32, 3 Children, Full Tummy Tuck/liposuction

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Well I'm 32 a mother of three beautiful girls ages...

Well I'm 32 a mother of three beautiful girls ages 15,13,8. I will be travelling to Guadalajara,Mex. I'm meeting a PS who was referred to me by a long time family friend who is a general medicine/surgeon/homeopathic doctor. I totally trust his judgment. I've been reading as much reviews/info about the procedure. I've had three C-sections and am very unhappy with my bulging belly. Igo to the gym on regular basis and eat healthy. As you ladies know,no exercise can get rid of that excess skin. The reason why my surgery will be inexpensive is for the same reason that our family friend (Dr.Ortega) has referred me as a family member and so the PS reduced the cost from $68,000 Mxn Pesos to $48,000. This will include lipo on my back,thighs,hips and of course a full tummy tuck. After surgery I'll stay at Dr.Ortega's home to recover (I'm so thankful he's willing to help me out,BTW my dad and sis are coming along.My dad is going to twice a yr to get treatment for his prostate..) Anyhow back to me LOL i haven't bought my ticket back home,I plan to stay in Guadalajara,Mx. for two weeks but just in case I need to stay longer. My husband will be staying home to watch over our girls while I'm gone. Well I'm anxious,exited,and scared I hope that everything will turn out ok.


HEY ladies, so I'm 15 days away from surgery. Ice spoken to my doctor and since the surgery is out odd the country, they can't do a pre op because of the US laws and liability. I do understand, guess I'll just have to do that once I'm in Guadalajara. Though after speaking to my primary doctor, she says she advices me not to do it. Because of the risks and she straight out said what i knew but still shook me up....I CAN DIE. It's nerve wrecking hearing it from her. I've been wanting this for so long. I'm feeling a bit down also cause my husband is working out of town and comes back in two weeks.
Dr.Luis Miguel Solís Larios

I misspelled the doctors name it's Luis Miguel Salinas Larios

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