24 year old, mum of two! Finally Picked the Surgeon I Want for my Tummy Tuck! - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone I'm new and would love any advice...

Hi everyone I'm new and would love any advice comments!!

After wanting a tummy tuck for years and now having my two children. Also going from 15 stone to 10.9 stone at 5'7 I'm now comfortable!! I have finally decided to bit the bullet! Eeekk scared and excited at the same time!!

So I have seen 4 different plastic surgeons and yesterday I met the one that made me feel so comfortable with him, I fist saw him and spent 20 mins talking before he even asked to look at my tummy and the he did more the just grab and pull on it!!! Like others! The whole team made me feel comfortable with them. Soooooooooooooo I have April 11th 2014 booked for my surgery!! :-) waiting for more bits to be sent through email before I fully commit and pay etcetera!

Excited couldn't sleep last night, haha feel like a kid coming up to Christmas is that stupid?!

11th April is my date!!! For tummy tuck

Yay paid and sorted! 11th April is my date for tummy tuck and lipo to hips!! So excited! Now to get organised! I have a month and will be on the flat side! Love that saying!! Any advise on prep before surgery? Such as food? Exercise cloths to bye?
Will be uploading before pics soon!!

Before pics!! Cringe!! :-(

So hear I go hold my breath and load theses pics! No one but my partner/ kids has ever seen my belly!! but I thought this is a life changing procedure and I want to share it if it can help others!!

Photo of me before lost weight

So here is a photo of me befor I lost weight. Sorry it's only a face one as that's all I could fine! With me being so big I never took anything below the face lol, and one of my beautiful babies who's now 7! Times flown!!

The remarks have started! :-(

So the horrible remarks have started! Such as omg all that money why would you spend that all on you I think that's selfish! Think about what you could get the kids!! Or really why, you don't need to! Or waste of money really!:-(
Well as if I now don't feel guilty! Like a bad mother! But you know what how am I good, when I can't even go on holiday with my family and enjoy it because I have no confidence! I can't even take my kids swimming! Wouldn't it be better if I could do all that with them and feel happy? Isn't a happy mum what makes your kids and family happy?
So after that had a small cry and then my partner comes home and puts his arm round me and tells me how much he has already seen a change in me even before the op! Just knowing I'm having it done, has made me so happy! And that all that counts is that he and my kids love me and want me to be happy!
Oh what a day! But I suppose it's to be expected!

Muffin top!!

So as u can see in the pics nice skinny legs but then u get the muffin top! So I'm in a uk size 12 to fit my tummy. But as u can see they are baggy on my legs and my bum!! Which fit 8-10!
Have my pre-op hospital appointment for 4th april!! Can't wait! :-)

Binder has come!

So thought I would do quick up load of my binder I will have to wear after surgery! :-)


Ok so I'm now addicted to watching youtube videos of tummy tuck procedures and constantly looking at before and after pics! But it's getting to the point were I'm so worried that I'm expecting to much and there is no possible way my tummy can look as good as the ones I'm seeing!! :-(

All paid!

So last payment went through today! :-) so it's defo happening! Three weeks today! And I will be ready to go down to surgery!.
So now concentrating on eatting health and staying active. See if can get few more pounds off and be a fit as I can ready for recover!

Been and brought some jogging bottoms and a new pair of pjs for in hospital! Baggier and comforter the better!! :-)

More before pics!

More before pics! My mum said I have more pictures of my tummy on my phone then anything! Haha
I keep taking them so I can have loads to compare to, and on hear I love seeing loads of before pics so u can really get a good idea of how much has changed! So hears more :-)


Is it worth investing in a raja, for after tummy tuck and lipo to hips? ???

Excited! Two weeks!

Two weeks to go till my op and I have my pre-op on the 4th April!! Still eating health and exercising as much as I can! :-)

Pro- assessment!

So I'm sitting waiting for my pre-op assessment! It's official this time next week all going to plan I will be on the operating table!! Haven't felt nervous at all but the last few nights I keep getting bad dreams about it all going wrong and silly things like me eatting before and shouldn't have lol! Horrible!
Eeekk excited tho!!! :-)

1 day to go!!!

So one day to go! Getting so excited! Getting all house work done, last few bits of shopping and sorting kids over night bags for them to stay with family!! :-)
I'm worried I haven't got everything I need but I can only wait and see now.

Eating healthy and light before the big day too!!!

The big day!

