Nipple on the Right Hand Side Still Prominent Through Clothing After Surgery

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Pro's - One side is perfectCon's - Other side...

Pro's - One side is perfect

Con's - Other side still has a the problem

Why I did it - 1.Self esteem problems 2.Comments received by others 3.So I could stand up straight and do not have to hunch in an attempt to hide the problem 4.Going to the beach/swimming

I had gynocomastia and liposuction surgery on my chest four months ago. My left hand side now looks absolutely perfect, although my right hand side does not seem to have had such good results. While my left side is completely flat and the nipple sits totally flush on my chest the right hand side nipple still pertrudes/hangs a bit.

I basically had the surgery as you could always see my nipples through my clothes which makes me constantly hunch to try and hide it. My right hand side nipple still sticks out and is really prominent though my clothes. I pretty disappointed and it feels like a case of "so near but yet so far" as I was hoping that by now, I could have put this problem behind me.

I was not an over weight person when I had the surgery, nor am I now. I am six foot and weigh 12.3 stone. I exercise four times a week (each session is about an hour and twenty minutes lifting weights and doing body weight exercises followed by 30 minutes on the exedrcise bike with out fail). I am one of the most active people I know and eat very healthily as well.

The muscle on the right hand side of my chest is a bit bigger than the left, but I am adamant that this is not the cause of the problem. The reason being that the nipple on the left hand side of my chest is so flat on the muscle, it would not matter how much the muscle behind it grew, the nipple would still remain flush against the muscle/skin.

Can any one provide me with any insight of advice. I am thinking about it a lot and it worries me. I paid a lot of money to banish this problem. I basically feel that unless the right side is flat, then the left side being flat does not matter as I still spend most of my time in public trying to cover and hide it and feeling embarrased. Thank you
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Right hand side of area operated on still problematic

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