Lower and Upper Abdomen Treatment, 28 Years Old, 141 Lbs (Day 8: Will Update Progress) - United Arab Emirates

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I have recently gained weight mostly in the tummy...

I have recently gained weight mostly in the tummy area and read good and bad reviews about coolscultping. So I decided to do the lower and upper abs and hope for the best.

The doctor took my measurements and said that she will use the larger vacuum for the lower ab and the smaller vacuum device on the upper.

The first five-ten minutes were a bit painful, but you get used to it. Thank god for having TV that helped the time fly by. Each area took 1 hour and the numbness did take time to get used to.

The treated areas got swollen and doubled in size. Day 5 to 7 were truly the worst since it got coupled with PMS cramps. I wore maxi dresses because the waistband of the trousers were too painful to withstand. The needle pricking sensation of the lower abs (especially near the belly button) aren't painful but annoying when you are trying to sleep.

Im now on Day 8.
Im wearing lose fitted pants, which means the sensitivity to pressure has slightly increased. Yet I still look pregnant due to the swelling. I was a bit disheartened to read that in some cases the swelling doesnt go away for months. Here's hoping that it will return to its normal size in the 2nd week.

I will try to update on a weekly basis :)

Dr Hala

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