Breast Asymmetry Correction with Fat Transfer

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So I finally did it. I hated my breasts - they...

So I finally did it. I hated my breasts - they weren't sisters - not even sure they were related. So I opted for a donut mastopexy to correct the nipple position and fat grafting to fill out my breast. I was already a reasonable cup size so was hoping for a better fullness and shape.

Surgery - I didn't handle the anaesthetic well at all. Apparently they had to bring me back around as I was out cold on a minute dose and my breathing stopped temporarily. I also didn't handle the morphine. Out cold for 7 odd hours post op. Both those things made they day of surgery a right off followed by much sickness and no sleep. Low blood pressure and a night on oxygen. Although this is a minor procedure - depending how your body reacts or can knock you for six!

Day 1 I felt like death. Got discharged but wasn't half as life like as I'd expected. Pain not to bad just bruised and sore. Low iron and blood pressure likely to be the reasoning.

Sleeping on your back is a nightmare! If anyone has figured out how to do it without getting back ache please let me know! I bought a v pillow which helps but doesn't solve the problem.

Day 2 - was supposed to get showered but this didn't happen as I felt faint. Sink wash and hair was the best I could manage. Still felt really fragile.

Day 3 - a little perkier. Managed some cleaning but boy am I black and blue! Finally got the shower and a gentle wash.

I'm bra less for 5 days which is traumatic. Surgeon doesn't want the fat compressing but on the plus side I'm on a high carb diet for a while.

I've added a couple of pics - more to follow.

1 week review

Had my one week follow up with the surgeon today - apparently my bruising is abnormal - I do bruise very easily! Breastfeeding have started to soften a little and now wearing a bra which take some getting used to.

Next back in 5 weeks time. Compression garment and soft bra for 4 weeks.
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