So I'm up nice and early having my last meal "porridge" :-) feeling a little nervous but sooooo excited! I at cheeky slept really well last night, that will be due to the two hour hack I did with my horse yesterday! Wanted to make the most of it as I can't ride for 6 weeks after OP! So I did I stayed till the sun went down! Another hour and kids will be up so got to get them already for school. Give them big kisses and cuddles as I won't see them again till Sunday, because I'm staying in hospital for 2 night. And don't really want them coming to see me, might scare them.

So will up date once there I am getting picked up at 11.45 so should get There for 12.30 not sure if my slot time yet! As there is me and one other person he is operating on to day.

Speak soon ladies, :-D x

At hospital

Just got to hospital!! The nerves are now kicking in! It's such a weird feeling!! Hear some more before pics and some of hospital!


Will be taken down to surgery at 3.30. I'm really happy it's in the afternoon so I can just be pumped with drugs and sleep tonight! Fingers crossed!! :-)

On the flat side!

So I'm on the flat side girls!!! :-) so so happy and my pain is bearable so that's a plus. Been able to get up and go for a wee instead of using bed pan thank god! Can't really see my scare but I will put pics up of my belly! first thing I did when waking up was as nurse to take a pitcher hahaha! Wasn't quite as clear as that but she knew what I ment.
I manage to get on and off sleep even with my stockings on and them pumping all night. Tummy pain is ok I can pull my self up and it's not to painfull. But once I got bk from bath room boy did my abs pop up to say hi, yes we hear and nice and tight! I'm on just a high (half Medes and half my feelings) I don't care about the pain at mo. Pics coming in mine :-)

Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement and advice about the tummy tuck!! U all helped my journey, and I know I still have a loooong way to go but it's so going to be worth it!

Hour after op pics

Tissue removed!!

Spoke to surgon and he is really happy with how things went and that he said he removed 1 and a half kilos of tissue! So once swelling gone down I should be very happy with results! To be Honist I'm happy now so can't wait to see when swelling gone! But I know I have a long way till then! :-)

Pain and swelling begin!

So now I'm moving around pain and swelling getting loads worse. Tummy feels like I have done 1000 sit ups x 3! But I'm very high on meds at the mo so spending a lot of time in the land of sleep! :-)

:-) :-/ :-( two days post op!

Emotional roller coaster has begun! I'm happy I'm said I'm not sure how I feel! Trying to stay positive. I'm only two days post op plz tell me someone els felt like this??

2 days post op!

Drains have been removed and I'm almost ready to go home! :-) missing my kids loads and can't wait to get in to my own bed and own home comforts! :-) still bit out of it with pain killers but apart from that everything seems to be going good! !

Day 2 post op back home

Back home! Keeping on top of pain killers. Started taking arnica for swelling and stool softener which I'm most worried about as I haven't been for a number 2 since Friday morning :-/ hoping they work and it's not to pain full! Apart from that family being great and helping as much as possible! Kids are little stars taking them selfs off and playing nicely together! And then there my partner, who is being a massive help! I came home to a completely scrubbed from top to bottom house. My bed all prepared and meals ready too! Love him so much! :-) moods seem a little bit more settled today! Which I'm glad about.

Day 2 first pic standing up

Quick up date

Hear some pics to compare! I can't believe the huge difference already!! I'm sooooo happy! :-)


Feeling very emotional today, hate sitting in bed and not being able to play with the kids! ???? I know it's going to be worth it and the kids are having a great time with days out with family or just chilling watching films with me but I can't help it! My emotions are all over the place! :'-(hit a low. I have also been offered a job interview next Wednesday and I really want to go but being realistic I probable won't be able to!! :-(

Day 4!

Some more pics!



More pics lol

Can't stop taking pics lol

Day 5 post op ????

So today I have had the chance to get out the house! ???? yay! I have been able to get dressed and feel normal again! Went to see my ps and he looked at my scare which I'm really happy with????!!Thought it would look loads worse! My ps is very happy with my recovery I'm almost standing straight already! ???? belly button healing well and so is scar. My Ps has redressed it and I can take the dressing back off in 5 days and then I can shower! Good I can't wait! Baby wipe wash is not the best and dry shampoo isn't great! Think it's going to be a wash my heir over the sink night tonight! ????.
So I have had a really good day but now I'm back in bed and I know to it! Pain is coming back with a kick but it was worth it to get out for a few hours. Hear some pics of scare they had to be quick one before he re-dressed it. Happy healing ladies! ????

