will be $500 (inner & outer thighs, arms) So $1,000 assuming inner and outer counts as one area?

+Traveling Costs: 1000-1500 depending when I actually purchase this. Planning on getting economy going there, and coming back first class for my own sake.

+Hotel: Courtyard Fort Lauderdale SW/Miramar $89 a nightx30: $2,670
(average hotel is 150 a night, so this hotel is a steal!)

+Nurse: unknown ( very scared of how much money this will cost!!)

+ Transportation: unknown (hoping $200?)

+ Meds: hoping $200 tops

+ Extra Expenses (recreational purposes before surgery, things to buy before traveling, emergency fund): $500

>>>>If you are planning on having surgery with him, contact him now! |||||prices are going up on May 1st, 2014 to $9,499. ||||


BBL (liposuction on flanks, abdomen and back + Fat grafting to buttocks) $8,999
Extra Areas to work on $1000
Hotel $89 a nightx30: $2,670
Post Op Meds $200
Flight $1,500
Transportation: $200?
Nurse: ?
Extra Expenses $500

HOLY CRAP. I am starting to see dollar signs everywhere... This sucks.

Logistics in Dominican Republic

Got this info from Mzdee , thought it would be helpful to know:

"Someone asked me for my nurses info- her name was Manyoris 809-372-0731, she was a little expensive $40 for 2-3 hrs a day. If you want you can call my driver he told me he could get me someone for same price but 6-7hrs a day.

Driver- Jose Brito. 809-293-1879 the best ever, was like a brother to me man

Brunhilda - massages $25 ea. 809-846-3466. She came to me...I also stayed at a condo look up airbnb. The perfect stay, I paid $65 a night now I see he's charging $80. Here's the link. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1067108"

What to expect on Dominican Republic?

The review from Afterlife83 gave me such insight on what to expect on DR that I would highly recommend anyone who plans to travel there to read before going. I think I would go to DR if I knew someone there that could find me the greatest aftercare, otherwise no. So I guess bye bye Dra. Duran... *sigh*

Dolls to follow

I've felt this doll is worth reading, as she gives an insight on Dominican Republic culture and what to expect:

---- CokeBottleBarbie85

This doll gives excellent details and overview on surgery. She also reports as a diary, which is great as we get many good details:
------- bklynbeauty

wish pics + current pics + decisions decisions

I am planning on making a decision soon. I am just waiting on Dr. Ghurani's assistant to follow up with me on Monday to discuss logistics and money, that way I can break everything down as I did with the rest of the Drs. I am between Ghurani and Salama. Ghurani had extra points because he called me and we had a long talk. He explained everything and was very caring. Because of things like this, I am open to pay extra money for outstanding services. I really want people to take care of me mentally and physically, and staying in the US gives me a mental relief that in the case something goes wrong, I can be covered and being taken care of.

Anyways, I am attaching my wish pics and my before and 'after' pictures. So far all Drs. have agreed I am a great candidate. Nobody was told me to gain or lose weight. I just want that hourglass body, and take a good piece of the legs. On the side pic, you can really see how voluminous they get on the front. Hate that.

Another wish pic


Wish pics + Logistics Update w/ Ghurani

So now I am at a point to figure out the costs of hotel and all kind of logistics. Just Hotel itself is a money pit! I want to stay the whole month, because I do not want to take my chances of messing up my bootie because I was sitting for too long at work or some crap like that. I'm estimating $3400 in hotel itself. Most likely I will go with Dr. Ghurani if their hotel has availability when I get there. I really like his work.

Going with Ghurani

Made my decision to go with Dr Ghurani. He is the closest to an airport, him and his staff has been the most attentive, and he does a beautiful job. Can't wait for December to get here!

Expected Costs of BBL w/ Dr. Ghurani

I just gave my 10% down payment with Dr. Ghurani. These are my current expected costs:

**Surgery: $7,800 (Brazilian Butt Lift areas: abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back).

This price includes:
· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massages

**Any extra areas (inner & outer thigh, arms, and sub mental) $500 each. (will discuss this once I am in Miami with Dr.)

**Airplane Ticket: Coach going, first class coming back: $1,225 on national flight.

** Caretaker: $250 for the first 24 hours and then $80 a day after that. The caretaker is a Registered Nurse. This also includes, bringing me to surgery and taking care of me after the surgery.The price also includes the meals that I would be consuming the day of surgery: TOTAL:$410 for 72 hours

**Apartment Rent: $3000 max

Massages: waiting on pricing.
Transportation: waiting on pricing

Total so far: 12,935

OUCH. At least I've just paid the airline tickets and gave 10% down payment. This is why is good doing all of this beforehand.

