340cc Silicone Implants for 9 Years... for Removal or Revision, Unsure?? - United Kingdom

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As a teenager I realised I was quite small chested...

As a teenager I realised I was quite small chested at 34a. I always wanted to have larger breasts. At 22 years old I had cancer and i think that played a big part in my attitude after..... that if I wanted something life is too short and to go for it. so within a year I had my breast augmentation (silicone under muscle) which took me up 34c . immediately afterwards I was disappointed in the result I felt like they were too small and very fake looking. i had lost a lot of weight due to my illness so for a while they looked very unnatural. within a year i had a cc so had to go for further surgery. Further weight gain increased my breast size to 34 D and I was happy with their appearance for many years. For approx. 3 years I had intermittent chest pain which my gp put down to inflammation on chest wall, i'm unsure if this was related to implants. Fast forward 9 years and I am married with 2 children, my youngest is 3 months old. i have been considering either explanting or revision by the end of year. I am trying to lose another stone before surgery so that i am back to my pre pregnancy weight. I really don't like having silicone in my body anymore and worry about the long term effects. I know i will never have a perfect looking bust with or with implants. I do have a tiny bit more breast tissue than pre implants due to weight gain over the years. I will update with another photo when i am back down to my pre pregnancy weight.

1st consultation booked for 3rd september :)

looking forward to some professional advise and to find out my options. I have lost a bit more baby weight and my boobs are smaller than previous photos .
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