Severe Rippling/wrinkling of Silicone Implants 2 Weeks After Surgery with Constant Pain in my Left Boob Which is Rippling Most.

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I went to see my surgeon yesterday following 2...

I went to see my surgeon yesterday following 2 weeks of severe pain and lumps in my breasts. He said he doesnt know why there is so much pain. He told me the lumps were rippling in the implants and theres nothing I can do about it so I am gutted.

I had to have the implant above the muscle which is a shame. I can feel the wrinkled up implants in my boob like crushed paper,with the slightest touch and I think it is becoming more visible. I am gonna give it a month and if things are still bad then I will look at getting them removed.

PLEASE can anyone advise me as my surgeon just seemed to want to turf me out of the room. I am very unhappy and want to get this resolved.

After doing a fair bit of research I think my surgeon (given that I am slender and he could see I had little breast tissue beforehand) could have advised me to have smooth surfaced silicone implant instead which has less chance of rippling. My implants are crinkling in and out all the time and it is causing soooo much pain and the pain doesnt go.

I am very upset - can anyone advise me - shall I get a different surgeon to advise me. Surely it cant be permanent/uncorrectional and leaving me with the only option of Explanting :(

Pros - fuller looking breasts - chance of success,...

Pros - fuller looking breasts - chance of success, cons for me, riplling and pain well after that which is naturally expected following proceedure. To improve my sagging breasts
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