More Wish pics

wish wish wish all the way +Aparment Hunt

I'm still looking to rent an apartment to stay. Don't want to spend more than 3,000. staying for 29 days. If you guys recommend a place I would totally appreciate it!

Is your butt weird looking too?

Is someone going through the same as me? Geez, I am looking at my pre op pictures, and I'm disgusted. I am happy at least I've got the fat to fix the issue, but I just want to fix the issue NOW! I can't stand the shape of my butt. It is like a long rectangular thing, that seems to have no end. Don't even get me started when I see myself from the side. My thighs have more fat than my butt itself. Oh and of course the cellulite. The funny thing about that, when I was born, I had as much cellulite as I do now. NO JOKE. The only time it went away, was when I used to have someone do vacuumtheraphy and oxygentheraphy 3 times a week on my entire body. I'm seriously considering buying the damn vacuumtheraphy machine and get it myself done. and No. it does not goes away with just exercise. Specially that weird fat from the flanks. And then, where I DO NEED the fat, not even if I gain 20 pounds, they don't get filled up. I just get a bigger rectangular version of my body. Are you going through the same?

BEWARE: Do's and Dont's after surgery if going to Dominican Republic!

Taken From Ms.nina blog. Thank you! For all the dolls going to Dominican Republic, take a quick read about the do's and dont's! Pay attention what they say here about water! beware and safe travels!

Who's getting Ghuranified too?

Hi Ladies! Who's going, or recently went with Ghurani? I would love to have some gals support team. Are you super anxious too? I'm currently at the stage: Why does it feel SO PAINFUL to wait 6 months to get my BBL? All I do everyday, is stare at my butt. No joke. As if by staring at it is going to change its shape. I think the only thing that calms me down, is when I find wish pics that demonstrate what I want. I just want this big bootie that has a seamless hourglass (no shelf) and reduce a tad the size of the front of my upper legs (they look massive on the side) How about we move forward the time and get to December? I'm excited though :))

Best Butt Pads out there? Need suggestions

So my butt surgery is coming up this December. I'm really concerned about people at work noticing the big change. So, What are the best butt pads out there, that can "progressively" show a change, thanks to the biggest lie of the year "SQUATS GOT ME HERE." I am also planning on buying maxi skirts, long shirts...anything that can cover me. I would prefer to look "fat" than for people to see I woke up like a Barbie. I will be taking a month off, on the hopes that my coworkers will have foggy thoughts on how I used to look. After surgery, I will probably move on to another job, so I only really need 1 month to hide everything out. Suggestions?

Dr. Salama burned this girl and you won't believe what he did afterwards

I am so freaking scared. A few days ago, I've stumbled across 150mmlover blog, and holy bananas, this poor girl had the most compelling story I've seen on real self. She believed on this well known Doctor and he burned her really badly. She goes to a burn specialist, the specialist takes her to surgery, and Salama says it wasn't necessary. I mean, really? She is scarred for life, and was obviously bad, and the Dr. didn't even had compassion for her and admit what he did. Check out her page and see the other side of having a BBL. I'm panicking because Dr. Ghurani used to be his partner. Will this happen to me if I go to Ghurani? And I actually did consider in the past going to Salama. I declined him because I actually like Ghurani's work better, and Ghurani was more affordable and even called me to talk out my app. (I'm not in Florida). What are your thoughts on this ladies? Have you been burned badly too?

The best BBL I've seen by Ghurani: Asiangotbooty103112

Talking about the pros and cons on a BBL (read my past post on the - side) This chick Asiangotbooty103112 seriously has it going. She has that S perfectly sculpted and also was kind enough to share two tips that I think will make a difference on bruising (she didn't bruise like crazy, as other girls on RS do) TIP 1: DO NOT EAT SHRIMP, EGGS, LOBSTER, PEANUT OR CRAB POST OP. Her Chinese uncle has given her this advice, which they've been following for centuries. Who am I to argue that? TIP 2: She takes a Chinese pill called "Pien Tze Huang" is 3 gram tablet. According to her, it worked her wonders for bruising and just feeling well altogether. If you read her blog, the complaints are very minimal, which is key to a happy recovery. She also says to beware of the fake ones online. She gets them from her sister who buys it locally and ships it to her. I will look into it and see if I can find the real deal through amazon. She just overall is the perfect image of what a successful BBL is like. She doesn't even have bumps on her stomach, like most people get. I think I am aiming to have a beautiful turnout as she did. Amen. Do you know other posts of girls that turned out great and give good advice? send those my way! want to read as much as possible!

