29 Year Old, 2 Kids, 5ft 8", Size 8, Currently 32a, 295cc Overs, Empty After Breastfeeding - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi. I'm 29, 5ft 8", size 8, currently a 32a and...

Hi. I'm 29, 5ft 8", size 8, currently a 32a and have very empty breasts and ruined nipples after breastfeeding 2 babies. Feeling very apprehensive about my upcoming procedure. I don't want huge boobs I just want to fix what breastfeeding has done to my boobs. I want to remain on the small side still and am worried of big boobs making me look bigger all over. I also want to keep it secret from people. I am obviously worried of things going wrong for me but sick of hating my nipples :( I've been recommended 295cc full profile overs.
I feel sick spending this kind of money on myself when I have 2 children.
I'm guessing all my worried are natural.

My poor boobies :(


I was never so asymmetrical until after I breastfed. Really hoping this is corrected too. My surgeon has said he'll use 2 different sizes for each breast.

Just paid...

Ahhh I've just paid for my BA. No going back now.....

All done

I've done it... 295cc in my right and 265cc in my left ...
I wasn't allowed to go any bigger as my surgeon said it wouldn't fit. He said I was too narrow up top. Think I'm happy. Hope they even out nicely and can't wait for them to soften.

Day 2

Slept a little better for my 2nd night. Think they're possibly slightly less swollen already. I'm so relieved I haven't gone too big, it just never would have been 'me'. My partner loves them already, phew. I must say I've loved the whole experience so far, I was so nervous at the start, but it's been great. Pain is sore but manageable, just trying to stop my 2 year old diving onto me.
My surgeon rung me up yesterday (a saturday so I was impressed). To check I was ok. I have a mild blood disorder (von willes brand) so think he wanted to make sure bleeding was ok. He also said how he was happy with the results on the operating table and even sat me up to check how they looked (how weird is that). X

Day 3

Day 4

Feel alot less sore today. Want a shower and to wash my hair....

Day 5

Feeling great. Can't stop looking at them. Want to be measured but bettwr wait. So curious as to what size I am???

Day 6

Love my boobies ???? they're feeling itchy the last 2 days... I'm guessing it's my skin stretching....

Day 7

Boobs feel very achey today, almost like my glands are up. Stitches seem like they're pulling too.

2 weeks post op!

2 weeks post op and all healing well. Took my steri strips off today. Stitches feel like they're pulling expecially in my right side. Still feeling itchy. Managing to sleep on my back still which has been easier than I thought. All in all good. Just want to go bra shopping!! X

3 weeks post op

Feeling great. Less pulling and definitely feeling more normal. Stretching seems alot easier too. My partner is definitely loving them - he was reluctant before I had them done but he prefers them now!! He says just my confidence when I'm naked has changed, I'm not hiding my boobs anymore :)

4 weeks post op


Went and got measured and tried a couple of bras on. I didn't have long so need to have a proper bra shop some time. I was advised I am a 32DD or 30E . It's crazy because I don't think they look that big at all. It was amazing to find bras thay actually fit with no gaping for the first time in my life!! I'm still wearing my sports bra most of the time. I've orderwd some Victorias Secret bras so can't wait for them to arrive :)

Measured in England and America

Was measured in America last week and they measured me exactly the same as England so pretty happy with that. 32dd. Although I definitely dont think they look it. They seem small to me... maybe it's because I'm getting used to them. I'll post a pic update soon as a few people have asked :)

10 weeks Post Op

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