20 Years Old, No Kids (TT, BBL, and Lipo)

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After about 2 years of thinking about it, I am...

After about 2 years of thinking about it, I am finally doing this. I am 20 years old, 5'5", and 246 lbs. I know I am overweight and I am working on losing it. Although, if I can not get to the weight recommended by the doctor, I will not be going.

The procedures I had in mind were TT, Lipo, BBL, and BA/BL. The doctor I chose said that would be too much though, so I was only approved for a TT, Lipo, and BBL. I will keep you guys updated on my weight loss and such until the day :D.

Thinking about Cabral?

Right now, I have sent my deposit to Robles and have secured a date. Although, All these girls going to Cabral got me thinking about going to him instead, lol. So, I got in contact with him and he said I need to lose 40 lbs before he can give me a quote. Bleh :/. I will definitely be contacting him once I am at the weight Robles recommended. I am also thinking about uploading my pics now, and then uploading them as my weight loss progresses....

Weigh-In Update

I am 241 lbs now. So, I am 10 lbs down from 251 lbs and 5 lbs down from 246 lbs ( when I started the review). I gotta amp it up!

Wish Pics...

I wanted to refrain from looking at wish pics until I lost some more weight, but Ive found some anyways, lol. I have four girls that I definantely want to look like. Any one of them is good. Ciera Rogers, Nekisha Taneil, realself user littledollie, and realself user TT.BBL809!!!

Even in light of the saddening news and reviews...

I am still going to DR. I know it's risky and still scary, but I can tell you that even the best hospitals aren't up to par sometimes. My mother is a military nurse and can tell me about all the horror stories that happen in her hospital and she works in one of the best military hospitals in the U.S.

However I will say that if you aren't at all comfortable with what the person performing the surgery, if you are not comfortable with where you are getting the surgery, or you are not comfortable with the idea of getting surgery then surgery is not for you. You should be comfortable asking your doctor questions before and after your surgery. Please do not take this lightly.

:/ Weight gain...

So, I had a weight gain week. School stressed me out between choosing a different major and wanting to pursue something completely different. The choices I make will greatly affect my future. The thought scared me a bit and I ended up binge eating. So, I am at 251 lbs again :/. the reason I gain weight so fast is because I have PCOS and insulin resistance. So, if I eat things like sugars and processed carbs my hormones go out of wack and it makes storing fat so much easier. It sucks too, because PCOS effects the way my body looks like. Male pattern baldness ( head hair), male pattern obesity ( apple shape) , male pattern hair growth( stache, beard, etc).... The more weight I lose though hopefully these symptoms will go away.

Also, thank you lovely ladies for rooting me on. Your messages make me smile and keep me going when I work out. I'll probably upload some pics and give you guys another update about a week from now. I have a test and a lot of hw. College sucks :/.

Half naked in these pics....

These are me at 251 lbs. I am between 5'4" and 5'5". My boobies are saggy, my tummy is huge, and my booty is flat :/. I should not look this way at 20 years old.


Excuse the undies lol. I know they are way too big.

Postponing my surgery

I can probably make weight by July, but it will honestly compromise my health, because you can lose too much weight in a short period of time. That can put stress on your heart :/. I will try and go around September/ November area. I will still continue to update often with weight loss updates and possibly other doctor choices.

School :/...

Something terrible just happened and now I don't think I will be able to pass the class I am taking. I am stressed to the max. I am definitely going to have to move my date back. I swear I am not meant for school. If anything bad can happen ( in school), it will. I don't know what I am going to do. I don't know whether to drop it or to try and push on.

:/ Stress eating...

I am definiately not passing that class. :( I also found out that not passing the class might be me on academic dismissal. I'm really scared and I am stressed out :(. My friend says I should take a break and focus on things that I wanted to do that I couldn't do because I was in school. I don't know though :(. I'll keep you guys posted on my situation.

Good News... kind of ?

So, right now that class I was taking is just not the business :(. Thankfully, my mother is understanding and gave me some options to take. I will most likely be taking the semester off. I am debating between pushing my surgery to October or November or December. Either way, I am going to do this year. I will be booking Robles again, but I will still hold out for Cabral or Duran. My weight has gone up instead of down though :(. I am going to the doctor for some metformin pills, because it's just not working out.

Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments and messages. :D Y'all are so nice! Happy Mother's Day Also!!!

Petty Women

On another note, I have never seen so many grown women who cannot behave like adults. Someone is always fighting over some stupid stuff and one person tends to take it way too far. This is a forum for women and men to gather and exchange their experiences about their surgery.

Chill and relax. I can gurantee nobody is jealous of you or is trying to "call you out". I can gurantee that those who are being rude to you are nothing more than trolls. Do not let these people ruin your day. On the opposite side though, there are ways of communicating thoughts without being an ass. It's one thing to have a strong and firm opinion. It's another to be an asshole.

I might switch my surgeries????

I might just try and lose all my weight and then get a mommy makeover instead of a BBL? Like get my tummy tuck, thigh lift, and breast reduced and lifted? I could always try weight lifting for the booty.

If I do through with this plan though, I may not go with robles. Her boobs don't look super awesome to me. What do y'all think?

Good News and Bad News!!!!

Good News: I passed my class! I passed with a high B :D. Thank you for all your encouraing words! I'm so happy.

Bad News: I have gained 15 lbs :/. I'm going to the doctor soon to talk about this weigh gain. I really have to postpone my surgery. Although, I believe I am back to trying to get a TT, Lipo, and BBL. I might try and add a thigh lift into it. So, I might not go to Robles. It depends.

Thank you so much for commenting on my profile/review! I will be doing better to update it.