Can I please look like this?

I've been messing with the plastic surgery phone apps, and the results were quite amazing. I hope I can look like this. What do you think about my thighs though? Should I lipo them or not? I keep going back and forth about it...

Bootie is coming closer!

I am counting the days like a desperate maniac to finally get the Bootie of my dreams and a nice waist with shaped hips. I am so happy and more confident each day that I want to do this. Ive been already buying stuff to be fully prepared. I've found on amazon a very cool inflatable bed for your car. $99. I think it will be a life saver.
Specially getting in and out of surgery.

Let the prepping begin!

Alright gals, so today I started buying materials for my bbl. I've found these underwear bladder protection from always for $1! And it has a $1 coupon inside. I will use the coupons to buy more. I'm buying both large and medium as I know the first week I might be super bloated. I also got arnica tea (didn't know it existed!) and arnica as a pome for bruises. The mederma is for scars. I will actually use that on my boobs ( see my other review on my breast augmentation). The aloe Vera is also for my stretch marks and scars on the boobs. Will cut the pill and apply directly (they are soft gels). Last but not least I've got the iron, to keep myself healthy before the surgery! I already got gauze pads and alcohol. I also just bought some protein. So far so good. What else should I buy gals? I know some people have mentioned itch cream and plastic cover for bed.

Also, I wanted to update you guys on the butt lift I was trying to buy. I went to amazon and got these leggings that claimed to lift it and make it look good. It was a 65 dollar waste. I think I will just skip altogether buying a butt pad. I will disappear for a whole month from work. Last year no one even realized I got my boobs done. I'm just not so sure if I will have the same luck this time. But honestly, should I really spend 80 bucks for a butt lad thigh smooth belly contractor blah blah blah to only use for a month? And knowing me I won't use that all the time. I'm also scared that someone will notice I got pads. Heeeelp I don't know what to do. My ego says yes but my wallet says no.

Graphites pill and BBL pillow. Have you tried it?

So I've stumbled across what seems to be a pretty amazing pill: graphites. Graphites is for chronic skin problems such as acne, skin sores, eczema, slow healing wounds and scar tissue, dry painful cracked skin. Helpful for skin problems that may be due to faulty absorption of nutrients or toxicity. Use Graphites for irritated skin; nail fungus; cracked and bleeding hands, heels, tips of fingers or corners of the mouth.
Graphites keynote symptoms is dryness, such as dry hardened skin. Graphites also may be helpful for dry conditions such as constipation or brittle nails. Graphites my be helpful to resolve raised, firm, thickened red scars. This is claimed by a website called elixirs. I saw this at another gal from realself, so I will give them a shot. I think this hits most issues that surgery causes to us.

I am so so nervous. I'm a month away. I've has surgery before (breast) but last year I did everything so fast (talked to doctor in late September and in December I got the surgery). This time though, I've been thinking about it since well over a year Ago, and I knew right after I did my boobs that I wanted to finish off my hourglass body. I also know that I have a long ways. After this surgery I need to get lipo on my arms. I also want to get lasik and get treated for my stretch marks and under eye bags. All of these things cost money. Specially because I want to do this in LA ( I'm doing my butt in Miami only because I feel doctors over there have more experience and understand more about an hourglass heart inverted Bootie) but everything else I'm planning on getting done in LA. Ugh if I could only have more money to get these stuff done and over with. I'm very happy with my boobs, and I know I will also be happy with my new Bootie. I just can't wait.

On another note, I've been looking at things to buy for surgery. I came across with the BBL pillow. Have you guys tried it out? Is it worth it? Is it discreet to use at work? I'm kinda freaked out. I will be taking a month off so I'm hoping I can just sit like normal, but quite frankly I might be having the Bootie greed and be a psyco not sitting for months. Ugh god help us.

Things to buy

Surgery got me thinking about my life and I'm now in a rollecoaster! help!

