Recent Experience of Restylane SubQ for Jowls

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Yesterday I has Restylane SubQ injected into my...

Yesterday I has Restylane SubQ injected into my jawline/jowls and hollowing below my lips - the practitioner used one vial in total. I was execting a lot of bruising and swelling - which hasn't happened. But the injections were quite painful and uncomfortable which I hadn't expected. When the filler was being injected it felt like there wasn't enough room for it and my skin was going to split open! It was really painful for the first hour or so and then settled down and one day later I have no pain or marks on my face, just a slight tenderness if I touch the area. I can also feel the filler from the inside of my mouth, feels like I have cotton wool in there! I took the day off work today just in case, but really there was no need.

So far the SubQ has taken away the hollows and filled out my jaw - I am pleased with the result and hopefully it won't fade too quickly. There are no lumps and bumps, the filler was massaged really well as soon as it was injected. Next time I am hoping to get my cheeks filled, but I may ask for a dental block to ease the procedure. All in all I am pleased with the outcome.

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They are very competent in cosmetic procedures.

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