A Cup Going to 480cc Ultra High Profile over the muscle

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Hello there I have just found this site. I am in...

Hello there I have just found this site.
I am in the uk
I am 5"6
I weigh 9 stone 10 pounds
I am an A cup going to a DD or E cup ultra high profile
One child who is 19 months
I have always been unhappy with my breasts and sinice having my son it's gotten worse they sag and just gives me less confidence :( I have seen my surgeon and have booked in my surgery for June so not long to go now.

Does anyone have any....
pre op advice and aftercare advice. ....do I need to take a bra with me ?
Anyone else have a ultra high profile implants ? ...how do they look

I have booked a second consultation to make sure on sizes

Wish boobs

Pre-op booked

7th June pre op booked.

Still wondering Wether to change from ultra high to just high profile implants???

More self pictures

Not long to go now

Not long to go now can't wait !! Pre op on Tuesday !

4 whole days left till surgery.. What shall I take with me...

What shall I take with me to hospital. They provide me with a new bra after surgery so I won't need that. Recomendations would be much appreciated.....i also live in UK so some brand's maybe different from USA.

More before pics

Front view and side view. 2 more full days with these boobies !!!!! So excited but sooooo nervous

Just so u all know I'm having 460cc

460 cc overs uhp

Surgery all done !!!

My surgery happened 4 hours ago :) i
Last minute change to 480cc as he thought they would look better :) and so far so good but in alot of pain. I'm currently half asleep in my hospital room ....zzzzzzzzz lol.

More pics 8 hours after surgery

Before and after tight and swollen 480cc uhp over muscle

Bloating !!!!

Omg I'm so bloated and in alot of pain....any suggestions ? I'm on gentle laxatives but nothings happened yet

Incisions are bruised

Bruising around the boob?

Is this bruising? Taking over most of the boob?

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