I am going through a freaking roller coaster ladies. I am less than a month away from my procedure and I feel I need to get my crap together. I am so demotivated at my job and quite frankly at my life. I want a change really badly on my environment. I get paid very crappy ( my fault, no one made me pick this job but myself...) I can't go out or really do anything because of money reasons ( gotta hold tight on these $$ if I want this ass lol) and I also have no man in my life. I know this is dumb and I know things will change. I am young and I have a life ahead of me. But I mean... all I want to do is sleep and not deal with any kind of issues. I can't even stand listening to other people's issues because I got a lot on my plate. I just need a little kick on my butt (pun intended) to get myself back out there and kick ass as I used to. I know I'm worth more than I currently think. I can't wait to get this procedure and have a whole month for me to rethink my situation and what is it that I really want to do. On the bright side of having no man in my life, is that when he does come, I'll have to explain nothing about the changes on my body. Because for him, it is the only body he has ever seen ( no before and after explanation, no squats got me here, no BS.) I just woke up like this lol. Are you ladies going through the same roller coaster? BTW, I am not down because of my body. Even if I was currently a barbie looking, I will still be feeling the same.

Plz Dr. Ghurani, make me look like Aylen alvarez

I didn't realize up until now, how HARD it is to find wish pics of nice butts. I'm quite shocked the only thing the world wide web shows is Jlo's and Kardashian's butts. After long looking though, I've found the one and only: Aylen Alvarez. She is a Cuban girl that now lives in Miami. Beautiful body. I've gathered what I believe are her best pictures with the body I wish to obtain soon. She has that small waist, and a seamless loop from the waist to butt. No shelf. I will say, hands down, these pictures are for me, one of the best looking woman I've ever seen.

What to buy for my surgery? HELP!

I'm trying to keep my supplies as minimal as possible. I'm seeing so many great products though, that I feel I might be getting carried away. So far, based on other gal's blogs, this is what I have bought:

- Arnica Montana by Hyland's Homeopathic - 250 tablets, 30X - for bruises
- Arnica Tea
- Arnica as a pome
- Gauze Pads - I already had this at home. Taking just in case.
- Multivitamin
- Iron ( to consume before and after surgery)
- Black High Density Foam Roll - One Extra Firm - 6" x 12" HALF Round (Semi-Circle; "D" Shape) To sit
- 2 of Sofnit 300 Washable Underpad, 34x36 in. White Toplayer, Moderate Absorbency, Soaker Ounce 8oz., Each,PINK - to prevent staining my sheets.
- Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Car Inflatable Bed Car Bed Parent-child (To lay while on car)
- Triple antibiotic generic brand- to prevent infections on wounds
- Laxative ( all the antibiotics will make it hard to go #2)
- Gotu Kola for wound healing (Centella Asiatique) - I already had this in my house. Don't think is a must.
- Always discreet bladder protection underwear
- Cortizone as an Ointment to relieve itch
- Protein for good shakes ( bought Beverly international- chocolate)
- need to buy big comfortable dresses

**To buy when I arrive in Miami

- Aloe Vera drinks
- Pineapple
- Foldable Chair and cut it out in the middle

**Products I've heard are good but haven't bought:

- Hyland's Hypericum Perf., 30X, Tablets, 250 Tablets (AKA St. John's Wort. Nerve Injury repair. Apparently, the reason why we itch is because of the nerves going loco)

-NOW Foods Quercetin W/Bromelain, 120 Vcaps -anti-inflammatory. This equals as drinking pineapple. I guess the pill has higher dose.

The reason why I haven't bought these, is because I already have so many pills on top of the pain pills that I think is way to much. If I feel something is wrong, I think I'm better off having the doctor prescribing something, as opposed to me buying the entire pharmacy for no reason.

what do you think? Am I missing anything?

Just bought Tiger Tail for my surgery- Thanks BonitaApplebum for the recommendation

I totally forgot about this Tiger Tail thing. I've heard it helps avoid lumps on the stomach. Just ordered it online. Thank you BonitaApplebum for the recommendation.

about the Hyland's Hypericum, I think I will get it. I'm reading more and more reviews about how good this is for pain. This has actually helped people get off the meds. I've seen people here say that this actually might be the reason why they don't itch or hurt as much, so heck, why not.

So this will mean Arnica and Hypericum with daily pineapple juice and iron pills.

The countdown begins! In 2 weeks I will have a new body!

Alright gals, crap just got real. In two weeks from now, I will be in Miami, laying down taking care of my new precious body. I am so so so excited and freaked out at the same time. I am ready though. every day I look at this body and I know I can do better. I am including pictures of how I currently look. I think what I'm looking the most, is to shape my body. That is key. No more weird fat on the wrong places. As long as I have an hourglass figure and fat in the right places, I'm good! Anyways, just wanted to share. Thank you so much for all your support. I promise I will keep you posted every step of the way.

