Unable to Smile After Chin Implant/lipo

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I did it because I did not have a chin and always...

I did it because I did not have a chin and always had chubby cheeks. He made it seem like an extremely simple procedure. After the first surgery 4 months ago, I was unable to use the left side of my bottom lip, making it impossible for me to smile. I also had some sort of skin reaction underneath where the incision was made that had to later be removed. Lastly, the implant moved upwards. Two weeks ago I had my second surgery to re-place the implant. I am very nervous that I still am not able to smile in the way I used to. My doctor has given me botox injections on the right side to make it appear similar to the left. I have since stopped the botox because I just want it to heal as organically as possible. After the first surgery I knew it was wrong and even I knew it appeared to be too high. He said it was fine, until finally 4 months later he agreed it was too high and did the second surgery at no cost.

After my second surgery, I am still unable to move the very center/slight right side of my bottom lip. It has been 4 months since the first surgery and 2 weeks after the second one. My doctor keeps telling me to be patient but he has been very aloof with me and I feel as though I am never given a direct answer. I would like to know the probability of the nerve making a full recovery- and if not- if there is anyway to tell if the nerve was fully severed.

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