Underwent Rhinoplasty but my Nose Looks Weird

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I underwent a septoplasty and open rhinoplasty at...

I underwent a septoplasty and open rhinoplasty at the same time ,one and a half weeks ago, it is a very difficult post-operative experience for the first 24 hours, the worst part came when the dressing put inside my nose came out through my mouth , and it happened twice.  I had to pull it out and it was very long . , it was horrible!!!

I had the cast taken off six days ago but , i notice my nose is a little deviated to the left side and my nostrils look uneven. I can also feel a little cartilage protuding from the tip of my nose , this is only noticeable by touching the tip.

I know it may be a little early for me to jump to conclusions about the procedure, but i am worried that it won't heal properly and my nose won't look as expected. I need to know if this is normal after such an operation and what i can do about it.

Thanks in advance

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The operation went well but i do not know if the ultimate result will be a satisfactory one.

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