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Hey beauties.! This is my first post. I contacted...

Hey beauties.!

This is my first post. I contacted Vanity Cosmetics yesterday via Real Self. They called me back first thing this morning.! I spoke to Ana, she was cool. Was told to email her some pics of my body and my wish pics. Which I did. She called me bak about 2 hours later with recommendations from Dr. Fisher.

Here is an insert from my email: "I am 25 years old, 5'10, and about 148-150 lbs (last weighed on 2/3/14 at 146lbs). I have had no pregnancies. And my hemoglobin was 11.9 on 2/3/14 (Which I am trying to raise in preparation for Sx.)"

Y'all, she called me back. Said the Dr. stated that I am a perfect candidate for the BBL and I have the ideal body for my wished projection and roundness.!!!! Feels good to know! lol I also asked if it were possible for hm to slim my waist. (I plan to start waist training, but if he's gonna be taking pieces of me, he might as well sculpt me like a god..!!! lol) Was told that because of the natural curve of my body he will be able to give me a very small waist.

Can you say feeling myself.! lol. Paying my 1000$ down payment soon. Was told an additional 2000$ was needed for the Recovery stay, medication, nurse, driver, medication and garments. My husband thinks its best to pay the full 7000$ vs trying to get a hotel for 7 days, cabs, etc.

Ill keep yall posted. Aiming for September.
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