The Annoyance of Having over Shoulder Boulder Holders the Size of Para-shoots - United Kingdom

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Hey all! i' am sure all of you have had a very...

Hey all! i' am sure all of you have had a very similar experience to mine. and its getting on my toot.
I am only 20 and i have been having breast problems ever since i was 12. i started developing at a young age and they became extremely noticeable when i started secondary school. by this age i was a size 34D which is outrageous for a 13 year old. what made it even worse was that they grew at an exelerated rate for the next couple of years. i went from a size 34D at 13 to 36G at the age of 15! So 4 cup sizes and a back size in 2 years which put an immense pressure on my back coursing it to curve inwards into an s shape. this has now caused me to have back, shoulder and hip pain. i was 5"6 now i'am 5"4.

When i turned 19 i thought right i have had enough of this! i'am now a 38H its gone too far so i went to the docters to apply for a breast reduction on the NHS. didn't really look at them or do many measurements and so i waited. i received a reply within 2 months saying " We are declining your application as you are technically obese and you need to get down to 10st (140 pounds)! my chest is at least 24 pounds. my breast never increased in size from weight because i was always fit before my back pain began. it gets to the point where i cant get out of bed on my own, sit down etc because of being in so much pain which has now unfortunately made gain weight dramatically.

So i am now going to get back to the doctors with a vengeance because it would be nice to have my life back. also to bungy jump without having the extreme risk of knocking myself out with my own chest.

Wish me luck!

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