Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery 22yr Old - United Kingdom, GB

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Hi everyone, after reading on this site for almost...

Hi everyone, after reading on this site for almost a year I have made an account to update readers on my journey. I hope this will help someone.

I will be having a unilateral reduction, and a lift in both breasts. (The lift practically comes with the reduction side of things) I have my surgery in 2 weeks from today and am looking forward to it. I don't think I will upload pictures but will answer anyone's questions if someone has any.

My next update on here will probably be the day before surgery. I will also update as much as I can up until I just update here and there (more at milestones e.g: monthly updates/2 week updates)

Day 1 Post Op

Just gone 24 hours post op, at home feeling fine. Have sensation in both nipples. Nurse changed dressing this morning and a visible difference. Although my left nipple didn't look at good as my right. It looked large and quite strange but hoping that once all the swellings gone down it will be ok. Haven't been in any pain at all really since waking up from the op. Didn't feel any pain when the drains were taken out either so all good there. Go back in a week to get dressings changed.

Day 5/6 Post Op

Had my dressings changed today. Nurse said everything looks good and I managed to get a look at them the cuts are neat but longer on the sides than I expected but I don't mind they'll fade. I'm really swollen at the sides so they don't look quite like boobs just yet. I can't wait for the swelling to go down and for them to drop and fluff out as I've heard people phrase it. And then I can focus on fading the scars. I'm moving around like normal for the most part and am no longer taking medication as I was never in pain the first place and found myself taking the tablets anyway in fear of feeling pain but nope! This whole experience has been pain free so far. Except now I feel like I'm getting the 'zingers' already.
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