Labiaplasty at 21 Years Old - No Children (Wedge Technique) - UK

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Hi everyone, I am 21 years old and having suffered...

Hi everyone, I am 21 years old and having suffered with discomfort of having large labia since around 13 years old, I have finally saved enough to do something about it. My surgery is on the 1st of June (so just under 2 weeks away!) and I will be having it under General Anesthesia - I would really appreciate some advice from anyone else who had it done under General as I am terrified. I am having the wedge method and I really hope the scars will heal well! I will not be telling a single soul about this- I am a very private person and I do not want to share this with anyone but feeling a bit emotional keeping it to myself. The bad thing is, I live 3 hours away and so I somehow need to arrange for someone to be there for me after surgery without them knowing what I actually have had done. Wish me luck :)

Update- Not so alone anymore!

Ok guys, I had my pre-ops yesterday and the nurses helped reassure me about General. She also talked me in to telling someone and so I did it - I told my mum.
At first she was a bit 'off' about it but once she heard my reasons for getting it and not purely being a 'cosmetic' issue, she really opened up to the idea. She's been really supportive and says as long as I have researched the surgeon and it's something that will make me happy, I should go for it.

It's a weight lifted off my shoulders telling her to be honest :)
I'm officially 1 week away from surgery eeep.

A rather 'groggy' update

Hi all. My surgery was at 6pm, I got out around 8pm and have been sleeping on and off since. Everything went well for me under general apart from some tachycardia (I heard them saying that but kept drifting off to sleep lol). I still don't feel any pain whatsoever, I must be drugged up pretty good!
It is now 11pm I can't seem to keep my eyes open, so for now, good night x

Post-surgery blues - anyone else?

I don't know why, but i'm feeling really sad today. I got out of hospital yesterday but have all these worries in my head. I was so excited to get this done and in no way am I regretting it. I guess I just feel 'alone'.
Hoping this feeling will pass as swelling goes down and pain goes etc x

Paranoid thoughts (?)

Hi all. I'm getting really worried about one part of my swelling. How do you know if it's normal or a hematoma? My surgeon agreed that before I left I was very swollen so he surely would have noticed if this was a hematoma? I'm uploading two pics - one from 2 days post op and one from this morning at 4 days post op. Do you think it's improved/is this normal? Freaking out!

Does stitch area look normal?

Swelling (slowly) going down. Stingy pain at stitch area.
My lower right side isn't as swollen as the left! And the right side is really blue at the bottom of the minora, should I be concerned?

Really worried about swelling at stitch area!

I'm worried that the swelling is gonna 'slice' my labia in half. I can't explain it, but i'll attach a picture. Do you know what I mean and does it look normal?

Good and bad news.. 13 days post op.

So the good news is, the swelling starting to subside. The bad news is, I have got a yeast infection - something I have never had. The weird thing is, I wasn't even taking any antibiotics but hey ho, it's how life goes sometimes. I'm also unsure if i have wound seperation because of this :( Will update after my post op appt tomorrow...

Trying not feel discouraged :(

So I saw my surgeon yesterday for my 2 week post op appt. He removed most of my stitches and it does feel a lot better down there 'pressure wise'.
He confirmed I do have a bit of wound seperation on the outside of my left minora but it should heal well as it is not all the way through. He also said if it doesn't (very small chance) then it will be a simple fix under local anesthestic but that will be months down the line before considered. I really like my surgeon and trust him completely, but i'm such a worrier! I keep feeling tearful and I just wish this didn't happen. I did everything 'right' - I rested for near 2 weeks, but I cannot take any more time off work so i'm back tomorrow. I'm also getting over a yeast infection. I'm now worried that all of that is gonna ruin my healing process even more. I honestly feel like quitting my job :(

Sorry for the rant, don't mean to sound negative, just wanted everything to go smoothly (literally and figuratively!). The right side is healing great.

Any advice appreciated x

1 month post-op - am I still swollen?

Hi all, so it's been a month. The past 2 weeks definitely went quicker than the first 2! So here are my pics (I just shaved and put coconut oil on, hence the shine lol). As you can see my separations are still there. I know they have improved from the last time I looked, but I really hope that I still have swelling and they will heal better than that? Really don't want the 'minor' revision that I may have to get if it doesn't heal properly. I would really appreciate some honest advice on my progress. I have limited looking down there because the more I look, the more anxious I get. I hope the left side goes down more too? Thanks everyone.

Front view at 29 days post op.

Here's a front view. No more dangly bits so i'm happy about that. Still a bit swollen though.
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