Lipoma Removal Op Was Odd Experience but Totally Worth It

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I spent ten years of my life looking like i had u...

i spent ten years of my life looking like i had u hunch back! i had a large lipoma on the back of my neck and from the side i looked like i was permently slouching.

i had this surgical removed under local anethestic which was somewhat uncomfortable however after the op and the swelling had settled (3-4 weeks after) my neck is flat and normal! i have a small pink scar bout an inch and half long which has still to fade as i only had this done 6 weeks ago!

i'm 23 an had lived with this 'hump'for ten years all throughout my teens so was hugely relieved to look in the mirror an finally see a normal reflection. my neck is flat an i will eventually have a small think white scar. the pros outweighed the cons for me and i do not regret it.

hartlepool university hospital uk

very professional and reassuring as i was nervous

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