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I am Indian women,i applied GA on my face (30%)and...

I am Indian women,i applied GA on my face (30%)and my skin just started glowing. i did the same on my underrms, I have dark UA since i became mum.I have tried many things and i can say they faded lot but not to my natural skin colour though.First application was left over night and i felt soreness next day in my UAbut then i could see fading in after a week i did second appliction,this time no tingling sensation nothing was experienced. Next day was not sore but my skin peeled. My skin looks darker thn it was after a week of second application. I can see the shine n feel smothness but looks daker than normally it is.

I want to know if this will settle down n my skin my look better than it was? atleast i hope so. i have decided not to leave overnight now as i had enough of peel.I just want it to fade that discolouration.I am not panic about the darkening now as i am sure it will work right after few days but still queries to know

For information- my face skin never had any prolem. I just experimented GA on it (left for only 10min on skin).I am happy with my facil skin ,just this UA bothers me a lot.Also i have fair to medium skin colour.

Any advise is appecited.

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Is worth with proper use. Need to wait to see actual result.

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