This Bootie is PAID

Alright gals! So I am 8 days away from my beloved new body to kick in!!! I'm so so excited and happy to be making this change. Funny thing, I've started to have dreams about it. I'm just so anxious to get this done. I'm scared but also happy of this change. Everything is now paid. Anyways! Just wanted to share. :))))

Almost there! 5 days pre

Hey Gals! I just finished packing, and let me tell you, IT IS HARD! I tried so hard keeping it to a minimal, but I almost reached the 50 lb allowance. All I packed are sweats and comfy clothes, nothing crazy. Only 1 suitcase and 1 gym bag. On the gym bag I have the ultimate essentials, in case my suitcase gets lost. I am very much excited and can't wait for my pre appointment with Dr. Ghurani and show him my wish pics! Please pray for me and that all comes out well. I promise I will keep you posted. Can't wait!!!!!!

1 day post op- Ghuranified

Hey dolls. Today is my one day post op. I don't have much strength but I wanted to let you know I'm ok. Yesterday after surgery was rough. I wasn't in pain, but I was very dizzy (still am, but not nearly as yesterday). As soon as I tried to get up, everything would move and I would have to lay down again. I was very scared. Luckily I had an amazing nurse taking care of me. Doctor ghurani stopped by a few times to make sure I was doing ok. Even my anesthesiologist took care of me, gave me medication and holded my hand many times. I couldn't have gotten better without them. Interestingly, after I peed, I felt much better. If you get dizzy like me, try to pee. Even if it is on the bed or sitting with a cup or something. I couldn't make it to the bathroom because I was weak. So I has to pee sitting with a portable plastic toilet. Also, buy a lot of Gatorade and drink a lot of soup. This saved my life big time. It gave me strength to recuperate. I gotta tell you, I was the whole day receiving treatment as I was so weak. Again, no pain, but very very dizzy that if felt sickening. I also lost a big chunk of blood. I never thought I would get my garment fool of blood, but I did. Gals you will need tons of chuck pads. Believe me. Buy the disposable and also the washable. Also buy cheap sheets and blanket. Do yourself a favor and also buy cheap dresses you don't mind getting blood on. Dark long sleeves and long dress is the way to go. Select a thick fabric for the dress. You Will freeze after surgery. Bring scarf a thick blanket. Request a heater right away. Anyways, I'm laying on bed. My eyes are very puffy and elongated horizontally. This is normal. It just makes me tired as my eyelids feel heavy. Seeing today dr ghurani for follow up on how in doing. Very tired going back to sleep. xoxox. Oh at home I'm peeing on a cup and throwing away pee on sink. Not sitting in toilet. Will post more pics later

Having a BBL is no joke -6 days post op

Hi gals! So sorry I haven't updated before. These past 6 days have been HORRIBLE. Today I feel like new and refreshed though, except from 2 episodes where I got extremely dizzy. Thank God I'm feeling way better though. It's weird how from night to day and one minute to the other everything changes. Day 2-5 were really really hard. I was never in pain, just sore. The issue was that I became anemic from all the blood I've lost. I cannot emphasize how much you need to take iron. If I were to go back, I would get tested for all the vitamin levels and make sure I am healthy. All my complaints were horrible migraines and ear pain. This is from the anemia. I just felt really weak overall. At night the ear pain increases. Specially in the right ear. Also the neck pain is no joke. Laying down is terrible. There's really no way to be comfortable. About number 2, I had to have my mom clean me, because I couldn't reach myself. I sit on the toilet as normal though. Something I've noticed to ease #2 is to put books or anything that raises your legs a little bit. Believe me, you want to be done with that ASAP, no matter what position you are in. Pulling down the CG every time I needed to go #2 was a whole new thing. I had to smell isopropyl alcohol because I would get very weak. It is freaky when my mom pulls down the garment because I am scared she will accidentally pull out the drain at the front. About the itching, nothing! I've been taking hypericum for that. Arnica I've been having all the way. Even as a tea I've been drinking. I'm bruised but not horribly as other pictures I've seen. So far I like what I see on my results. I'm still very swollen, but when I take off the garment I see how tiny I've got. Something interesting, every time I think of bread or pasta or chocolate I get very nauseous! Please note I love eating these kind of foods. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. I mean is good but I've never experienced something like that before. This is how I know when our bodies know what's best. Gotta really listen what the body craves when being post op. On walking, I do 5 min every hour. I have to hold my mom though. There's a lot more stuff I want to mention but my right ear started ringing. So annoying!!! I don't get why is it doing this only at night. Anyways tomorrow is my first massage. Let's see how that goes. Thank you gals!

2 weeks post op with Dr Ghurani!

