WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Too Many Issues with These. Quite Unhappy

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I had a replacement tooth from an accident when I...

I had a replacement tooth from an accident when I was a child and it never matched my other teeth. Years of smoking discolored my other teeth so I finally (begrudgingly actually) decided on these things. The one that was placed on my "fake" tooth, fell off only 2 days after it was put on. 2 months later, they hurt, I can tell they have shifted and they are very annoying. They feel heavy and I can tell there is something on them. I have the feeling like when I had braces, "I can't wait to get these things off!" I keep waiting for another one to fall out so I don't smile like I should or DID before these things. My teeth had to be shaved too so I can't just hope they all fall out or get them removed. I've made numerous bad decisions in my life but this one is in the top 3.
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