Day 6 post op!

Can't believe it's been almost a week after op! Loving the results and don't regreat anything!
Just did my first cough which I really didn't think about and cought like I would normally!! Ooooh my god! Did that burn and hurt! My partner thought it was halerious! Well I wasn't chuffed! But anyway so far so good! Very happy getting very mobile and almost straight! ???? happy healing ladies! Xoxox

1week post op! ????

So can't believe it's been a week already going to start up dating pics every week now rather then daily so difference can be seen better. And I will add in the previous weeks pic to compare. Here is my up date of pic I took on Sunday first day bk home and then this morning 1week post op! I'm very happy! ???????? if anyone has any questions or anything feel free to ask! ???? happy healing ladies xoxoxo

Pain! ????

So I way over did it today! Thinking I was getting on so well and start acting normal! stupid!! ???? and tonight I am very much paying for it. Top up on pain killers and a good talking to my self! 1 week,major surgery, slow down!!! ???? deffo doing that!

Shopping in a wheel chair! ????

So I just needed to get out the house to day and my mum took me with my bans yes bans! Wheel chair hahahahaha! Well I have got to say ppl are so ignorant! I never really noticed before but they just try and walk through u! I'm like hello!!! Wheel chair!! dose that not tell u I can't move!! But anyway was great getting out for a while and being in the chair allowed me to not put any pressure on my tummy and still have a nice time! Back home now and I feel really tierd for saying I haven't done much! I have also been able to were my spanx and my corset girdle today so that good to swelling is loads less in the morning now! ???? xoxox

9 day post op! First shower

So I took my first shower today!! My partner was on standby down stairs hahaha as I felt I was able to do it on my own plume my daughter really wanted to see my scare lol and sat in the bathroom why I showered waiting! Bless her she said mummy it looks really good not bad at all! Lol she so sweet! I feel my scare is very high still and I'm hoping it will fall as swelling gose down!?? Finger crossed????.

I was told to take my dressings off and that I would be able to shower but after not to redress and levee it with nothing on!! I feel so lost with out the dressing on and exposed! Haha really being careful not to bang or catch it!????

But anyway it all went well and I smell nice and my heir feels lovely!! Yaya! I think my partner is sitting closer to me too hahaha ????

After shower I was so impatient I re-measured my self! Yeas I no maybe should so soon but hear are results compared to before op!

????Hips before 39" now 40" ???? obs with the swelling!
????waist under bra before 35" now 34" 1inch lose! Yay! ????
???? wait around belly button before 41" yes 41"" ???? now 37" ???? over the moon is an understatement!! Soo happy! That's a 5" loss already and only 9 day pre op with swelling!! ????????????


Pics of scare 9 day post

Best quote from my kids today! Getting out shower " mum u know u look like u have a smiley face, I said what ? And she said well ur boobs are the eyes ur belly button is the nose and ur scare is the smile!! Hahahahaha I had to hold my tummy so much as I couldn't stop laughing and the truth is it dose!! ????????????????????????

Had to up load

Just wanted to up load this pic as I love it:-) 10days after op!

Day 11

So today has been the most normal I have felt since the op! No emotional roller coaster! Have been able to move about loads more do bits of cleaning and play more with the kids! Even made us all a good home dinner!! Don't get me wrong my hubby has been great but the freezer food just isn't as good as home made stuff ;-) not that I tell him that! And first day with no pain killers!

But tonight I am sooo swollen! My back is killing me! I'm bk to being hunched over too! So had a nice shower taken some arnica and put the cream on. And relaxing for the night. Tomorrow will still be a more active day but will tone it down a little I think.


2 week mark!! :-)

So can't believe it's been two weeks! Had a really low day yesterday just because I can't do much I hate it! And I mean I can't even take the kids park with out looking like a balloon after! :-@ but I know I'm doing loads more then I was last week so I will get there slowly!

This morning I thought I would get on the scales and try on jeans Humm I know ur think bad idea only two weeks well!! To my surprise on the scales I have lost 5pounds!! And I am sooo happy as still massively swollen! And I haven't been able to exercise! Then I tried on the smallest jeans I have and haven't ever been able to were cuz they wouldn't even be close to doing up or even getting the button close enough to see the other side of the jeans lol But always kept as the whole I need to lose more weight and I will do it thing!! Well I also fit in them :-D can do them up and they are slightly tight but that's it, I think they will fit perfect once swelling gone down!!
So today is a great day for me it has given me such a boost!!

