Very Nervous, but Excited for After the Op! - United Kingdom, GB

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I have been suffering with large breasts since...

I have been suffering with large breasts since about the age of 15 (now aged 18). having such large breasts at such a young age and surrounded by friends with "normal" sized boobs has had a big impact on me in many areas. such as confidence issues, numerous shopping trips (underwear and overwear) ending in tears, serious back and neck pain tapping my boobs down to try and flatten them out and make them appear smaller however to no prevail and no boost in my confidence i decided to book an appointment with my gp which is where my journey began. I confided in my gp about the issues i had with my breasts. she then sent me to get a body scan which measured my bust size in order to my body and see if the proportions were wrong. The results were then sent to my house a few months later indicating that i fit the criteria for surgery. I then went to consults with a surgeon who made the final decision in whether i was deemed acceptable for the reduction. He was very helpful and cheery and went through what would happen in the surgery, possible risks such as scarring nipple loss etc, asked if i had any questions of my own then said they would be in touch about the opertation date which he predicted would be in about 6 months (this was in may). I got my operation date through the post about 3 months later saying the operation was scheduled for the 16th october (1week argh) and t0 come in for for test about a month (can't remember the date before) where i had my blood taken, blood pressure taken, a urine sample and asked numerous health related questions such as smoking and drinking habits, any allergy's.

So now just waiting on the operation date and hoping everything goes well arggh very nervous about getting put to sleep but hopefully all will be well, and after reading such wonderfull comments about the procedure i'm starting to think everything will be.
Wish me luck, and good luck to all you in getting surgery acceptance and the procedure it's self!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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