What a world of difference 1 week post op and 2. I now rarely get dizzy. I'm much stronger and I feel better. Now that I'm a little more on my senses, here are things that have stick out to me: 1. Drains: do yourself a favor and don't do research about it. In this case, to know less is a bliss. One of our RS gals posted an image of hers and it scared me so much that the day they took them out (8) I was panicking and almost fainting. Reality was, there's nothing to fear or faint about. It is a very fast and easy moment. All you need to do is breathe and relax. I was imagining things and making stories in my head only because I saw that image and read things on here. If you start reading someone's blog and they rant about it, just stop. Skip that paragraph and avoid at all costs drain talk. Is very easy and painless. The only pain I had, was the pain in my head imagining things that never happened. 2. About massages: Please also don't go and look for massage videos. Somehow also on RS someone posted their massage and it was so anti higienic and unprofessional that made me fear of the worst. Trust your doctor's recommended massage therapist. If after the first session you want to compare it with other people's techniques, then go ahead and YouTube it or whatever. I'm currently on my 3rd massage. Tomorrow I'm getting my 4th. 3. About the alien skin: have you ever had a bruise that hurt when you touched it? That's exactly how the skin feels after surgery. Is a pain that feels exterior to your body but still hurts somehow inside of you. Currently, my worst area are the sides of my low waist. Also the inner thighs feel weird. I do feel better after the massage though. 4. Showers: I recommend doing this step by step and really listen to your body. I have to take off my garment and lay in bed for a few minutes (I get dizzy) then I come back and shower and immediately try to get garment on and lay down again. After that I get up again and brush my hair and any other vanity needed. I also always have a Gatorade and water and isopropylic alcohol at hand in case I get dizzy. When I had my drains, I would hold them at all times while showering. Sometimes I would put them on the rack where the shampoo and conditioner are and carefully stand on one spot and shower. Doctor says it is ok to drop them, but I felt safer holding them. I also got a mat for the shower. It is very important to buy one that isn't slippery. Last thing needed is to fall and land on your butt. 5. Sleeping: I learned a technique that hopefully will serve you as it has served me. Try positioning a pillow vertically on your stomach up to right before the neck. This will allow to bend your leg and kinda be on your side ( without really being on your side.) this position has helped me ease the hip pain it causes to be all day every day on the same position. 6. Packing: I really regret buying the always diapers. Didn't even use one. I also regret not bringing the actual femenine pads. Those work great when no gauzes are around. Triple antibiotic generic brand is your friend. Disposable chux pads are a must. Definetely get a plastic mattress cover to avoid any blood stains on it. Buy a cheap sheet set for bed as well. Order floradix beforehand and start drinking like there's no tomorrow. That helps with iron and avoiding anemia. Bring a tank top to use underneath garment and foams to avoid marks. Last but not least take arnica and hypericum to help bruising and nerves. I will later update the list of absolute musts. Oh the inflatable car bed is def a must. It made life much easier.

Anyways. That's so far what I have. I still get tired easily so I think is time to sleep. Happy new year and happy new me!!

15 days post op- before and after photos- I've been Ghuranified

Hey gals! Wanted to update on my progress. Today I was feeling a little down about my butt. I really want the shelf to go away. I know I need to be patient, but I'm starting to worry about it. How long it takes for the dropping to happen? It just looks so up high to me. Do you think by month 1 it will go away? Heeelp

20 days post op! Feel like new!

Hey dolls, at almost 3 weeks post op, I feel really good. My skin is waking up, I am feeling much more like myself, and I am able to walk a little more. At night I go outside and walk for 10 minutes to get fresh air and get distracted for a little bit. I walk around the house for 5 minutes every hour as well. I still haven't really gone out to the mall or any other distraction as such. I still feel very tired. I don't even put makeup on yet. Today I saw the Doctor and we were both very happy with the results. It is funny, 5 days ago I was seeing my body with a little shelf, and today, somehow, the shelf has gone down. So happy! Doctor says it will keep going down, as the swelling goes down.

If you guys are thinking going with Ghurani, do it! he not only does a fantastic job, but he also irradiates confidence, trust worthiness and transparency. I also think Doctor's assistants can make them or break them. His assistant, Thania, is really nice, very calm and patient person. She took me by the hand every step of the way and always assured me everything was going to be fine. The aftercare right after surgery was great as well. Maciel, my nurse, stayed by my side the entire time. She was very patient and caring, and that's exactly what I needed at that moment. Also the anesthesiologist, I think her name is Lourdes, eased me before the surgery. She was also with me on the aftercare right after surgery. she was lovely. Doctor Ghurani also came different times throughout my recovery and made sure I was holding up good.

