49 Year Old Ex Acne Sufferer Using Ret a and Loving It. United Kingdom, GB

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In June I started to use ret a ,after reading it...

In June I started to use ret a ,after reading it could help with acne ,I have spent years using all the lotions and potions from the chemist and the drs none of it ever worked I was prescribed antibiotics which did help but as soon as I stopped taking them the acne would come back then I would be put back on them this has gone on and on for years then in June I started using tretinoine 0.1% gel I started applying every other night putting moisturizer on 20 minutes before applying the tretinoin my face did peel but I didn't let that bother me because the peeling skin would wipe away with a face wipe within 2weeks I could see the improvement in my complection now 5 months in I can't believe the difference my skin is really clean no clogged pores which used to cost me a fortune in face masks that never worked my skin is clean and clear and very smooth, and at 49 I have noticed that this stuff really do help fine lines and make skin younger looking,which to me is an added bonus, I also use a derma roller once a month I have done for the last couple of years and I think they're amazing I had some really bad scars from acne on my cheeks and they are bearly noticeable now in fact my skin is the best it has ever been I only wish I had taken photos before I started all this but I avoided cameras like the plague but I have to say I'm much more confident in myself now
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