Trying to Fix my Mistakes

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Hello everyone! First of all, excuse me for my...

Hello everyone! First of all, excuse me for my mistakes, English is not my native language.
So, like everyone here I have a story behind my tattos and removing them.
I always loved tattoos and wanted to get one done. When I was a teenager, I was dating a guy who was really heavily tattoed and at that time I even went to his tattoo master to discuss what I wanted, but in the end I haven't done anything. A lot of years passed and I still wanted a tattoo, so on my 25th birthday I did it. I was choosing a tattoo master really carefully and found a girl, who's works are popular in your town and everyone was pleased with the tattoes she made for them. I showed her what I wanted, she said ok and we just did it. I think it was kind of stupid to make 2 tattos in one day, but I thought that I will get used to them. No, I won't. So, after having my tattos done I was happy nearly for a half an hour, then I started to feel regret. I couldn't sleep at night, I couldn't eat, I was thinking only about taking this stupid tattoos of me. After a couple of months of depression I started removing one of my tattoos and if it'll go away, I'll start treating another.
Till now I had only 2 sessions done.
Please, check out my photos and write what you think of it.

Some thoughts.

Last six months were very hard for me. You know, they say you should get a tattoo, when you're happy. I wasn't happy, when I got mine. I really wanted it, I haven't got a single thought that I would regret it, but I did. I don't know why this happened, but I really hated them. I was depressed, nervous, my level of anxiety went extremely high. I barely could eat and sleep. When I woke up, I thought maybe it's a dream and I don't have any tattoos, but they still were there. In a couple of weeks after I got my tattos and was feeling upset, my grandfather suddenly past away. It was horrible, I don't know how I literally lived through this. I was eating once a day, crying a lot, I lost weight and got some health problems. After some time, I understood that I can't deal it with myself and I decided to go to the psychoterapist. I'm having therapy for a couple of months now, it's not a big term, but I definitely see some results. I'm trying to think in a positive way generally and about my tatto removal process too. It's just a tattoo, why this ink under my skin should control my life? Why should I feel upset because of it? Okay, I made a mistake and who doesn't? I know, that I will get rid of it after some time. Luckily, we are not in 18th century. So, I try to do my best to stay calm, eat regularly, take vitamins and drink water.
If you're struggling from a tattoo regret, don't be silent, speak about it. Remember, that you can get rid of it, just don't overthink too much.
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