I must say though, this surgery is no easy peach with birds singing to you. I truly believe one must be physically and psychologically ready. Also, you better stay for 14 days to a month. I'm on day 20 and I'm glad I'm staying in Florida 10 more days. Although I feel already great, and could actually take a plane now, I enjoy the fact I can lay down, sleep, and just relax. I can't see myself going to work at 10 days, as most people do here on RS. Definitely bring someone to take care of you that is very strong in mind too. Not scared of blood and to help you shower and sometimes even clean you up. Also willing to cook and clean and wash dirty clothes. This is a 24/7 job for them. If you know no one, definitely get a nurse for minimum 1 week. In my case I would have needed a nurse for a good 14 days. I was very weak and the anemia really knocked me down. For massages PLEASE do get them. They are horrible, but afterwards, the body feels relaxed and healed. I get very sleepy after those and helps me sleep well. Overall, I'm glad I did it this young. I love my results and I'm hoping this will be first and last BBL surgery, as I really turned out as I wished!

1 Month Post op and feeling great!

Hi Gals! I wanted to make an update to let you know I'm good. Everything has been great so far. My bootie is looking much better too. There's no shelf anymore!

About dressing up, it is challenging. I recommend buying dusters and long jackets to cover things up. Yes. I look fat with all those layers and the foams and the garment, but, I prefer that than throwing hints at people of what I've done (i.e. how on earth in 1 month I got from fat to fit with a bootie?)

For those of you considering this procedure, PLAN ACCORDINGLY. The butt looks so so soooo ugly with the garment on, specially within the first 30 days, that if it is not hidden, people will know FOR SURE you had it done. And, because the garment must be worn for 3 months, it is best to buy long jackets and long non-fitted skirts and start wearing those on that period of time. On the first two weeks, if you can take time off, DO. I had a lot of problems trying to hide things at that stage. Even with jackets and the whole thing it was easy to spot that huge swollen butt. Also, trying to find professional clothes that are long and cover the ugly shape the garment gives to the butt is near impossible. I must say though, once the garment and foams are off, the body and bootie is just perfection.

I think it is so weird to look so fat, and then, just by taking off the garment with the foams, and trying a fitted dress: BAAM, perfect skinny barbie supermodel with a bootie is in the house! I get really depressed going to work like Godzilla, when in reality I look nothing like that. It is funny to see people looking at me like: Why did you gain so much weight? I'm all like... Hmmm, you know, the holidays and stuff. This is all working on my advantage though. After my 3 month wait is over, I can slowly start revealing the body ( by month 6-8 they should see "the real" body) and just say I got into really strict diet and exercising blah blah blah.

Overall I couldn't be happier. I don't regret doing this. I keep seeing my before and after, and I just want to cry out of happiness. I will later update with pics for you guys to see. Talk to you soon!

2 Months Post Op from BBL

Hey gals! I wanted to share the ups and downs I've been experiencing lately. I am trying to stay calm, as I know the first 6 months are crucial, and it is completely normal and expected to have a love-hate situation with one's body post op. First, let me say: I really really like my waist. Never seen myself so tiny. About my hips... Hmmm... somedays I love them, others I really dislike them. Specially when someone takes a picture of me, I look HUGE! Indeed, I look curvaceous, but I look fat curvaceous, if that makes sense. This has nothing to do with my Dr. by the way. If I compare my before and after, I will take 100 times my after. Dr. Ghurani filled up my uneven and denty hips, to give that hourglass look, which is definitely what I want. Now that I have that, I can see the next step is to have lipo focusing on the legs, to still keep the guitar shape, but to avoid looking SO wide (which is what's really bugging me when I see myself in pictures.) By the way, I've always been bottom heavy. My hips and legs have always been enormous, so it is no surprise to me that now that I look so tiny on the waist, I am noticing more prominent parts of my body. About my bootie, it is great! I started sitting the second I turned 1 month post op. Partly because I was sick and tired of laying in bed, and partly because I was kinda panicking about how huge it looked. SPECIALLY on this freaking Compression Garment. For all of you ladies feeling fat and ugly on this thing, I HEAR YOU. I feel that I am living two lives. On the day, I look 20 lbs bigger, and at night, when I step out for a sec from the garment, I feel I can just sign up to a beauty contest and most likely win. I am really self conscious on how I am looking with all the foams and the garment itself. PLUS, having to wear loose clothing so nobody notices I am wearing a garment is a struggle and really gets me at times. Something I've noticed on the garment though: If I stay too long out of it, I start getting puffy. Somehow I start to swell. I think that's why the Dr. told me to stay 3 months in this thing, to guarantee the swelling gets out completely from me and I don't end up like a balloon. Bottom line, I am very happy I had this surgery done. Bootie and waist - checked. Correct my uneven hips- Checked! Next: lipo on the arms and legs, and reduce the size of hips, BUT still keeping the guitar shaped body! Follow my review for those here: http://www.realself.com/review/los-angeles-ca-liposuction-lipo-arms-legs-including-knees-calves . I'm hoping to have it done with the same Dr. that did my boobs http://www.realself.com/review/beverly-hills-ca-breast-augmentation-new-boobies-christmas-gift-from . I am really pleased and aware of how lucky I've been with my two doctors. Both Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Minniti have done wonders on me!..I owe you pictures, I know. Will try to update those soon.

