Rhino on May 28th -- an amazingly boring review!

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So, hello everybody! Or, whoever is reading this...

So, hello everybody! Or, whoever is reading this anyway.:)
First of all, allow me to introduce myself:
I am Indre, 18 year old Lithuanian girl, living in the UK. 

Just like many others, I've been unhappy with my nose for years. I had the amazing opportunity to find out what it's like to be bullied, hated, laughed at, as well as experience depression, insecurity and anxiety, and plenty of other lovely things associated with unhappiness of your own looks. I first noticed my nose at the age of 12, when the bump started forming. Although I was quite clueless about why or what I was doing, I started turning my head sideways, using high exposure to make my face look smooth and hide the nose all together. It completely destroyed any of the confidence I had, made me lock myself in in my room for days and sit there devoid of any contact, except for the virtual one. It was bad enough to lead me to suicide thoughts and even attempts. At the age of 16, I first had the idea of getting rhinoplasty done, but seeing as I was quite young, it didn't become anything more than an idea. 

But here I am, two years later, full of doubts, as well as determination. Well, kind of.
I went back to Lithuania and will see a surgeon here. Seeing that the amount of reviews is nothing compared to ones American/English/etc. doctors get, I am a bit uneasy, but my consultation is on 22nd of May, so I have gathered plenty of advice, specifically from this site, which I intend to use. I've prepared lots of questions to ask as well as things I should look out for. 

So, more about my "little" problem... I have a medium-sized bump, I can sometimes even feel pressure on it... scary! My biggest dislike is definitely my profile view, as it makes me look angry, which tends to scare people off. I'm not entirely sure if I am dreaming, but it seems that my tip droops slightly when I smile. Also, my nose is quite long, and that creates a very neat effect of it hanging low when I bow my head even slightly.:)
I am not seeking perfection, whatsoever, any result would probably be better than what I have now. Generally I am thinking of getting the bump removed, nose shortened, and perhaps see what could be done about the tip. Those are my rough guidelines. I have yet to see what I can really expect, during the consultation. So far so good haha.

I have put a lot of effort into researching this subject, so I know what fun times are ahead of me if I do go with it. I have Summer holiday, so I suppose I will be safely laying on bed and enjoying the weird experience.

Well, anyway. I believe I will update this review after my initial consultation, perhaps before the surgery, heh, we'll see! 

Thank you for taking your time to read whatever the heck I just wrote here. I am open to any advice, suggestions, comments, questions, anything! I'll attach my "before" photos, which I had taken for this matter.
Good luck everyone!(:

Now we play the waiting game.

Hello once again. :)
I'm a little late to update, but at least I have something to say haha.
So, I had my consultation on 22nd of May. And it went surprisingly well. I really liked the atmosphere in the whole clinic - both outside and inside look marvelous! The staff was friendly and helpful, the place was warm and cozy. It definitely left me a good impression, at least I Know what I'll be paying for. Anyway.
The surgeon I chose is well known here in Lithuania. He's been involved in charity projects, TV shows that help people, etc. As expected, there wasn't a huge amount of reviews, since plastic surgery is not fully accepted as normal here, yet. I managed to find out about his experience (surgeon since 1992), so that definitely put me at ease. All I had left was to find out what he's like in person...
... and I was not disappointed. :) I prepared a bunch of questions, both surgery related and about his other work, etc. He answered them calmly, and cleared any slight doubts I had. He was not pushy, or overly friendly. More like calm and professional. haha.
I found out that the open approach is the one that will be used. He explained be where the incisions are done, and other details. I wasn't entirely sure if my initial expectations were realistic (shorter nose, without the hump), but he said that's what he will do. He did mention that my nose still look slightly out of proportion due to my short chin, but that's okay. I can possibly look into it somewhere in the future.:D
The surgery will last ~1.5 hours, and I will be kept there for 3 hours. I'll also be given pain/nausea medication to carry home, so that's a huge relief! I'll also be required not to drink/eat 8 hours before the surgery, but that's nothing I cannot handle. :)
Yesterday, May 23rd, I got my blood tests done. It was a general and clotting test. Had to complete a medical history questionnaire. While doing so, the surgeon came in to check on me, which was a minor detail, but it made me happy.:D
All I have left now is to buy myself a travel pillow and some PJ pants. Yay xD
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any advice, especially regarding things I should get for the recovery. I do have a short list, but yeah. Anything would be appreciated.:)
So, thank you for reading. I will update before and after the surgery. Possibly some days afterwards, if anyone can still bother to read this.
Have a nice day!

