Alar Graft, Hump Removed, Nostrils Made Narrower and Nose Shortened

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Hello, I had rhinoplasty on 22nd Oct 09, had hump...

Hello, I had rhinoplasty on 22nd Oct 09, had hump removed and nostrils made narrower, nose also slightly shortened in length.

My notes say that I had a graft to fill in a dent in the right alar using cartilage. I assume the dent appeared during/because of surgery. There was certainly no dent before. Unfortunately the graft is not only very visible on the outside (appears on curve of nostril by the bridge) it also obstructs my nasal passage by about 90% making breathing very difficult. I am 43 and have never suffered breathing problems before this.

My surgeon fobbed me off at my post surgery consult saying oh yes i had noticed, see me in 6 months. I am unhappy not only about the blockage inside but also how ugly and visible it is from the outside. The nostril opening is also uneven compared to the left nostril and general unevenness of tip give the appearance of the nose curving.

Unhappy with attitude of surgeon. Very uncommunicative. Consultation very rushed. He was not prepared to listen to me properly. He made my nostrils too small. My front profile is much worse post op.

Will the graft eventually become invisible from the outside? Will it reduce on the inside to allow for proper breathing? Many Thanks for your advice.
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still undecided.

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