34 Years Old, 2 Kids, Subglandular Implants with Capsular Contracture

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I need a revision. My implants developed a...

I need a revision. My implants developed a capsular contracture after breast feeding my second child. I had my implants deflated yesterday, and I really appreciate the smaller, natural look (in clothes). The deflation left my breasts concave. I would love to not have the implants replaced, but there's no way I would be happy leaving them looking the way they do now. I have a month to decide whether or not to replace with a new implant. My surgery is scheduled for June 13. I'm very happy I decided to do the deflation because it has given me an idea of how I will look with smaller boobs. It's just hideous when naked!

One Week Post Deflation

It's been one week since having my implants deflated. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss my surgical options. I would prefer to not replace the implants, but I know I won't be happy with this current look! I am LOVING the softness now, which I never had with the implants. Natural is so much better!

Day of Pre Op

I've decided on an implant removal and breast lift with lollipop incision. I'm very excited about having the implants out, but I hope I will be happy with the result. I'm nervous about how small I will be.
These pictures show how my boobs have changed in the weeks following the deflation. There's definitely a noticeable change.

Today is the Day

There has definitely been an improvement in my breasts since having the implants removed. I'm excited to remove them.
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