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Just thought I would write a blog on my eyebrows. ...

Just thought I would write a blog on my eyebrows. Well I had the intial appointment and paid a deposit of £50. The consultant was very nice and put my mind at ease. I have only a think strip of natural eyebrow so thought long and hard about this proceedure. I had my first appointment and my eyebrows were drawn and measured and then the proceedure took place. I was happy with the result. Was told to wash them in special shampoo and put cream on them to which I did. Scabbing happened as does to around 90% of people who have had this proceedure. Itching and scabbing for a week. Scabs then fell off and I was left with a lighter coloured eyebrow. I was disappointed as there were no hair lines left on my skin just a light brown colour. I didn't panic as I knew in 4 weeks time I would be going back to have a top up. Well the 4 weeks arrived and I went for my top up. Was really pleased with result, but again scabbing took place, fell off and now left with same result as I did in first place! Is this right - do I have to wait for a few weeks before the "hair lines" appear?? I have tried to look on the Internet but haven't found an answer to my question. I sort of recommend it - but its a bit too early in my proceedure to say YES def go ahead and have it done..
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