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I had really bad acne scars and so decided to have...

I had really bad acne scars and so decided to have this treatment. Have now had 6, the last one today so I felt it was apt to write a review now. I would say if you have acne scarring or any other blemishes you are not happy with then have this treatment. It really has made such a difference to my skin and so in turn to my confidence.

Yes it does sting, yes your face does go red for anything from 1 to 4 days depending on how high the machine is turned up ( I had the highest today)and how sensitive your skin is. The results after a few days are a tightened skin ( this does loosen a bit sadly) but smoother skin that gets better and better over months.

Its wonderful!! My lady today cleaned my skin afterwards with salt water. Ouch it hurt like hell but she was wiping away all the dead skin cells and so my skin looked much clearer when I left. I also bought some skin renewal cream so I shall let you know how that goes as I have never used it before but apparently it helps with the process.

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My doctor was thorough, she took her time and went close to my eyes which also gives a little uplift. She was very supportive of how I have felt and she got me a nice cup of tea at the end :)

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