34 Yr Old BA & Uplift

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So after 8 years of dreaming, it is all suddenly...

So after 8 years of dreaming, it is all suddenly happening and fast! So much so that I have barely had time to think and I write on this site that has been a wonderful source of information.

As it stands I am 5ft 6, weigh 55kg and my measurements are waist (25") under chest (27") and I am currently around a 30B although I am so saggy that its difficult to find any bra that fits :(
I have pectus excavatum quite severe (where the chest dips) and my ribs are abit squiffy.
I also have asymmetry, basically the full works of issues!

The plan is to have a full uplift, a slight reduction in the left and then Allergan Inspira textured implants placed over the muscle. What i havent settled on is size and I am currently trying to pick between 240 moderates or 265cc full profile. I originally started out at 220cc full but have decided to go slightly bigger. I train alot and have insane pec muscles even when I do not train and my surgeon has recommended overs. I was abit worried about implant visibilty but the surgeon has reassured me that I am having relatively small implants and so shouldnt be a problem.

So now to just make that final decison on size..

T Minus 9 days
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