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It did not work at all. Whitening bought through...

It did not work at all. Whitening bought through Groupon performed at London Canary Wharf dentist.
I have prepared myself, 3 weeks prior to the whitening I have done polishing/scaling procedure.
FYI: I don’t have white teeth, rather yellowish. When the dentist checked with samples my natural colour is S24 (middle of the colour scale).
On the day of procedure, the dentist has done 2 sessions for 15 minutes (she claimed she is not allowed to do 3 sessions) and unfortunately I must say that there is NO result whatsoever.
I have a lot of fillings, and I was worried that the difference will be very visible after whitening. The little I knew……
After the whitening, none of fillings looked even slightly darker next to my "whitened" teeth and have on mind that I have even a filling in one of the front tooth as well, not only back teeth.
In my opinion it is a waste of money and time.
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