Anyone Had Good Results for a Brazilian Butt Lift in the UK?

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Hi, I'm seriously considering having this done in...


I'm seriously considering having this done in the near future. I'm currently living in London and would prefer to have it done here, if not then somewhere not too far. I noticed there is only an odd few places that do it and not many reviews about them.

So please anyone who has had this procedure done in the UK how did it go? :)

Has Anyone Had a Fat Transfer/bbl with Centre for Surgery or London Lipo Institute

Still researching hard into where I can get a decent bbl done in London or even the UK! I really don't want to travel abroad. I don't understand how the uk surgeons haven't picked up on this demand and become the Uk's BBL expert! Any how point of my post is I stumbled upon two places in London that offer bbl, but not many before & after pics and can't find many reviews. I'm hoping someone has had a bbl with either centre for surgery or London lipo institute? I noticed a blog on the London lipo institute that said they charge £3800. Hmmmm

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