Hope ur all healing well ladies!! :-) xoxox

2 week pics

19days post op!

So last few days I have been getting bk to normal going up to see my horses ( not riding) and went shopping yesterday n for lunch with mum! But today I have woken up so swollen I have taken it easy today but I'm still very swollen and my abbs feel like I have done 1000 sit ups! Feel like week one agin!! Very saw and tight! :-( going to see ps tomorrow for 2nd update. Feel massive too :-( not a good day!

3 weeks post op!! And it's my birthday :-) 25 today!

So it's my birthday! :-) and I'm three weeks post op. Still swollen and bruised but getting better every day! Just can't wait to get bk to normal but it will come in time. My ps told me to put sudacream on my scar which I did yesterday morning. But when I went to put it on last night before bed my scar had gone very red and saw and also in areas abit gooey! :-( so I'm not using that again! Were some scabs have come off scare is looking thin and very good! So hears few update pics. Happy healing ladies! :-)

Oops hears the pics lol

4 weeks and two days post op

This week I have finally started to get bk to normally emotionally! I feel bright and have more energy, still can't over do it but loads better! Have been told by ps I can start swimming but gentally which is great! And I'm loving he results. Still have a few pound I would like to drop and start toning once allowed!
From pics I think I'm still swollen and may shrink more but not sure? Will have to wait and see!
Happy healing lady's!

4weeks and 3 days

So back to Uni today and drove there and bk! Which is 35 miles each way so tonight I am very swollen to the point my kids are taking the p*ss saying when's our next brother or sister due they are 5 and 7! And I can't really say anything as I look about 5months pregnant at the bottom of my tummy were scar is. But at least it's not painful!
Anyway looking In The Mirror even swollen as I am, I still love my results. I have started to moisturise my scar with un perfumed body butter twice a day and most scabs off now and the scare is looking nice and thin!
Happy healing ladies xoxo

Quick update! 5 weeks and a little!

I'm 5 weeks and 4 days! Feeling great even got bk in the saddle Sunday! Only sat and walked for like 10mins lol but omg I have missed riding sooo much! It have me such a boost. Still get swollen mainly at night but it's not as bad now. So I was getting dressed and my two very old bikinis feel out of the never ending wardrobe!! So I thought what he heck! Tryed them on and hears some pics! So happy have a holiday in sep and hoping to look even better once can work out more!! Will be the first time in 10 year since worn a bikini on holiday! No regrets about the op what so ever! Was worth every penny and the lows of recovery!!

7 weeks and 4days!

Now able to fully rid again which is my over all work out at same time. Doing this three times aweek at mo and then will Up it to 5 times. Can't do any crunches or main ab work till 8weeks which is soon so looking forward to that and to be Honist riding works it anyway just not completely just abs. Still feeling great about my new shape!! Gone from a tight size uk 12 to a nice no muffin top size 10!! :-) so very chuffed!! Eating right and exercising if my main focus now! Get my self ready for holiday in sep to Greece!

Scare looking good too! Moisturising it twice a day at min and it's feeling really nice. Still some nursing and lumps bit little and I can tell they are decreasing.

So hope ur all happy and healing well! :-)

10 and half weeks!

Hey everyone! So I have been really busy and not updated for a while so I thought I would just give quick update!
I have been working out and getting bk to normal! Still get swelling but it's not so bad! Loving my results and being bk to normal! Have a holiday booked in sep so working to get my body in shape for that!

Hear some pics!

Happy healing everyone!

21 weeks today! Long over due update!

Hi everyone! Sorry not been on for awhile but so much has happened in the last two months!
I have finally completed my degree and I'm now a qualified psychiatric nurse :-) yay! Have started a new job and moved house.
Oh and I have lost a stone and 2ponds!
I am completely back to normal exercising to full potential and I love my results!!!!!! I feel amazing!! Gone from size 14 to a 10 and it's given me my confidence bk to love Me! :-) my scar is high but I don't care I feel great what matters most!!

If any body ever asked me would I do it agin I would! The pain, highs, lows were so worth it!

Hears some pics!
Going Greece in a week so we reign fist bikini in like 10 years!!! :-) excited will post more pics when get bk!!

Oh and I have lost a total of 7 inches round my tummy!

Happy healing ppl! :-)
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