2 months Post op with pictures!

Hey gals. I'm almost at my 3 month mark. Here I included my before and after. I'm really shocked how much of a change I have on my front and back view. I've definitely been contoured! I'm not so thrilled about the sides though. I still feel I look flat. Don't see the nice 'S' curvature yet. I've read at some blogs this is normal though. The fluffing actually appears later on (4-6months?) anyways. Just wanted to update :)

2 years post op BBL with Dr. Ghurani

Looking at my before and after is like looking a child becoming a young adult. I am so happy and grateful for having this procedure done and getting such amazing results. Dr. Ghurani has blessed hands. The first few months your body will turn into odd shapes, and there will be days and even weeks you wake up and are like: Oh God, Did I make a mistake? Trust the process and let the body heal. On months 1-5 my butt was SO tight and bubble like. It didn't have the slope shape I now carry today. I was worried my slope was never gonna come through. Six months in I started seeing results. Year 1 post op you will be grateful for your patience.

Throughout this whole time, I've actually lost 32 lbs (Pre OP 160 lbs. Today: 132). The body has shrunk proportionally and I am very happy about it. The lipo looks amazing. The massages helped getting rid of the knots and now that I've lost weight, my stomach looks as normal as a non-lipo kind. Get the massages as soon as you are allowed to and do the most you can. Add the massage cost as part of the surgery. Those are a MUST because it will greatly affect your results. I got 10 done and I would have done more (15-20) had I haven't been such a cry baby with the pain.

About two months ago I started doodling on the idea of getting round 2. Dr. Ghurani improved me 100% and he did miracles. The improvements I want have nothing to do with being unsatisfied. I am actually so impressed by Dr. Ghurani's work that I know Round 2 will be the icing on the cake. Here's what I want: fill up the holes on the sides of my hips. I want them round so I can have that frontal hourglass body. On the back, I also want to fill the sides more, so the butt becomes a heart shape. If you see on my pre-op, my butt was very long and rectangular. Dr Ghurani had to actually move my waist down and do all kinds of magic to make my butt be more round. There was no way on round 1 to go from rectangle to heart shape. I think now we are able to do so. Currently, my left cheek is rectangular, so it would be nice to make it look more round as well. I feel round two would be more about details. Not really looking to increase size, I'm all about molding now. Regardless, even if I never do round 2, I am incredibly happy with my body results!

Things to buy before surgery: I went so overboard for this surgery! haha, I was in such panic mode for no reason at all. Honestly, all you need are protective sheets for the bed, your meds, a non-slip rug for the shower ( the last thing you need is to fall back on your butt lol) wet wipes and IRON. Definitely, spend the extra money on hiring a massage therapist and please stay 3 weeks in town (I stayed a month). A really nice to have is the inflatable bed. I was able to just nap the whole time and be comfortable while in the car. Please have someone with you as well who can cook and be patient and take care of you. I would never recommend being alone for this type of surgery.

I recommend Dr. Ghurani with eyes closed. He is amazing. I definitely see myself coming back for the tweaks, but I really have no urgency. After this surgery, I now turn heads wherever I go, and so will you! Take the leap and do it. You will be so glad you did!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ghurani and Thania (his assistant) have been amazing to me. They are very attentive and caring. I picked him because of the great costumer service, location near airport, great price, and GREAT RESULTS! it is a win-win any way I see it. I must say, the selling point was how attentive he and his staff are. I tend to do business with others if I feel they care enough about me. They have far exceeded my expectations. This update was written on October 2016, almost 2 years from my surgery (Dec 2014). Extremely grateful to Dr. Ghurani.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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