Chin / Jaw / Neck / Face Surgery. Unsure of Exactly Which Procedures I Need. UK

Hi well I saved this surgery til last as it's...

Hi well I saved this surgery til last as it's going to be the biggest one. Basically I want the angle improving between chin and neck, I have a small chin and also a small jaw. But as I'm 44 I'm also now seeing that a neck lift is probably needed too. I went to see a London surgeon around 3 years ago, before I needed the neck lift. He suggested an anterior neck lift with or without chin implant replacement ( I had a chin implant many years ago, didn't do much for me I think it only lengthened my chin and not projected it from side view ). The surgery he suggested would mean I'd need a face lift too as my skin presumably isn't elastic enough to spring back after the removal of fat under platysma muscle. I had recently had a face lift (whilst awake, results were rubbish) and so wasn't ready to go through having my face cut up again so soon.
I also could do with width adding to my lower face or jaw, but maybe the facelift will sort this. I have seen some great reviews on here for a different London surgeon for face lifts but I'm not sure his neck lifting / jaw angling is as aggressive as I need. Photos soon, think this will be difficult to figure out.
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