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Reading all these real life experiences has really...

Reading all these real life experiences has really given me the confidence to finally initiate my rhinoplasty journey. All the posts have been so helpful as well as the feedback given by other people who are all going through the same thing. I have always been self conscious of my nose and my profile in particular. I have quite a small face and feautures and my over projected nose just does not match. Im so sick of havig to worry about my nose in every photo I have taken of me and am so jeaous of my friends who have small delicate noses that perfectly complement their faces.

People I have told about my plans for surgery have told me that I am being sillyby worrying about nothing and that my nose suits me just fine but I cant see it. I am completely doing this for my own confidence and not for anyone else.

I had my first consultation with my surgeon a few days ago. I know everyone says to see as many surgeons as possible but I think if i go through with the procedure I will stay with him. He has great reviews, is very well qualified with a special interest in rhinoiplasty and overall I felt really comfortable and at ease with him when I was expecting to feel intimidated and overwhelmed. During the consultation, he generated some images for me which I was really happy with. He smoothed out my bump, shortend my nose a little and made it less projected. The frontal view will be more or less similiar. I have spent ages analysing the manipulated image and am starting to think the proposed changes are too conservative and I might want my nose a bit smaller and even less projected. ??

If I decide to go thorugh with the surgery, it will be sometime in January. I want this so much but my fear is just holding me back. It is such a huge and permanent life changing decision. If it goes right, I am positive I will feel soo much better about myself. But what if I am unhappy with the result? How devesatiting would that be. I know I will regret not doing it anyway so I am about 80% leaning towards doing the surgery.

Ok so I had a second consult with another surgeon...

Ok so I had a second consult with another surgeon in my area I saw on this website. Turns out i got a free consult (usually $200) by mentioning the site-thanks realself!!

I've spent quite some time analysing the images the surgeon generated for me and quite like them. I really just need some reassurance that they are natural looking sooo what do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Had a second consult today with my surgeon and...

Had a second consult today with my surgeon and have fully booked in for Feb 4th and paid the deposit! No looking back now. Such a big step and one that I cannot believe is actually happening! I really hope I like the outcome. I'm getting nervous just thinking about it but at the same time very excited :)

One week to go!! soo excited but getting quite...

one week to go!! soo excited but getting quite anxious as the day draws closer..

The day is here! wish me luck, leaving shortly :)

the day is here! wish me luck, leaving shortly :)

Thanks for the support guys. Well its done. And I...

Thanks for the support guys. Well its done. And I have to say I am having a really hard time with the recovery. Having to breathe solely through my mouth is really getting to me and I am feeling a little claustrophobic with the cast on and not being able to breathe properly.

Its been about 24 hours since the surgery. I tried to have some lunch today and a little while after started feeling nauseous and have been vomiting quite a bit, making my dry throat even more sore.

The worst part for me is waiting around. I can barely sleep and am quite listless. I keep telling myself that the end result will be worth it, and that its only going to get better from here but am having a hard time. If only I could fast forwad to a week from now!!

On the plus side I dont have much bruising. I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to all you who have been so supportive. Even though I am feeling quite miserable its helpful knowing that you have all gone through the same thing and come out the other side ok!

Seems like you have all had much smoother recoveries so far than I have. I dont know how some people managed to leave the hospital shortly after the procedure. I needed to stay a night and thank god I did. The nurses were so helpful, there is no way I would have managed on my own!

So day 2 has been a little better than yesterday....

So day 2 has been a little better than yesterday. Have not felt too nauseous today and managed to hold down some food.

I slept quite well overnight thanks to the painkiller which has the added bonus of knocking me out!

I dont really have any bruising however my eyes are quite swollen, making it difficult to see clearly and concentrate on reading text for more than a few minutes. Hopefully I will continue on this path and will be feeling more energised tomorrow!

Just had a quick peak at my nostrils- did anyone...

Just had a quick peak at my nostrils- did anyone else have really assymetrical ones? I know its so soon after the surgery and lots will change but at the moment I have a piggy nose and two very differnent shaped/size nostrils!!

Up to day 5 and am feeling sooo much better!...

Up to day 5 and am feeling sooo much better! Physically I feel fantastic and have the energy to carry out a normal day, its just my face that is stopping me. I havent had any bruising throughout this whole process and the only major swelling has been around my jaw line and my lips which is diminishing by the day. Still cant breathe through my nose, but I have gotten used to it and have learnt to just keep sipping water through the day to keep my throat nice and moist.

I definitely feel that this is more a mentally tough process rather than a physical challenge. Being cooped up for a week can make time seem to pass very slowly as well as feeling restless all the time. Doesn't help that I am usually quite an active person either.

My cast is to come off in two days which is making me feel excited and apprehensive. It just feels great that the hardest part is now over! I will put a few pics up later for you guys.
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