28years Old Girl from Scandinavia

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I want my nose to be more narrow when you ser IT...

I want my nose to be more narrow when you ser IT from above, i want my tip to be cute And narrow. So i am looking to find this DOC how can make my nose perfect. So i Will be very happy if you Know which clinic And DOC that could be The one for me. IT's not s big change but I want my nose to be perfect. I am
From norway And distance is not a obstacle. I can travel to wherever The perfect DOC is located :-)

What i want to achieve

I just love The shape of her face And her nose. I am Considering to take som filler or implants to Get a more defined face AS The jawline And chin. And I want to reshape my nose, i want to make my tip Much smaller. I hope IT is possible.

This is me

I actually like my nose from some angles but i want IT to look fab when you look straight at me. I want to look good from
All angles. So i am Also thinking at getting chin implants or fillers to Get The perfect profile. I m going to take botox in The forhead And restylan under my eyes.

This is The two surgents I am considering until Know.

Dr. Louis dejoseph And Vladimir grigoryants. I have read a lot of good reviews of Dr.G here but I can not find so meny reviews about Dr.Dejoseph at real self, but I have found him at instagram trough #rhinoplastydiary And The results Was amazing!!!

Who would you recommend??? Or have you some experience with one of Them?

Some more pics of me

I have not decided yet

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