I heard from other RS users that he has been arrested and that he is now out on bail? I have no idea how true this is and I was wondering if any of you ladies/gentlemen can comfrim, because I cannot seem to find the article everyone is talking about.

Sorry, I haven't updated....

A lot of things ended up happening that I didn't anticipate...

1. My computer crapped out, but now it's back.

2. My mom's side of the family moved in and now we don't really get along and it's really stressing me out.

3. I gained more weight :/. It's really my fault though, because I wasn't tracking what I was eating and exercising like I am suppose to. Tomorrow, I'm going hardcore though. This isn't even about looks anymore, but health. I am starting a new diet and exercise regiment.

As far surgeries, I am debating between a thigh lift, breast reduction, and tummy tuck OR a tummy tuck, lipo, and BBL. I am pretty sure I will do the tummy tuck, lipo, and BBL at this point though. If I can though, I am going to try and throw in a thigh lift... That's why I have to be as healthy as possible.

That's all I really have to report for now. I will be back in a 3-5 days to update again :D. Good luck to those going into surgery!!!! You'll all be in my prayers :D.

Is anyone else deathly afraid of flying like I am?

I am so afraid of flying that I was looking at doctors around Mexico, so I wouldn't have to fly. Either way, the doctors there don't give the type of booty that I want. They also don't give long lasting results... So it looks like imma take my scary self on a plane to DR. :/ I am terrified that is like half a day on a plane ugh.

Which doctor's can give you what you want....

Based on the reviews that I have been reading, here is what I have learned.

If you want a big butt and aggressive lipo, here are your people: Cabral, Contreras, and Duran.

If you want a small waist: Cabral, Contreras, Duran, and Yily.

Keep in mind that these people have all had at least one death on their hands.

People with clean records, but do not do aggressive lipo nor big butts: Robles, Diaz, and Baez.

Deelish and Miracle Watts...

Both of them out here are making me want a nose job. I've never liked my nose and I feel like when the fat in my face leaves, then I would absolutely hate it...

Friends tried to talk me out of it...

My friends ( all but one) have decided to sit down and talk to me about the bbl. They told me I shoudn't wanna look like that. This was a while back when I was like maybe I should just get a breast lift...

You know what though? I do wanna look like that :). BBL + Lipo + TT is back on :D.

As for weight loss updates, I am now 275 lbs :/. I went to the hospital and they want to check my thyroid. I'll update again in about a week when I start my new medicine they gave me.

Photoshopped Wish Pics

Please be careful with your wish pics ladies. Don't stress yourselves out over women who literally do not exist ( with or without plastic surgery). Please don't take it bad when doctors tell you they can't recreate something that has been made with photoshop. Don't go on a wild goose chase for doctors who will lie to you and say that can recreate something they cannot.

Non-Surgery Related...

Do you ever feel like that friend that is always answering phone calls and text, but as soon as you need to call/text someone nobody is there??? I think I am going to stop answering calls and texts for a while....

It's been a while...

It's been a while. Sorry about that. I've been flip flopping on the surgery. I guess I came to the realization that the body shape these doctors are giving out aren't what I need in order to get into the sort of business that I want. Maybe, I'll go for a tummy tuck, some lipo, and breast lift instead tbh.

Also, as for the weight update as of right now I am 274.0 lbs. I have gained weight due to not working out and not eating right. I am hoping back on the train though. I did take PhenomenalEbonyWoman's advice and I am going to try phentermine again. Maybe it'll be different this time? Any who, what's good with y'all???

Also, I had my Birthday!!!

I am now 21 :).

Lost Weight, but feel awful!

Hey, guy! I am 267.0 lbs as of now. I am losing weight taking those pills, but I feel awful. Not bad enough to get off of them ( my mother is a nurse ), but bad enough to feel bad... if that makes sense? I'm going to keep taking them though, because I am getting very desperate. I need to lose this weight. Starting tomorrow, I will also be doing low carb ( because of my pcos).

As for when I am doing the surgery, I have no idea. It's all on when I lose the weight and when my mom has the money. I am thinking about maybe Summer 2015.

Am I the only one who can't search?

I can't search things? Like it'll take me to the page, but there is nothing there? :(

Update :)

Things are going ok. I am stressed right now due to a family situation, but I'm working on making it ok? I think.... Anyways, I got off track with my diet, but I am restart tomorrow. I am sitting at 265 lbs which is less than when I checked in a while back. Just thought I would give y'all an update. :D How are y'all?

Still working on losing weight + more stress :/

Stressed to the max guys :/. I'm still working on losing weight though. I gained a lot of weight over the break, but am back on track :). I a at 260 lbs after being at a whopping 273. I am also rethinking the fat transfer??? I don't know. I was looking at it and all these thoughts starting coming into my head like...
I might just stick with a body lift instead???


Hey guys, update here. I moved with my mom and we have been living in a hotel room :(. It's not impossible to uphold a diet in this situation, but it's hard as I don't know what. Soon we are moving into a house that my mother found though, then I will restart my diet. As for what I weight right now, I do not know :/. I don't have any of my stuff, but I am sure I have gained weight. I also think my insulin resistance has turned into diabetes .... Life sucks right now, but it can get better if I work at it. Hope everyone else is doing good.

Still Fat :/

Hey y'all. Sorry for not updating for so long. I'm still fat. I have made little progress and it's getting frustrating at this point. I haven't weighed myself out of fear :(. I am thinking I am around 275 lbs tho. My PCOS symptoms are gettin worse :/. My (facial) hair growth is spinning out of control. If anyone has any solutions, I am open to hearing it.

I am also debating WLS (weight loss surgery). I'm scared though.
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