Facelift with Dominic Bray - London, GB

Just letting you all know that I had my...

Just letting you all know that I had my appointment with Dominic yesterday and I will go ahead with the surgery. Facelift, necklift and platysma repair. He said that I will have a great result and sounded very confident about it. How cool is that? There is a long wait, as I need the long school holiday to recover but I am not so worried about my jowls anymore knowing that they will be gone! Thanks for all the Bray girls for your support! x

Some pre pics

Some of you were asking for photos...here they are . I am feeling very low at the moment about my jowls and neck.


Certainly not prettier than 'otters'! (Love Bienemaya)

Bad neck pic

London Facial Plastic Surgeon

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