Vaser Lipo on Upper/lower Abs and Flanks - Price in and GBP - United Kingdom, GB

After many hours of researching the procedure, my...

After many hours of researching the procedure, my surgeon and the before & after pics (mainly on real self), I am 99% sure I'm going ahead with the procedure.
Growing up I was a skinny child, but even then I was never defined around my stomach. I have detested my belly button for as long as I can remember. As I've got older it has escalated to more of an obsession - it is constantly on my mind. I am so unhappy with the stubborn fat around my stomach and flanks. I dropped from 11st7 to 9st3 a few years ago (currently at 10st 7) (I am 5"8 so in normal BMI) but even at my lowest, although my frame shrank my stomach unfortunately didn't. As materialistic as it sounds, I find beautiful dresses that will look lovely, If it wasn't for my stomach/silhouette. I feel like it is holding me back from life..... I cancel nights out and hide behind baggy clothes. I have zero confidence in going out on dates (I have been single for nearly 6 years.... Which I believe this Hangul plays a massive part.... I just don't feel worthy). I have contemplated surgery for 3 years but could never justify the cost, but after yet another summer of hiding in baggy black t-shirts/stretchy pants and cancelling yet another social event, I decided I 'can' justify it and start living my life... I know this may sound like madness to some people but this issue I have has such a huge grip on my life and has done for many years.
I will post before pictures at some point, once i get the confidence to put myself out there.
I've got my appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday and looking at 7 sept for my surgery all being well.... Wish me luck. I will keep you updated x

Met with my surgeon

I've just got home from the first meeting with my surgeon. He was lovely. He got me to lift my top up to have a look at what he's working with! He said I'm perfect for the procedure and put my mind at ease after answering my questions.

He went through some before and after pics of his previous patients, mainly on a girl who he worked with a few months ago that had a similar shape to mine. I was so impressed with her results!

He seems very passionate about what he does and is proud of the results he's achieved (and rightly so). He's graded me a Band C for 2 hrs and ensured I will be wearing a bikini this time next year ;)

I'm phoning my coordinator tomorrow to schedule my surgery date!! Very excited. Still hoping for 7th September slot all being well....

Until next time..... x

Deposit paid and all set for 7 sept

So after meeting my surgeon last night, I decided to take the plunge and book in this morning. Exactly 4 weeks today to go, I feel like a child waiting for Christmas Day now!

When I got off the phone to my lovely coordinator this morning, I felt a huge wave of excitement and then worry and then guilt, then excited again! These emotions have been in full swing, switching dramatically from one to the other all day. I haven't ever spent this amount of money on myself but after speaking with my mum and best friend (the only people who know about this), they said they know this hangup has been holding me back on so much so it is more than justifiable..... And I work bloody hard and long hours in my job so it's my money to spend! Their support has helped so much!! Has anyone else gone through these mixed emotions of guilt?

Anyway, after putting it all into perspective - I know I have made the right decision. I am unbelievably excited now, just with a tiny hint of anxiousness, not about the pain etc, I just really hope I get the results and finally have the stomach ive always wanted!

Op date to be put back :(

Just got the call from my Nurse who undertook my tests at pre-op. She's told me I have tested positive for MRSA in one of my swabs. I instantly felt dirty and wondered what it actually was (I have never researched it before so didnt know much about it). It turns out everyone has it but it's just active in me at the moment. So I have to start a 1 week course of antibiotics, then once that is complete I have to go to the surgery to provide swabs every week for a minimum of 3 weeks until they will operate on me. I am so upset right now but it could be worse I suppose, my surgery is still going ahead but it is just a matter of when??. I will put my positive head back on tomorrow but tonight will be spent feeling very sorry for myself.

New date in the diary

So my nurse phoned me up last week a couple of days after doing another swab and my results are negative ;))))!! Just another 2 more weekly swabs to do before I get the all clear. I've provisionally hot the next available date in the diary for 5 October! Fingers crossed there are no more bumps in the road along the way

2nd Negative Result :)

Just got a text from the Nurse (she prefers to text in working hours to save me the embarrasment of talking about MRSA in front of the MD) - anyway, my second swab test for MRSA has come back negative. Just one more swab to go before I get the all clear for surgery in 3 weeks :))))) Bring it on!!!

Before pics

I've been plucking up the courage to add some before pictures on since I joined 6/7 weeks ago now. I don't think I'll be brave enough to add bare-flesh photos until I have had my surgery and can show you all my results, but here are some in a dress I bought about 18 months ago that I hope to be wearing in public by Christmas :) as you can see I have stubborn and out of proportion shape in my stomach and flanks! I'll be sure to take some in the same dress in a few weeks time!

Third test results - all clear for surgery!

I am so happy! Just had my third clear test result so I am 100% on for 5 October. I can actually relax and allow myself to get excited now!
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