44 Year Old, Small Frame, Natural Look , Confused - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi, hoping for any advice. Had a consultation...

Hi, hoping for any advice. Had a consultation with ps who advised two options 290cc overs , silicone tear drop or 265cc unders due to frame. Currently a 34b but would like to be a d post op. Concerns are do quite a bit of fitness so not sure if under muscle would be right choice? Want best result for long term natural look. Ps advised fat was 2.3 so enough to go on top. Also not sure if size recommended is big enough reading some of the comments on here. Any advice appreciated.

Date booked

hello all. Well I've finally picked my consultant and got my ba booked for January 15th. My ps recommended 280cc dual plane high profile anatomicals. After listening to what look I desired which is as natural as possible but looking for fullness back he advised 280cc was the largest size I could go due to my measurements. I'm really hoping to end up with a d cup, currently a full b. Any advice from girls who have had similar size and shape would be so much appreciated. I've been following real self for the last 6 months and some of the journeys are amazing. I will continue to post my updates along my journey.

5 days to

hi all not sure if I'm using this site right but really struggling for advice. My surgery is booked for Friday 15th jan. had my pre-op yesterday and all went well. I'm really worrying about the size and whether I will be too small? I'm currently a 34b, going with 290cc anatomical textured high profile dual plane. Really want to be a d cup post or full c. If anyone out there with similar stats and implant sizes could help so much appreciated. X

All done!!

Post op day 1 - surgery went well. Can't recommend my surgeon and hospital enough. Not too much pain, chest is tight but pain killers are helping. Can move arms around and managed a shower on my own this morning.
Spire Little Aston. Doctor Titley

Amazing surgeon. He really is the best. Very tentative.

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