A couple of morphs hehe

Being the boring person I am, I decided to mess around on Photoshop to give myself a rough idea of what I would look like. I made 2 versions, one with just rhinoplasty, second with a slightly longer chin. I know not to get my hopes up too high, as things can happen, but I am extremely pleased with what I see there. :)

And here it is

Why, hello again.
Not much to say, but here goes.
The day has finally come - I'll be leaving for clinic in just a couple of hours. Got my pre-op at 1pm and surgery - 2pm.
I've managed to sleep well the whole night, so fasting for 8 hours was a breeze. I've bought the rest of the supplies and food yesterday, so all I can do now is be bored.
I'm not feeling anxious, scared, excited, or anything, for that matter. Perhaps I'll be keeping those feelings for later.:) I know well what's ahead of me and I am ready to embrace it.
Just wanted to thank RealSelf-ers, who were supportive and gave me advice. A big hug to ya'll.:D
I'll post an update on how things went later on, depending on how I feel. Perhaps try to take a shot or two, to scare people off.(:
I wish I could sleep for a couple more hours, but I guess I'll have plenty of time to do so afterwards haha.
Well, I suppose that's it for now. Thank you for reading.

Done and done : D

Hello, once again!

Here I am, a few hours late and happy as ever.:D
So, here goes.:)
I had my pre-op at 1pm. I was given surgery clothes to change into as a well as pink cap. They also gave me all the documents to read and sign. I took my time to do all of these, and was just being lazy in the recovery room. I couldn't keep myself away from thinking of how funny it will be, trying to do routine things with my nose all weird and taped.:) Towards the end of the waiting period, I was visited by the surgeon, who checked up on me, a nurse and anesthesiologist. The man was very friendly, asked me some questions regarding medical history and just wished me luck.:)
A couple of minutes later, I was finally told to come in the surgery room. The music was playing in it, which made me chuckle. I laid down on the table, got hooked up to the IV by a cheerful nurse, as well as a BP monitor and some other cords attached. I started getting slightly dizzy and happy and the next thing I remember is having my name called! It was like in a dream, or even a movie - "Indre, Indre!", I could hear the voices getting louder and finally managed to open my eyes. It was hard to keep myself awake, but eventually it became better. I could hear nurses on phone, saying my brother has arrived. And then I spent some time trying to pull myself together in the post-op room.
After a bit, I got transferred to the recovery room. It started getting hot in there.:L
I still had the IV (or something) inserted for a short period of time, but the nurse came in and disconnected it. Then my brother walked in. He laughed at me, saying how he expected it to be more extreme and that I looked boring just laying there..:D The nurse came in again and took the needle out, so I asked my brother for my phone, only to receive a call from my mom right after. She said she had called the clinic, to see how I was doing, and she was told that the surgery went flawlessly! I was secretly happy to hear that haha. One thing I noticed was that I did not have tampons up my nose, which means I can breathe freely and even smell :o Was quite the surprise, as I expected something to be lodged up my nose. xD But no complaints here. Shortly, another nurse came in, gave me my pain medication, told me when to take it. They also included two packs of drip pads and some tape to hold it. Then, lastly, I was visited by the surgeon, who also said that he did everything we discussed and laughed at my brother's remark, about how it looks like nothing was done.:D Then, we started heading home.
Back home, I changed my drip pad, as my brother made me laugh and some blood came out. After having a yogurt to eat with some ice tea through the straw, I showed myself to my mom and fiance on Skype. It's funny, as they two were so worried, while I just laughed.:D I was feeling tired due to not eating that much, plus some anesthesia, so I decided it would be the best to see how sleeping works out. Despite short wake ups, I was feeling very comfortable sleeping on two pillows + U-shaped pillow. I used my hands to support my face, so that was really the only thing that hurt!:)
And here I am now, sitting on brother's laptop and writing this review. I took my drip pad off as it was a bit bloody and my nose wasn't runny... took that as an opportunity to eat some cereal and take pictures. I know well just how early it is to judge, but even with a swollen nose, the difference is quite obvious! My fiance couldn't shut up and kept repeating how amazing I look already. I could see it myself, but hearing it from him made me extremely happy.
I suppose that's it for now - I'm not yet in pain, so I suppose I'll wait for tomorrow to see all the bruising/swelling in its true form.:D The nurse warned me my eyes might be swollen shut tomorrow or the day after, but that means a chance for me to sleep even more.:3
I'd like to thank people on RealSelf, who supported me, who posted their reviews and questions, which I benefited a lot from. Only with your help did I manage to go in there without a drop of fear!!! THANK YOU!
But the biggest thanks go to my mom, who was also supportive, helped me to pay for the surgery, my brother, who let me stay in his place, despite me warning him about the possible gore. xD And lastly... my fiance, Dylan, whose immense support helped me make this decision in the first place, who didn't let me chicken out and who worried instead of me.;) I know he's reading this right now, so... Thank you, Dylan! I love you!

That's it for now.=) I took some pictures, if anyone is interested. I'll post more updates/pics as day pass, or if anything cool happens, like a massive bruise.:D
Take care, and thank you all again!

....5 days later.

Hello once again.:)
I've not updated in a little while, for there really isn't too much to say...:)
The recovery's been quite uneventful so far. Apart from seemingly slight bruising and swelling, I've been doing quite well. I can breathe through my nose, but it's a little weird, so I still torture my mouth instead. I was quite amazed by the fact that there was no pain whatsoever. I am a lazy person, so laying around in bed whole day and doing nothing is normal.
My diet currently consists more yoghurt than I'd ever wish to consume in a short period of time... as well as cereals, juice and water. Boring, indeed.:)
So, in general it's all going well, apart from one teeny tiny detail... itching! My tip is still taped, so now it's just annoying. :/ And the worst part is there's not much I can do about it. I noticed my skin got terribly oily, so I fear to think of what's going under the cast. Oh well, it's off on 5th, so that gives me something to look forward to.
I've cleaned around nostrils slightly to avoid any ugly blood crusts forming. I am quite unsure whether or not it's safe to use saline spray yet... doctor did not say anything regarding that, so I'm quite confused, but waiting for the cast to be off just to be safe.
I've been quite lucky so far, when it comes to recovery. Can say expected it to be far worse.
So, anyway, I will update again on 5th, I suppose. Take care ya'll

Cast off :)

Hello! So, a couple days ago (5th of June) I finally got my cast off as well as sutures out.
It was quite painful, and despite my best efforts, my body decided to embarrass myself by letting out a flow of tears... I'll just say they were of joy. haha
After that was done, I was given a mirror to see my new nose. :) I certainly wasn't disappointed.:D The surgeon informed me there's some scar tissue, which will subside. Said tissue forms a small bump, but if I'm honest, I wouldn't mind even if it stayed. I still look myself, only not as scary as before! He did everything we talked about, which is a shorter, straight nose, to put it straight. So, I can say I really like how it looks.:)
Now the inside... it's a bit worrying. I'm trying to stay calm about this, but currently it feels like someone is pinching my nose at the tip. While it doesn't really obstruct breathing, it's quite unpleasant. My right nostril suffers the most from this, and when I look, I can see it being not as open as the left one. I believe it might be swelling + some scar tissue, so I'll try to be patient and wait at least a month to worry.:D
Apart from this, everything's going pretty darn well! I still think I'm lucky for how little swelling/bruising I got. I still have a couple of pretty bruises, but they blend nicely with my usual dark circles under eyes.
The skin under the case has suffered and it's covered in tiny whiteheads... I'm in the process of killing them off.x)
Anyway! Again, thanks for reading. Here are some pictures I've taken today. I decided to be an idiot and put some make up on, so please don't mind the strange look.

I miss my swollen face...

Soo... I forgot. Being so busy being bored, I completely forgot I had this review thingy going. I've really no idea how long it's been already, but I don't think it matters. The whole process has been uneventful, so really not much to say. I did, however, go slightly over with my recklessness during healing. A few days after the last piece of the review was written, I went on a holiday in Texas, which happened to be enjoying ~100+ degree weather! I was expecting to look like a puffer fish, however that did not happen. I'm going to pretend I am happy about that, but looking back at pictures right after surgery, I think it would look pretty cute. Anyway. Luckily enough, there were no complications, infections of any sort or anything, for that matter. n.n So, yay to that. I did not go back to Lithuania for my 1 month review visit, as I was concentrated on sleeping, but everything is going well, so it might not be needed any longer. I am happy with the result, although different mirrors or cameras tend to deceive me. It looks very natural, although still pretty pointy, but I don't really care. I was expecting some relief with my amazing cold, however that did not happen. At least I am pretty, right? I think this is it for the moment. Some pictures to look at, and any questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading. :)

Oh, pictures.

Na na na, pictures.

And two more pictures, because I can.

I still laugh to myself at how different it looks, but I finally got around to marking it as "Worth It", because the result exceeded my expectations, I believe. I remember someone mentioning my not-so-pretty eyebrows, which I recently got done, so here's a couple of pictures with that, for a change. :)
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